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Mex Martillo 3:05 Sun Dec 1
David Martin
Did really well against Chelsea.
Good support from the defense, but that’s a two way street.
And then the emotion that showed how much he cares about the club and doing his best. You cannot buy that.

I could not find a signing on thread? Spend about an hour looking. We never even had one?

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blueeyed.handsomeman 6:47 Mon Dec 2
Re: David MARTIN
David is an asset to our club,he is an excellent member of our playing staff,he is aquality goalkeeper whose character can only benefit not only his specialised position but aid the education of our six young fellers on our books.
However we do need a Goalie who can be o0ur first team squads other Goalie alongside FAB.
tHIS IS A SQUAD GAME nowadays and a player who is the equal to FAB needs to be sought,and David automatically fits the bill of an able reserve,deputy and third choice goaldefender.

crystal falace 6:05 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
Nice to see him actualy seem to know when to come and claim a cross and actually catch the ball.

Although he did very nearly fuck up the once when Tomori looked to get his head to the ball ahead of martin, looked like that could have easily be a penalty as he didnt seem to get a whole lot of the ball.

BRANDED 5:50 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
Cup run?

The sheer breath taking optimism.

terry-h 5:48 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
Exactly. We should be scouting NOW for a Fabianski deputy.
Otherwise we can say goodbye to any cup run in the foreseeable future.

HairyHammer 5:37 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
Win win for Pelegrini if he does well he made the change if he swallows goals he will look at the fans and say fuck you.
Martin was excellent for a first game but so was the whole team that played Pelegrini has fucked up with his belief in Roberto, he should have done this three games ago.

BRANDED 5:29 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
I like the idea that both the defence and the fans can get behind someone, or in front of you’re a taker.

Percy Dalton 5:09 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
We all know Martin is not going to challenge Fab in goal but that weren't bad and miles better than the pillock we've had in recent weeks.
What would be funny if Audrey recalls Roberto as Pellegrini doesn't rate Martin.

Cheezey Bell-End 4:57 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
He's not a super keeper and he had some luck, but at least he's competent and can do the basics. We haven't had that for a while.

Manuel 4:51 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
Coffee 2:36 Mon Dec 2

Nice bite, lol.

'sites leading tosser'?Aw, are you going to join the other silly cunts like fraser and gang up on me? Couldn't give 1 fuck what morons like you think.

Hermit Road 4:51 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
That’s right.

I’m well happy for him and his dad. It’s a great story and made the victory much better.

That being said, let’s be honest, he got lucky with a couple of fluffs. Hitting the post from the deflected cross, not collecting shots cleanly and pushing them into the danger zone.

We could easily have been looking at letting in a couple of soft goals.

Don’t want to put a dampener on it but being realistic, he should not be in goal for us.

w4hammer 4:40 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
i think once the dust has settled we should really be asking questions of the club as to why and how we were ever looking to him for a solution

truly isnt a club anywhere near the pro level of the game that would sign two untested/ new PL keepers and expect to get away with it

Negligence in my view-

he wasnt really tested so lets keep the bubbles on ice until fabianski is back

stepney hammer 3:39 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
Mace66 3:10 Mon Dec 2

Firstly who cares? If he has the audacity to earn a wedge by impersonating a goalkeeper he can take the flak that goes with it.

Although I don't think it's personal anyway. More a 'fuck you' to Pellegrini and Husillos for signing the absolute lump of shit. According to that Steinberg fella at the Guardian, Pellegrini actually wanted to sign him as his number one last year before Fabianski was brought in.

madeeasy 3:34 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
I thought that the players that came up to him at the end, being, Noble, Rice, Snoddy, Yarmalenko and Cresswell, shows where the passion and understanding what playing for the club actually means and who is there to simply get a pay cheque.

Maybe wrong but it is nice to see that little team spirit that they had, and look at the way leicester players celebrated their win yesterday., all of them together. a lot to be said about that in my book/

chedylan 2 3:34 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
Who gives a fuck about upsetting Roberto? Hopefully that is the end of his west ham 'career'

Stealing another 20k a week pretending to be a goalkeeper should compensate for his hurt feeling

SteveJacko 3:28 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
More of a connection to the club. Probably settled his nerves early on to hear the fans behind him.

Lee Trundle 3:26 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
We shouldn't sing about our current goalkeeper because it will upset the bloke he's replaced on the bench?

That's bollocks, Mace.

Mace66 3:10 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
I thought the " one David Martin ... " chants were rather toe-curling

Roberto may have been shit but he doesn't deserve that sort of treatment

Fans let themselves down there i'm afraid

stepney hammer 3:00 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
ivan 1:16 Mon Dec 2

I thought you were taking the piss, but apparently this did actually happen.


Coffee 2:36 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
Manuel 4:41 Sun Dec 1

Not only are you the site's leading tosser, you also can't read.

Time to return home to Spursonline?

Cheezey Bell-End 2:17 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
Martin seems to be a sensitive character and could be more prone to a loss of confidence if things turn sour. I don't think he takes after his dad in that way.

terry-h 1:28 Mon Dec 2
Re: David Martin
There are lots of good goalies in the lower divisions.
One who particularly impressed me over the weekend was Fulham's Marek Rodak a 23 year old Slovakian, 6ft 5in tall who really looks the part. Have a look at him on YouTube.

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