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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Eddie B 11:07 Mon Nov 18
WHU team Vs spurs?
God, this is depressing.


Fredericks Diop Ogbonna Cresswell

Rice Noble

Yarmelenko Anderson Masuaku


But, let's be honest, who the fuck knows what Audrey Roberts is going to do.

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Stubbo 11:33 Sat Nov 23
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
Well you and I have been long time proponents of needing more in centre mid Alf...ever since Kouyate went off the boil. I don't believe we need another defensive midfielder though; I feel we need a box to box energetic centre midfielder as Kouyate was in his prime for us, allowing Declan to sit, read the game and step in to intercept, while that player harries and chases.

Without that we have to stick two in there in Snodgrass and Noble who are at least committed to the cause and use the bodies to make up for lack of mobility.

That leaves us with two players out wide in Antonio and Anderson to carry the ball on the break, a decent free quick taker in Snodgrass, and hopefully a better finisher than Arnie was in Haller.

The next 6 games will be very telling to know if we've truly gone backwards, or just stood still.

Sir Alf 10:42 Sat Nov 23
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?

You’ve summed up exactly how I feel

The summer transfer business was where I thought Pellegrini would act after a season in charge and address the lack of running and energy in centre mid. He bought another technician.

The transfer budget was a root cause. 25 million net. Selling some fringe players maybe but Obiang was an option we no longer have and Hernandez and Perez got a few goals. We needed better but we just got rid.

The owners used last summer to recoup the big spend in his first season and reduce the wage bill or cash flow. That weakened the squad but the little money he had was poorly spent on Fornals

We will have to rely on 3 teams being worse yet again this season,

Stubbo 9:00 Sat Nov 23
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
We're back where we were last season. Namely having to make go for a lack if quality and power in Centre Mid by throwing in extra bodies.

I admire Pellegrini and the way he wants to play, but the way that the pressing game has come to the fore and the relentless tempo it has brought has meant his possession based game with slow technically minded players no longer cuts the mustard.

Its also no suprise to me that our best games last year came against the sides we're about to start playing. We're not good enough on the ball to create decent openings or use the possession.

However on the break we can be a threat when Anderson is carrying the ball, and Antonio is bursting from deep. Let's hope that returns this season too as the next run of games is the one akin to when we played well last season.

daveyg 5:40 Sat Nov 23
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
You're about right there.
Fornals for Holland on the bench as Holland played last night.
Snodgrass and Noble in the middle will get outclassed and out run I'm afraid.
None of our youngsters in the squad today.
I wouldn't be suprised if we don't see any of them this season.
Depresses me to think that we are left with this shambles. We all know the same thing will happen again several times this season because the team are not battlers.

The U23's won again last night 4-0.
With a line up of.
Holland,Lewis,Kemp and Scully scoring

Browno22 11:59 Fri Nov 22
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
If he picks Roberto he should be sacked as soon as the team sheet is released at 11.30am. Boot the old cunt out the stadium

Sir Alf 10:57 Fri Nov 22
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
Someone needs to put some cling film across our goal if Crusty the Clown is in goal again?

Keep dreaming 7:35 Fri Nov 22
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
I don't give a fuck

Stubbo 7:35 Fri Nov 22
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?




Roberto, Balbuena, Masuaku, Holland, Wilshere, Ajeti, Yarmalenko

dasher 5:51 Fri Nov 22
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
I think our esteemed Premier league manager will pick the following, in a Christmas tree formation as he is starting to feel a bit festive:Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb.fireman Sam, Bob the builder, windy Miller, postman pat and lady Penelope up top.

Mike Oxsaw 5:44 Fri Nov 22
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
I've got a black cab booked to take me to the airport tomorrow after the game.

Can't say the idea enthrals me much.

oioi 5:34 Fri Nov 22
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
Peckham 8:58 Thu Nov 21

I was at that game

rochesterjohn 4:59 Fri Nov 22
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
Lato gets it unfortunately the walking dead extra doesn’t.

Lato 4:42 Fri Nov 22
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
Diop Balbuena Ogbonna
Fred Arfur

Rice Noble

Antonio Haller Anderson

Sadly he will never play three centre backs, but neither did Conte I believe until his first season at Chelsea and the rest as they say is history

Pedro 10:19 Thu Nov 21
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
Has a goalie even been taken off mid match when not injured?
Another mistake by roberto and fans on his back could mean he gets subbed.

Pedro 10:18 Thu Nov 21
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
If Martin doesn’t start then he never will.

Saw a bit of him last season and looks solid enough except for an almighty howler in cup game .
Even that wasn’t as bad as Roberto punching in his own net.

rochesterjohn 9:48 Thu Nov 21
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
You got there eventually TM.

Peckham 8:58 Thu Nov 21
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
Jim Standen
Bobby Moore
John Charles
Ken Brown
Ronnie Boyce
Martin Peters
Eddie Bovington
John Sissons
Johnny Byrne
Peter Brabrook
Geoff Hurst

November 1966 4-3 Irons - ´´The best football show in London for years´´ - London Evening News verdict.
Searched high and low but cant find any clips.

diehardhammer 5:38 Thu Nov 21
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
Martin is basically an amateur

except he's not, 4 clean sheets in 10 games in the championship is arguably better than what roberto is serving up

Mart O 5:27 Thu Nov 21
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
I know fuck all about Martin but surely he can catch a fucking ball. That'd be a start. Roberto gave away 3 (THREE) goals last time out. How could it be worse ?

Sajmo1 5:13 Thu Nov 21
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
As much as I agree that he's shit I'd have him over martin any day of the week. Martin is basically an amateur

Takashi Miike 5:12 Thu Nov 21
Re: WHU team Vs spurs?
what's not fair is him getting paid to be a goalkeeper but not able to do the job, that's unfair

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