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Lato 11:08 Sat Nov 16
Couch to 5k
Anyone else on here done it?

I am 7 weeks in and able to run for 25 minutes, haven't been able to do that since I was in my mid 20's and still playing football.

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Texas Iron 5:05 Mon Nov 18
Re: Couch to 5k
...or 5,000...???

Texas Iron 4:58 Mon Nov 18
Re: Couch to 5k
Peter Crouch...for 5 million...???


Manip 9:56 Mon Nov 18
Re: Couch to 5k

Grumpster 9:55 Mon Nov 18
Re: Couch to 5k
Before finding lager, I was a 5k in 17 mins man with no training needed, as I only ran it twice a year at the 2 London events for law firms.

After hitting the booze big time, it went to 30 mins and I haven't run it since (good 20 years ago), though aged 45 I can still sprint around for an hour fairly well when playing 5 a side.

Me and the missus are considering starting the couch thing, as my asthma is fucking awful nowadays and I need to get the lungs going properly again.

Seems to work for everyone, so that along with the park run have been excellent introductions for the many.

Mace66 9:44 Mon Nov 18
Re: Couch to 5k
I was extremely unfit 10 years ago and took up running. Started round the block and it was hell but stuck with it.

I now have a 2:52 marathon pb although at the moment I’d struggle to run for 30 mins.

Don’t overdo it, run nice and easy, you don’t have to run fast to get faster.

azel senior 8:18 Mon Nov 18
Re: Couch to 5k
Done this twice now.
First time was around 6 years ago, to get into running as a means to just get fit.

Last May, I had a triple by-pass op and to do a re-hab course which basically started with 5 minutes shuffles to the end of the road. as soon as I could run a bit, I started the Couch to 5k again.

Did my first half marathon this April, and running 4-5 times a week 5-10k at a time.

Stick with it, you'll surprise yourself!

lowermarshhammer 1:07 Sat Nov 16
Re: Couch to 5k
Been running three times a week since I packed in the cancer sticks and doing parkrun every year since 2005. Done about 200 now, over 50 different events.

This year is the first time that I haven't run a faster time than my all time average.

5k to couch is in the pipeline for me at some point unfortunately.

bill green 12:14 Sat Nov 16
Re: Couch to 5k
try your local parkrun turn up in a west ham shirt and a few hammers will have a chat with you
been doing that for 18 months keeps you fit without any cutting down on food or more importantly beer

Lato 11:48 Sat Nov 16
Re: Couch to 5k
Good for her, not sure I could manage that at my age

violator 11:11 Sat Nov 16
Re: Couch to 5k
Mrs V started it a few years ago, she's since done the London and Brighton marathons

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