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Billy Blagg 12:08 Thu Nov 28
Billy Blagg's 13th Annual Advent Calendar of Christmas Songs
Is it coming back for it's 13th year? Or, now in its teens, will it stomp off to its bedroom, refuse to come out and just shout 'I hate you all' from the other side of the door? Be here December 1st to find out. And don't forget, for those Crackpots keen to get the festivities started, you follow the link. click on the web links at the side and start listening to the songs from the other twelve years.


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Coffee 11:09 Thu Dec 12
Re: Day 12 - R2D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas - R2D2, C3P0 and Chorus
Billy Blagg 2:05 Thu Dec 12

Sorry... I did manage the first 58 seconds.

Coffee 11:05 Thu Dec 12
Re: Day 10 - Big Brave Bill Saves Christmas - Kate Rusby
BRANDED 1:32 Tue Dec 10

Did you go?

Block 10:07 Thu Dec 12
Re: Day 12 - R2D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas - R2D2, C3P0 and Chorus
This thread needs to be pinned.

Billy Blagg 2:05 Thu Dec 12
Day 12 - R2D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas - R2D2, C3P0 and Chorus
Long, Long ago - well in 1978 anyway - in a galaxy far, far away - well, kinda Hollywood really - there was the release of a Star Wars Holiday Special; a show so awful, so panned by critics, deemed so excruciatingly hideous, that its very existence has become the stuff of legend. Indeed George Lucas - who loathed the whole project - seems to have enlisted the Death Star itself to ensure that no copies are available anywhere, DVD, VHS, even for download. It has been wiped from existence just as surely as Alderaan.

Just a year after the release of the original Star Wars, the idea of a story based around Han Solo and Chewbacca returning to Chewy's home planet to celebrate 'Life Day' might have seemed like a good idea at the time; as it was the whole thing ended up as being rated #1 in 'The 100 Dumbest Events in Television History' by writer David Hofstede in his book 'What Were They Thinking?' describing it as 'the worst two hours of television ever'.

From this calamitous show came a series of songs released on an album called 'Christmas In The Stars' sung by artists such as Diahann Carroll, Jefferson Starship, Bea Arthur and a young singer who accompanies C-3PO and R2D2 on the truly execrable 'R2D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas'.

The Force, however, appeared to be strong in this young man as, riding Skywalker like above the detritus, the singer went on to make a bit of a name for himself.

For, Ladies and Gentleman, this is the first-ever recording by one Jon Bon Jovi. Appalled I am.


Billy Blagg 1:58 Wed Dec 11
Day 11 - Get Down Santa / Funky Jesus - The Jive Turkeys
It's late-night shopping here in town so here's Cincinnati's very own Jive Turkeys with a spectacular GOFGOF (Get one free, Get one free) of their own. Get down with Santa and you get a free funky Jesus. You want it gift-wrapped too? Then check out the Colemine label's green vinyl.


BRANDED 1:32 Tue Dec 10
Re: Day 10 - Big Brave Bill Saves Christmas - Kate Rusby
So, she's at the Festival Hall tonight. I might go along for a bit of folky festiveness

BRANDED 1:29 Tue Dec 10
Re: Day 10 - Big Brave Bill Saves Christmas - Kate Rusby
Thanks for introducing me to her. I used to hate folk but have grown to really like it over the years.

Billy Blagg 1:04 Tue Dec 10
Re: Day 10 - Big Brave Bill Saves Christmas - Kate Rusby
BRANDED 10:40 Tue Dec 10

The odd thing about her is her speaking voice is entirely different. She introduces the song, opens her mouth and this whole other sound comes out. It's all in a folk vein as that's her roots, but pretty much all of her stuff is wonderful.

BRANDED 10:40 Tue Dec 10
Re: Day 10 - Big Brave Bill Saves Christmas - Kate Rusby
What a lovely voice

Billy Blagg 1:52 Tue Dec 10
Day 10 - Big Brave Bill Saves Christmas - Kate Rusby
Some people ask me if I have trouble finding these Christmas songs every year and the answer is an emphatic 'No!'. What I do find difficult though, is leaving stuff off by artists who could quite easily fill an advent calendar every year on their own. Such a person in the blessed Kate Rusby - someone I saw just this very eve in another part of town.

