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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

stewey 11:48 Thu Nov 14
New John Lewis ad
Very Christmasy indeed

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Capitol Man 5:44 Sat Nov 23
Re: Edgar
It’s a lot in production terms - guessing that’s what is being talked about - but no unheard of.

It’s not much in terms of media buy. If you can get something to go vira Ike these ads do then you don’t have to send much on media.

Alfs 4:37 Sat Nov 23
Re: Edgar
8 million is a pittance in marketing terms. John Lewis and Waitrose appeal to the middle class and above and that's who the ad is aimed at.

As Northern said, it made headlines.

For 8 million we got Hugill. Do the math.

gph 1:18 Sat Nov 23
Re: Edgar
The Mugler Alien advert cracks me up.

Pretentious and obviously done so cheap that the first shot was put in the can.

Come On You Irons 10:55 Sun Nov 17
Re: Edgar
John Lewis and all the other brands that peddle their ridiculously extravagant "artistic" Christmas advertisements which try to sell a "message" (AKA 21st century PC bollocks agenda) sum up all that is wrong with Christmas these days.

It is yet another tradition that was hijacked many years ago by corporations as a means for brainwashing the plebs to needlessly spend, spend and spend some more.

Bah humbug!

Sydney_Iron 2:35 Sun Nov 17
Re: Edgar
Allan Poe

Gaffer58 8:31 Sat Nov 16
Re: Edgar
Think you will find that those honourable members of Parliament will find it a useful advert, it reminds them where to go shopping for all those essentials that they put on their expenses that we pay for.

Any Old Iron 4:09 Sat Nov 16
Re: Edgar
..... Winter


Hammer and Pickle 3:38 Sat Nov 16
Re: Edgar
Your fish

Do they know it’s Christmas time at all, gph?

gph 2:31 Sat Nov 16
Re: Edgar
Just looked for a Christmas pudding for my tropical fish.

Absolutely nothing out there.

This is what they should be doing - looking for gaping gaps in the market.

Nurse Ratched 2:15 Sat Nov 16
Re: Edgar
These Christmas decoratingTHEMES wouldn't happen to be annual, would they? As in 'chuck out all your baubles and sundry gimcracks and buy a complete set of new stuff every year'?

Side of Ham 1:41 Sat Nov 16
Re: Edgar
Apparently there are THEMES on how to decorate your Christmas tree, this year so all you advert fawning cunts know.....it's WOODLAND.

Sven Roeder 1:10 Sat Nov 16
Re: Edgar
Just asking whether the £8m is value for money or whether the whole thing Christmas ad thing has become some ad world wankfest.
Lapped up by morons
I know some ad campaigns (ie Jamie Oliver for Sainsbury’s) have demonstrated showing boosts in turnover and footfall.
Do these?
Just asking the question, Mr Millwall

Eerie Descent 12:53 Sat Nov 16
Re: Edgar
Decades and decades of statistics and experts who have studied and mastered the art of marketing, and some wannabe daytime comedian on WHO thinks he knows better.


Sven Roeder 11:50 Sat Nov 16
Re: Edgar
So you are saying an ad which I believe features a child and a dragon (nothing about what is being sold) persuades people who hadn’t contemplated visiting John Lewis to do a bit of Christmas shopping to change their plans?
Do you look at all these ads and plan your shopping for presents etc around which has the best ad?
I still haven’t seen the ad but will be visiting John Lewis at some point.

I understand they don’t stock the Nude England Rugby Player 2020 Calendar so won’t be buying you a present this year.

Northern Sold 6:52 Thu Nov 14
Re: Edgar
Sven Roeder 5:23 Thu Nov 14
Re: Edgar
How many more people go into John Lewis and spend money this Christmas because they have spent £8m on an ad?
Zero I’d say

Yeah zero in WHO world.... in the REAL world?? Plenty...

Lee Trundle 6:22 Thu Nov 14
Re: Edgar
"How many more people go into John Lewis and spend money this Christmas because they have spent £8m on an ad?"





You don't think they'll shift a load of those?

I've got defjam's christmas present, birthday present, easter present and Diwali present all sorted for the year.

w4hammer 5:42 Thu Nov 14
Re: Edgar
i thought you meant anthony edgar - saw him play a couple of times and thought he had something however looking at his career....maybe not...

009–2011 West Ham United 0 (0)
2009 → Bournemouth (loan) 3 (0)
2011–2012 Yeovil Town 10 (1)
2012–2013 Barnet 11 (1)
2013–2014 Dagenham & Redbridge 7 (0)
2014–2015 Triestina 0 (0)
2015 Bishop's Stortford 7 (3)
2015–2016 Braintree Town 21 (2)
2016–2017 Woking 17 (1)
2017 Hayes & Yeading United 16 (1)
2018– Cray Valley Paper Mills 39 (24

Sven Roeder 5:23 Thu Nov 14
Re: Edgar
How many more people go into John Lewis and spend money this Christmas because they have spent £8m on an ad?
Zero I’d say

Sniper 4:43 Thu Nov 14
Re: Edgar
Well it’s better than the MoonPaedo

Northern Sold 4:24 Thu Nov 14
Re: Edgar
I mean it's a small dragon and a Xmas Pud laced with Brandy.... what's not to like...

defjam 4:12 Thu Nov 14
Re: Edgar

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