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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Alex G 7:27 Tue Dec 10
West Ham Team of the Decade
So with the 2010s just weeks from ending I thought it would be interesting to look back over the decade and realise that despite being pretty much where we started (16th on the 1st of January 2010, 16th now!) there were some occasional moments and players of quality during this time.

Here is my selection of our team of the 2010s, based on a 4-2-3-1 formation. Please feel free to tell me where I've gone wrong and that I know nothing about football.

Goalkeeper: Fabianski

Whilst we've had some utter guff as back up keepers, with the likes of Green, Jääskeläinen and Adrian between the sticks we've generally been blesses with a decent first choice keeper. But for me Fabianski has been the best of the decade, and indeed for quite a while before then.

Left Back: Cresswell

Whilst the seeming eternal battle between Cresswell and Masauku for the left back spot seems no nearer reaching it's conclusion, I always feel happier with Cresswell in the side. Honourable mention to George McCartney.

Centre Back: Reid and Collins

Whilst you have to pinch yourself to remember he's still at the club, Reid overcame a difficult first season to prove himself top draw. Collins disproved the old adage you should never go back with plenty of full blooded performances. Tomkins and Diop proved their closest rivals.

Right Back: Jenkinson

Seriously, who was our last reliable right back? Tim Breacker? Whilst Fredericks could develop into the solution, Jenkinson's season at the club at least made me stop worrying about our fullbacks being a weakness.

Centre Midfield: Parker and Noble

Whilst there is an argument about the dross around him making him look better, few can argue that Parker was the heart beat who carried the team for a few seasons. Noble's performances over the course of the decade gives him the nod over Rice in the centre of the park.

Left Wing: Payet

Despite the bitter taste his exit left, there can be no denying that for one season we had a player consistently putting in world class performances down the left flank. And no, I'm not talking about Matt Jarvis.

Right Wing: Antonio

Whilst he may look ungainly at times, a fully fit and firing Antonio is a force of nature. Arguably his main problem has been his versatility which has seen him shifted all over the park.

That Playing Just Behind the Centre Forward Position: Lanzini

Nolan may have contribute more in terms of goals, but Lanzini gets into the team based on overall ability. But as always, the question of what could have been if Ravel Morrison could have had a bit of sense knocked into him.

Centre Forward: Arnautovic

Carroll, Sakho and Carlton Cole all had moments when they shined, but Arnautovic's year when it all clicked gives him the nod. Skill, strength and the ability to find the back of the net, just a shame about the attitude.

And if anyone wants to start a worst team of the decade discussion then please go for it...

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Darby_ 7:24 Thu Dec 12
Re: WHO Team of the Decade
Fuck me. That’s genuinely sad news.

wtf 7:21 Thu Dec 12
Re: WHO Team of the Decade

Darby_ 7:20 Thu Dec 12
Re: WHO Team of the Decade
Apparently. What happened to him?

wtf 7:17 Thu Dec 12
Re: WHO Team of the Decade
Missed the news about Gavros, Darby?

Darby_ 7:12 Thu Dec 12
WHO Team of the Decade

Blueeyedhandsomeman - Goaldefender

Willtell - cloddish right back who tells everyone that he’s the striker
Pickle - Dogged CB, uses neck length to dominate in the air
Sold0 - old-school, fag-smoking, boozy, Tony Adams-style CB
Fo - cultured lefty who doesn’t like playing too wide

Normannomates - winger no one passes to
KIA - midfield destroyer
Gavros - slim-waisted wannabe playboy AM
Chilled - shouty left winger

Vexed - angry ant midget striker
Surfy - slippery striker

Barty 6:10 Thu Dec 12
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade

Moses - Reid - Collins - Cresswell

Rice - Parker

Anderson - Lanzini - Payet


Everything is ok except the defence

The Mercernary 6:39 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
17th in 2009-10 if you want that including...

The Mercernary 6:37 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
Thought it was worth posting up our league positions through the decade:

2010-11 20th and Relegated
2011-12 Promoted
2012-13 10th
2013-14 13th
2014-15 12th
2015-16 7th
2016-17 11th
2017-18 13th
2018-19 10th

Bar the horror and excitement at the beginning of the decade, we've been very mid-table, haven't we?!

Eerie Descent 5:20 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
*from the last 10 years

Eerie Descent 5:18 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
The most shocking thing for me is, if I had to pick a former right back for us now, itd be Joey O'Brien.

geoffpikey 4:52 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
Depressing list. Even if entirely reasonable choices.

Still, WHUFC is a parallel universe where even Kouyate is missed.

joey5000 2:18 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade

G Demel
R Johnson
E Pogatez
A Masuaku

C Sanchez
G O'Neill
P Barrera
K Nolan (in his last season)

S Zaza
B Montenegro

theaxeman 2:12 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade

Yea i forgot about Song, he was decent that loan spell

Swiss. 1:57 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
The Pards 2006 season was great and the Bilic 2016. The rest have been shit. So wake me up in 2026.

Sniper 1:52 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade

Because the idiot grant did t keep us up and he could go on a free

Ha and arnie up too with payet in the hole would be superb

Agreed about fennel at right back - he’s the only decent one we’ve had since Johnson!

Swiss. 1:50 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
Everyone has forgotten Demba Ba.

7 in 12 for us then 29 in 54 for Newcastle. How did we let this guy go?

And Diame in midfield.

Demel was better than Jenkinson who couldn't defend.

The_Phantom 1:45 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
I stopped reading at Jenkinson.

brick_lane_batty_boy 1:37 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
1. Fabianski
2. Zabaleta
3. Cresswell
4. Reid
5. Diop
6. Parker
7. Antonio
8. Diame
9. Ba
10. Payet
11. Arnautovic

Stubbo 1:14 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
Agree on Song. His early performances for us were in a different level to anyone Ive seen play centre midfield for us. Actually dominated games and took responsibilty for making the team tick (and was capable of doing it). God knows what happened to THAT Alex Song?!

Hermit Road 1:11 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
Lee Trundle 1:09 Wed Dec 11

Lee Trundle 1:09 Wed Dec 11
Re: West Ham Team of the Decade
It's fucking tragic looking at that team.

Mainly because the 3 best players there (Arnie, Payet, Parker) all downed tools in order to force a move away from the club, and the ones left are REALLY mediocre.

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