Kate has produced a handful of essential and wonderful Christmas albums and could quite easily get on here every year - particularly with her lovely rendition of popular Carols - as it is I've decided to go with BBB not because it's indicative of her usual output - it's not! - but purely because it's not like anything else you'll hear this year, it's got a brass band, a lovely video to accompany it and it is utterly, utterly charming.


Billy Blagg 1:54 Mon Dec 9
Day 9 - Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin' - Albert King
I don't want no Turkey / Don't care about no cake / I just want you to come here Mama / 'fore the Children awake / 'Cos Santa Claus needs some lovin'

The man formerly known as Albert Nelson, latterly Blues legend King - one of the most influential guitarists of his generation - rocks up a Yuletide storm as he demands his conjugal rights. And hey! It's Christmas. Why not?


Coffee 1:16 Sun Dec 8
Re: Day 7

Billy Blagg 1:02 Sun Dec 8
Re: Day 7
Coffee 9:18 Sun Dec 8
Yea, its' always a laugh isn't it? I know from the stats I get hits from all over the place and it did occur to me that a lot of people might not know who Kamara is so it made sense to include the ' Has he Jeff? I didn't see it!' moment.

Coffee 9:18 Sun Dec 8
Re: Day 7
Billy Blagg 12:52 Sat Dec 7

That Kamara/Stelling video fits perfectly. Christmas and year-round cheer.

Billy Blagg 2:40 Sun Dec 8
Day 8 - While Shepherds Watched Their Flock By Night - Chas 'n' Dave
Back in the day before the beer ads, the hits, Saturday night TV and the singalong albums your Gran loved, me and my mates used to go every Friday to the Essex Arms pub in Silvertown to watch a duo called Chas 'n' Dave. Wonderfully entertaining, funny but more importantly - and people forget this - wildly rocking', we were often amazed by the number of top-notch musicians who found their way to an obscure East End boozer to play with the pair before a packed and appreciative crowd. Probably because I was young and tended to veer away once someone I liked became famous, I missed out on this album; but with an accompanying silver band, a Carol that surprisingly has not appeared on the Calendar before, and the sad loss of Chas last year, I think it's time to make up for it now.


only1billybonds 6:11 Sat Dec 7
Re: Day 5 - Maizie - Red Plastic Bag
Mr Blagg.

This yearly treat on WHO never dissapoints,thanks again for making the effort,this year in particular as it has been an awful time for you. Iv'e discovered many gems over the years that would have passed me by were it not for this thread.

Hope you feel inspired to carry on in the years to come and once again,thank you.

Hermit Road 1:28 Sat Dec 7
Re: Day 7
One of the highlights if not THE highlight of the WHO calender is this thread,

Much appreciation Blagg.

Billy Blagg 12:52 Sat Dec 7
Day 7
And I'm going to make you go off the Calendar page today to hear this gem. You won't be disappointed you went. Honestly.


Coffee 8:20 Fri Dec 6
Re: Day 6 - A Funky Xmas To You - J.Hines & The Boys
Silent Night readily lends itself to jazz interpretations. Performed here by the gorgeous Eva Celia. Who has nothing to do with this choice.


Billy Blagg 1:52 Fri Dec 6
Day 6 - A Funky Xmas To You - J.Hines & The Boys
"A big black Santa Claus with a funk sack on his back?". It must be the first party night of Advent. Let's go!


Billy Blagg 2:33 Thu Dec 5
Day 5 - Maizie - Red Plastic Bag
The wonderfully named Red Plastic Bag is actually the equally wonderfully monikered Stedson Wiltshire; the foremost composer of calypso in Barbados. In this Bajan Christmas staple, RPB returns home on Christmas night to find his girl with another man, who she tries to pass off as Santa Claus. I bet a lot of you ladies have managed that one in the past.

OK now pass the rum and flying fish and let's get this party started!


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