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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

andyd12345 10:00 Wed Nov 27
Jarrod Bowen
22 years old, scored 14 league goals in the Championship 2 years ago, 22 League goals last season and is on 11 in 17 this year, playing for a crap Hull side that are 14th in the league. His contract expires next June so available on the cheap.

Being linked with Newcastle and Watford, for £20m in January. Surely this is an absolute no brainier. Get him in, and start filling the squad with young, hungry talent that have got a point to prove. Even if it turns out he isn’t good enough, loads of Championship clubs will pay £10m to take him back off us in a few years time’s because he’s already proved he can do it. And if he is good enough then we’ve got the next James Maddison / Harry Maguire / Ben Chilwell

Will we try and get him? Course we fucking won’t. We’ll get some over the hill Eastern European on loan that’s been playing in Latvia for the last 4 years.

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daveyg 6:13 Thu Nov 28
Re: Jarrod Bowen
I think A Cole was on loan from Arsenal orginally

Alfs 2:14 Thu Nov 28
Re: Jarrod Bowen
I remember clubs dithering over Andy Cole when he was knocking them in for Bristol who were in the old 2nd division and then got promoted to the 1st.

Newcastle took a punt, Cole scored 12 in 12 and the rest is history.

I've had enough of the foreign players who come to us. Maybe 10% work out, the rest have been disasters.

penners28 1:11 Thu Nov 28
Re: Jarrod Bowen
We’ll sign Jim instead

Pagey 1:05 Thu Nov 28
Re: Jarrod Bowen
I’m just waiting for this thread to reach 746 posts so I can steam in with my comedy genius comment of.......


Grumpster 12:34 Thu Nov 28
Re: Jarrod Bowen
He won me 70 english pounds tonight, so I'd rather he stay there and continue to win me money, instead of us ruining his career, as he'd be dead within a month of joining.

andyd12345 12:10 Thu Nov 28
Re: Jarrod Bowen
35 goals in his last 52 games. For a crap side.

Young, pacey, great left foot, English, affordable, point to prove. Tick tick tick tick tick tick

Sven Roeder 12:06 Thu Nov 28
Re: Jarrod Bowen
Scored twice tonight in a 4-0 win over Preston

Attwood 9:57 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
Leominster Boy

Athletico Easthamico 9:51 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
Yeah, this bloke is going to be top draw.
Surprised if he ends up with us though.

Shouldn't be scared of looking at the Championship,
After all, the main man Antonio come from there.
Even Creswell and Fredericks are OK.

Missed Maddison, Maguire, Vardy, McGinn among others.

But Carney didn't cut it. Not sure what's happened to the Brum striker who went to Southampton?

stepney hammer 12:17 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
Why would we sign him when we can get a 32 year old South American equivalent on a free transfer in the summer?

Percy Dalton 11:49 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
I'm all for stepping down the league's for talent but only after some of our younger talent gets the opportunity first.
What is it with Pellegrini won't even put some of them on the bench.

dealcanvey 11:30 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
Needs to be change his name to Jarrod Bowenaldo before we would have an interest in him.

Vexed 10:59 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
Can he play in goal or defend at all or centre midfield?

If so I'm in. Otherwise just shut your fucking noise.

Full Claret Jacket 10:51 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
There are numerous examples of players that perform well in the Championship who struggle in the Premier League. They can become disillusioned fringe players very quickly if not playing regular football. I wouldn't want the club busting 30m on the next Jordan Rhodes.

That said I want to see the club look at these types of player a lot more provided there is value and the players attitude is good as well as using the academy more for those showing promise.
The battling qualities and desire in those who have fought their way up from lower leagues is underrated.

goose 10:46 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
son of newsreader Jeremy Bowen.

LeroysBoots 10:39 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
We won't sign him

We'll sign Jarrodo from Liga 3 in Spain

In Husillos we trust

blueeyed.handsomeman 10:13 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
is he related to either of the former Hammers Mark and Justin

andyd12345 10:13 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
Because in Hugills 3 seasons prior to us, he scored 3, 12 and 8. And was 4 years older.

So Bowen has scored 3 time’s as many goals, in a worse side, and is much younger.

I take your point though, that youngsters from the championship are a punt. We got burnt with Hugil, but this is a completely different level of player

Rossal 10:12 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
I want Bowen and Ollie Watkins at Brentford

Rather sign young hungry championship players then the Sanchezs Andersons etc...

eusebiovic 10:12 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
I've been raving about this kid for a year now...

He ain't no Hugill...he is lightning fast and has a lethal left foot...perfect for counter attacking football.

But as usual the two dildos will let him go elsewhere and sign a donkey instead

On The Ball 10:09 Wed Nov 27
Re: Jarrod Bowen
Why'#s he different to Jordan Hugill?

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