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Come On You Irons 2:53 Sat Nov 16
Prince Andrew
A bit of a cunt?

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Alwaysaniron 12:29 Thu Jun 4
Re: Prince Andrew
The bloke is a total and utter jowl wobbling faced cunt. I hope they throw the book at the over privileged prick.

geoffpikey 7:48 Wed Jun 3
Re: Prince Andrew
Ag ag @ the exile.

Golden Oldie 4:53 Wed Jun 3
Re: Prince Andrew
Epstein Maxwell & The Royals

the exile 4:37 Wed Jun 3
Re: Prince Andrew

Almost choked on my tea when I saw this.

Mike Oxsaw 1:29 Mon Jun 1
Re: Prince Andrew
This thread is older than the birds he shags.

Got to be a card in that, shirley?

Mr Kenzo 10:29 Mon Jun 1
Re: Prince Andrew
He married a Ginger

"Dry Heaves"

he deserves everything he gets coming to him.

Sydney_Iron 9:58 Mon Jun 1
Re: Prince Andrew
Well this is true Sven, it’s a bit of a win/win for him, no charges, no questions and no official engagements and having to meet the peasants and make polite small talk, just quietly pushed to one side to live out his days in luxury, even though he is abit of an embarrassment to the family.

Odds on he will still be at all the family gatherings with his nose in the trough, they will just keep him out of sight and pretend it never happened! ........And expect the young royals will be told to avoid him and certainly no baby sitting duties!

Sven Roeder 9:50 Mon Jun 1
Re: Prince Andrew
When you say ‘no way back’ do you mean jail or do you mean living a quiet life as a millionaire with a billionaire Mum SHIELDING him?
Has had his fun on Paedo Island with his mate Geoff & will now loll about in a well earned retirement

Sydney_Iron 7:12 Mon Jun 1
Re: Prince Andrew
Looks like there is no way back for the Royal Wrong Un!

Apart from the Epstein assisted exploits………..

Investigations of irregular payments from his charity to a former secretary and being sued by former friends over his dodgy purchase of a Ski chalet in Switzerland.


Alfs 11:53 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew
He didn't break the law shagging her in England but she also states that he did the deed again in the US of A where the statute age is 18.

The man's a wrongun as well as a shit liar.

If a mate of mine had been convicted of sex with underage girls, that friendship would be over and I wouldn't need to stay at his house for a week to inform him.

My partner went to Oxford and she's always said that it was full of entitled cunts that often raped - but back then it was never reported.

Johnson 11:19 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew
Sydney is coming across as the sort of pervert who wanks over the newspaper reports of Prince Andrew’s behaviour hoping he’ll get the chance one day.

gank 11:11 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew
Joe Royal?

Off here?

BRANDED 10:20 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew
Noncey Mc Nonce Royal

gank 9:40 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew
Unless, of course, you LOVE the taste of clams and piss

gank 9:39 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew
Not sure even the cleanest, most-douched of flanges could ever be described as 'tasty'

Sydney_Iron 9:38 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew
He should be helping the equiry in the US, isnt that what he said he would do on his TV appearance?

Not sure he has broken any law if he did bang this young girl(s), seems she was over the legal age, but he aint doing himself any favours by keeping Schtum and now not helping the yanks, makes it look like he has something to hide......

Sydney_Iron 9:14 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew

gank 9:04 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew
Young and tasty? What an odd phrase to use if you're trying to call someone else a 'dirty old cunt'.

Sydney_Iron 11:13 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew
Bit of a dirty old cunt is Andy!

Likes his gash young and tasty.................

Queens Fish Bar 10:12 Sat Mar 7
Re: Prince Andrew
The actions an innocent man!

Prince Andrew hires General Pinochet's former lawyer as he fights FBI Epstein probe
Clare Montgomery QC, the leading expert on extradition law, whose clients have included Augusto Pinochet and Nirav Modi has been hired


Swiss. 3:03 Wed Feb 26
Re: Prince Andrew
See claimed to have had sex with him in London, New York and Epstein's private island in the US Virgin Islands

Not Florida.

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