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andyd12345 10:52 Mon Dec 2
Verisure burglar alarms
Anyone got a Verisure burglar alarm? I’ve got a chap coming round on Wednesday to give a quote, and they can install same day if I’m happy with the price. Expect they’ll be quite pushy for the sale, but trouble is I don’t really know what one should cost and it’s not that easy to research online. Verisure are supposed to be the best around and they’ve got the live round the clock response which I expect is a monthly fee on top of the initial setup cost.

Can anyone shed some light on what a reasonable price should be?

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Deanooooo 9:29 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
We have a wireless one, it’s only the pir’s that are wireless. The control panel, sirens and the box thing are all hardwired. From memory probably took the company half a day to install it and an hour or so to programme it. It’s a proper company and cost about 1200 I think with 7 pir’s and 4 door sensors.

Someone at work has verisure, I am sure he got the installation / alarm for free by signing up to the monitoring for a couple of years. Either way their PIR’s have cameras in them too, not sure if this means that the control room can view the inside of your house at any time or just when an alarm goes off.

joe royal 8:22 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
Michael , couple of days usually then half a day testing etc. No wireless tho in my day , it was all cabled.

Bungo 8:13 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
I would be a bit concerned about an outfit that can install the very same day.

That smacks to me of 'get the system up as quick as possible before he changes his mind so we can get paid'.

Of course I could be wrong, but I generally like dealing with companies that don't appear to be too desperate for my business.

michael 7:43 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
How long did the install take
As been offered a burglar alarm for about 600 supply and fit it’s wireless
The guy reckon s half a day

Justin P 7:17 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
Direct Response?

joe royal 1:56 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
I used to work for Banham alarms , 2/3k for an install and 30 a month was the monthly fee.

In the year I worked there I only attended two break ins , one in a house in Fulham ant the other at a Stratford office block, rest (apx 4 a shift) were all false alarms.

monitoring alarms is a bit of a waste of money in my opinion , this is how it works.

Alarm gets triggered
Goes to a central station
Station rings the house - no reply
Job gets passed downstairs to the key guards
They phone house (and any other mobile numbers)
Get keys
Go to house
Zone out faulty PIR (usually)
Reset alarm
Leave report
Lock up and leave.

In the event of a break in we rang maintenance firms and waited for them to make any repairs.

Alarms have to silence after 20 mins , the deterrent is the sound.

A ring doorbell is probably a better bet coupled with an alarm system.

As a footnote very few people picked up the phone when we rang them , if that was the case it was up to the key guard to decide on what to do , was 30 quid an hour to stay there plus any costs to make safe.

Manuel 12:28 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
fraser - I'd worry about anyone who takes this site so seriously, ever thought of that. The whole site is full of posts like mine on a daily basis, no need to make me feel so special :-)

LeroysBoots 12:26 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
Had them for 3 years, very good

Installation and products are reasonable

I pay 42 a month for the 24 hr monitoring

fraser 12:07 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
Manuel is the worst wind up cunt on here, as I refuse to believe anyone could possibly lack that much self awareness..

I hope that's the case or I'm seriously worried about his mental wellbeing.

Mike Oxsaw 11:27 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
Manuel = non-printing rent boy.

andyd12345 11:14 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
Who is Manuel? Is she a new poster?

Lee Trundle 11:03 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
It's not like you've ever asked for advice before on here, is it Manny?

*cough PRINTER THREAD cough*

Manuel 11:01 Mon Dec 2
Re: Verisure burglar alarms
And here she is yet again asking for advice. LMFAO.

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