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cup of tea 7:23 Fri Dec 6
Bog Roll
What brand do you use and how much do you use a week?

I've been a lazy cunt lately and also a skin flint and been buying cheap stuff from Aldi or Lidl. Not only am I using almost a whole roll per big shit occurence but I am also slipping a finger through the said paper covering my finger in shit in the process.

The question is, would a higher quality bog roll keep me fresher and avoid shit finger as well as getting better VFM in the long term or do I simply wipe too hard and use too much?

Note: I also sometimes block the toilet up and have to use a bog brush rather vigorously to move the offending log

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yngwies Cat 2:16 Sat Dec 7
Re: Bog Roll
Chuck it on the pitch.

Amount of shit we see.

WorldCupWilly 1:46 Sat Dec 7
Re: Bog Roll
Asda Shades.

Most other supermarket brands have reduced the thickness over the last 5 years and you need to use more sheets or you get a shit-finger. Also others have made the cardboard tube fatter so whilst the overall size looks the same you get less sheets per roll.

Bungo 11:59 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
Doesn't matter how good the quality is, I always fold it over twice so great is my fear of shitfinger.

zebthecat 11:25 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
Oh God that IZAL stuff was horrible. Must have been invented by a sadist who twigged he couldn't market sandpaper bog roll. It was bad enough for men but I shudder to think what it like for women.

Waitrose Aloe Vera and it is the best.

ted fenton 11:09 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
Aldi Aloe Vera Toilet Roll is superb !

Takashi Miike 9:45 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
do you then have a second shower to wash the shit off your feet? 😠

lab 9:08 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
I shit whilst I have a shower . With really hot water it breaks up quick. The odd bit of veg. I do get out and squeeze a little bit of germolene onto a piece of toilet paper and have a wipe. I stick that in the little silver bin by the bog. In summer that said bin does get a bit high by the end of the week. Cushelle by the way.

nychammer 9:01 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
There’s a Spanish pop group called IZAL. Had no luck TRACING their history and how they came to be called that.

Alfs 8:51 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
I use Cheeky Panda which is made from 100% bamboo which otherwise would have to be burned as it's not the bamboo type that Pandas eat.

It also contains a natural anti-bacterial agent and totally eco-friendly.

So wipe your arse whilst saving the planet.

Vexed 8:28 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
You shouldn't sully your hoop with substandard shit roll. Cherish your hoop, love it, care for it.

bruuuno 8:18 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
Using a bum gun I’d be worried about shit getting sprayed away from my anus and onto my bollocks. Are my concerns valid?

Cheezey Bell-End 8:09 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
I hate the name bum gun. Reminds me of the Thaivisa forum. I always call it an arse blaster.
Definitely something I miss when I leave.

Mike Oxsaw 7:52 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
Feed a bum gun off your power shower. It'll sandblast the shit away and warmly tickle your bollocks as a bonus.

Far Cough 7:42 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll

Takashi Miike 7:40 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
hahaha, that tracing paper stuff. it smeared the shit, rather than removed it :.)

Far Cough 7:38 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
Use Izal for the best experience

Toe Rag 7:35 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
All good until your drains back up?

bruuuno 7:32 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
I ran out recently so started using this ultra absorbent blue and white kitchen towel stuff. It’s brilliant. It absorbs all the shit so only takes a few wipes, instead of just smearing it around. Plus you can tear little bits of it and just use them. It’s much stronger than normal bog roll and you never have to worry about getting a shitty finger.

I think I got it in Lidl’s

Toe Rag 7:29 Fri Dec 6
Re: Bog Roll
The rather glaringly obvious answer is to use the bog brush on your ricker?

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