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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
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c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Balto 11:03 Thu Nov 21
Pellegrini vs Mourinho

From the SportsMax site.

Manuel Pellegrini would not deem Jose Mourinho his enemy or his friend as the long-time rivals prepare for a Premier League reunion on Saturday.

Pellegrini's struggling West Ham welcome Tottenham and their freshly installed head coach Mourinho to London Stadium this weekend, reprising a rivalry that has simmered for a decade.

Mourinho was publicly courted by Real Madrid before being appointed at the Santiago Bernabeu in 2010, replacing Pellegrini despite the sacked Chilean having led Los Blancos to a then club-record haul of 96 points as they finished runners up to Barcelona in LaLiga.

Pellegrini resumed his career at Malaga, with Mourinho pointedly observing, "If [Madrid] get rid of me, I will go to a big club in the Premier League or Serie A."

Indeed, both ended up at big Premier League clubs, with Pellegrini winning the title in 2013-14 at Manchester City before Mourinho's Chelsea succeeded them as champions the following season.

Mourinho repeated a wilful mispronunciation of "Mr Pellegrino" when referring to his opposite number, who claimed Chelsea played "like a small team, like Stoke" during a 1-1 draw at the Etihad Stadium in September 2014.

Pellegrini has won four and drawn three of the pair's 14 meetings, prevailing in their most recent encounter when West Ham beat an embattled version of Mourinho's Manchester United 3-1.

"Maybe I can think a different way, but he is not my enemy," Pellegrini told a pre-match news conference on Thursday.

"Everyone has their options to play football in the way they want and say what they want to say. You cannot always be criticising.

"That's why he is not my friend, but he is not my enemy. We have different ways of thinking about [everything], that's the only difference that we have.

"Maybe [I will have a drink with him]. We have been together a lot of times out of football together. I repeat, he is not my enemy."

Pellegrini expressed sympathy for Mauricio Pochettino, whose sacking kicked off a whirlwind 11 hours at Tottenham that concluded with Mourinho's appointment.

"Tottenham have a very good team with important players. Being outside of Tottenham, you cannot know what has happened there, but the results were not what Tottenham are used to having," he said.

"Now they have a new manager, unfortunately for Pochettino, because I think he was a manager who did very good work in a lot of years in Tottenham.

"I do not know the reason why he was sacked but now they have another experienced manager in Jose Mourinho, who will always give important things to his teams.

"[Mourinho] is just in charge of the team for two days so I don't think he can change too much. They will play in a similar way.

"That is not an important problem for us to solve, we must give a good performance as a team."

Of more pressing concern to Pellegrini is a run of two points from West Ham's past six Premier League matches since beating Mourinho's former employers from Old Trafford in September.

It leaves the Hammers languishing in 16th, a point and two places below Tottenham.

"I have had 33 years in this profession, I know football," Pellegrini added. "As I have said, my pressure I put on myself is bigger than any other pressure."

West Ham's midfield could be bolstered by Jack Wilshere and club captain Mark Noble, who trained untroubled this week following respective groin and ankle complaints.

Forward Michail Antonio might also be in contention after almost three months out with a hamstring injury.

I don't like the quote about the pressure I put on myself. Here is some pressure MP. Lose this and you are out of a job. 33 years in football doesn't mean a thing if you haven't had a win in six. I'm getting tired of "Mr. Calm."

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simon.s 12:33 Sat Nov 23
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
Typical Def.

Only rocks up for the big games.


defjam 11:58 Fri Nov 22
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
I can't believe I'm actually going to the match, That's how West Ham I am!

Mind you it is free on someones ST!

PLEEEEEASE let us win, fucking hate those CUNTS!

gph 11:16 Fri Nov 22
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
I'm turning down work at good money for me (£5ph, if you must know) to see this game tomorrow.

That's how West Ham I am.

simon.s 10:08 Fri Nov 22
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
We’ll see the new and revitalized, running to his fans at the end Mourinho tomorrow, not the slumped in his chair, how the fuck do I change this Mourinho that was last at the LS. That will be our Manager this time.

The whole day will be about this cunt. I’d like nothing more than to ruin his party, and I never write us off against Spurs, but I can only see one winner, and it ain’t us.

Manuel 7:35 Fri Nov 22
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
There's a saying 'there's a way of losing' Fancy if we show fuck all again and lose comfortably, there will be a Waiter in China getting a call on Saturday night.

Grumpster 7:24 Fri Nov 22
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
Come not gents, let's not wrote the game off as a loss before a ball has been kicked.

We know we're capable of turning up on the day and giving anyone a game, so lets just hope that some pride shows its face and we have won of those days.

Appreciate it's hard to be positive with the form we've been in and especially when we know we're virtually playing without a keeper, but even that useless cunt must he due a good game!!!

Mex Martillo 5:16 Fri Nov 22
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
Where are you Balto?
6:30 am kick off for me in Costa Rica. No bars open so will need a good stream...

Balto 3:44 Fri Nov 22
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
Some "clever" Spurs player will see Roberto off his line when they kick-off and score from the halfway line. 0-1 down at 4 seconds. You read it here first.

I have get up at 4:30 a.m. to see this ... and like a stupid loyal sufferer I will.

Finally, I would like to see Son come a cropper while colliding into a goal post while diving.

Mex Martillo 2:55 Fri Nov 22
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
Good news that Noble and Antonio are fit.
We can win. Will be loads better to win with that arsehole Mourinho in charge.

gph 12:24 Fri Nov 22
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
Mourinhi's a bit of an idiot, isn't he?

kirok1 11:30 Thu Nov 21
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
We are royally fucked, aren’t we.
A keeper who is as good at keeping the ball out of the net as a compulsive eater is at avoiding a burger.
A defence with zero confidence in the fuckwit behind them. Who have no idea what the ball is, how to defend a set piece or who their team mates are for,a clearance pass.
A midfield with the pace of a zimmer framed Chelsea pensioner and the urgency of a sloth munching in a tree.
A forward who is so isolated he may as well have a basketball for a best friend.
And a manager who has less of a clue of what to do about it than Boris Johnson has a concept of the truth and how to tell it.
Gonna be painful...
Knicker wetting? Yes, possibly true - but can anyone even see our blissfully contrary record coming up with anything but a godawful defeat?

threesixty 11:24 Thu Nov 21
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
Always be worried when someone has to pull rank.

33yrs... yeah, and? It’s 2019 and you’ve lost every game since we lost our record saving goal keeper. “Know” that one..

Texas Iron 11:07 Thu Nov 21
Re: Pellegrini vs Mourinho
No contest...
Mourinho... Tiger...
Only VAR and helpful ref can save us...

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