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Huffers 2:31 Fri Nov 15
Sky Q
Does the main Sky Q box HAVE to be connected to your router via ethernet?

Having Virgin internet installed Thursday then Sky Q on Sunday and will need to consider the above for locations etc.


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mallard 6:48 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
If you tell the engineer you need to continue using Freesat, they’ll install a Hybrid LNB for you.

Don’t tell them after they’ve put their ladders away.

Huffers, WHOmail me if you need more info. (About Sky!)

Far Cough 5:24 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
I know I own my dish as Skerrit put it up for me as a Freesat Dish, when I got Sky, all they had to was install the box

claypole 4:39 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
As sky own the Q box and supposedly will take the equipment back if you cancel the Q subscription, do they put back the original LNB or are you left with a dish that will not work with a freesat or old sky box? Does anyone know? Cheers

Far Cough 4:06 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
Ask Sky to leave the old LNB on there, pretty sure the dish can have two LNBs on there??

Pickle Rick 3:36 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q

Sky won't do it, they change the LNB on the dish so only the Q box works.

Huffers 3:09 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
Thanks PR.

claypole 3:09 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
A hybrid lmb is availble so you could run both boxes from one sat. Dont know if sky would provide this.

Alan 3:06 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
Cheers boys.

Buster 3:05 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
Yeah, but what Claypole says rings a bell actually, it was probably just that. Something needed sorting anyway.

claypole 3:04 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
I believe the cable is the same but the lnb is changed on the satellite.

Alan 3:03 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
Was that upgrading from Sky HD?

Buster 3:02 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
I needed new cabling, ALAN son.

Alan 2:56 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q
Can you do a straight Sky HD box - Sky Q box swap or does the Q box require extra LNB cabling?
I've read conflicting answers on this.

Pickle Rick 2:46 Fri Nov 15
Re: Sky Q

No, the Q box connects wireless. Would recommend sighting the router as close as possible to where you are having the Q box installed.

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