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Queens Fish Bar 9:12 Thu Dec 12
Sex for rent
You've got to listen to the recording they got of the bloke.


An LBC investigation has found a number of landlords offering rent-free accommodation to young women in London in exchange for sex.

On the website Craigslist, we found adverts posted offering spacious rooms in envious location with no payment required - instead asking for young women to get in touch in return for something more salacious.

Examples include:

"£1 Free Accommodation for Beautiful Face Sitting Female."

"Free Accommodation For Favour."

"I'm offering free accom [sic] for women who don't mind returning the favour. Email me a pic and a reason why I should choose you.'

"Rent and bill free for female student or similar."

We spoke to landlords in emails to clarify what they wanted from young women. One man said he was after a "daddy/daughter type scenario" while another was asking for an "intimate arrangement."

In one message, a man said:
"The room is clearly free for a reason and I'm guessing you are aware that craigslist is a little more liberal than most posting boards... to the rest of the world you would simply be my lodger but you and I would be party to a little secret."

LBC uncovers London landlords who exchange rent for sex
LBC uncovers London landlords who exchange rent for sex. Picture: LBC
We spoke on the phone to one landlord, who wouldn't give his name, but revealed that he'd written a BDSM “manual” he wanted to explore with his 'tenant.'

A second man agreed to meet up with us in a fast food restaurant in London. He was nervous to meet but admitted he wanted 'a boyfriend/girlfriend' relationship with someone. When asked if that would involve “holding hands” he replied, “more than that.”

The third landlord, a man we're calling 'Jonathan' spoke first on the phone to our actress, Gemma, who went undercover to express interest in this arrangement.

He explained how he'd engaged in this arrangement twice before; one many years ago with an Australian friend who couldn’t afford London rent, and more recently with a woman he’d discovered on Craigslist.

She was on the run and hiding from an abusive ex who she was afraid would track her down if she was working and paying for rent normally.

He told Gemma the woman stayed with him at the start of the year and they would engage in “daddy/daughter” type scenarios.

An email that a landlord sent LBC's undercover reporter
An email that a landlord sent LBC's undercover reporter. Picture: LBC
Jonathan then told actress Gemma that if she were to move into his property, it would be “their secret”.

He said, "I'm happily single, I don't want a relationship but I do enjoy sex. And if you can help me with that then I can do my bit and look after you and make sure you don't pay any rent and look after you and provide a good place to live.”

After this phone conversation, Jonathan then agreed to meet up with Gemma in a coffee shop to discuss the terms of the contract; he said he’d wear a condom, would give her a “tenancy agreement”, they would discuss schedules in advance and he required sex “a few times a week.”

The landlord was then confronted by our correspondent Rachael Venables. Jonathan maintained he didn’t know it was illegal and said he was “ashamed” and “wouldn’t do it again.” He also apologised for any hurt caused.

Sex for Rent arrangements are largely untested in law. We asked the Crown Prosecution Service why.

They told our correspondent that the reason for this is no file has ever been passed to them from the police for an assessment and a prosecution.

Legally they say ,"Such arrangements can lead to the exploitation of highly vulnerable persons who are struggling to obtain accommodation."

“Therefore, the provision of accommodation in return for sex is capable of being caught by the following legislation (Sexual Offences) (causing prostitution for gain) and that an advertisement would also be unlawful in accordance with section 52 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (inciting prostitution for gain).”

The Crown Prosecution Service said: “We would like to make clear that seeking to exploit vulnerable tenants through so-called sex-for-rent arrangements may amount to a criminal offence. Robust guidance in relation to this behaviour was issued to prosecutors earlier this year. We hope it gives anyone who feels they have been exploited the confidence to come forward.”

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Cabbage Savage 1:16 Mon Dec 16
Re: Sex for rent
My firend Pickle have this contract with his wife.
Is it wrong?

Alfs 12:27 Sun Dec 15
Re: Sex for rent
Ah, I see now Lily.

Lily Hammer 10:54 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
Alfs 1:41 Sat Dec 14

You didn't check out the link I posted, did you?

Sydney_Iron 10:48 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
I bet there are woman exploited by this but don’t be naïve to think they all are Queens fish bar, same as Prostitution, there not all forced into it or doing it against there will, plenty choose to do so.

Take the blinkers off, you sound like a femnazi.

B.ferguson1980 10:40 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
I Bet his a Tory

Queens Fish Bar 10:35 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
Sad to read how many of you are in support of the exploitation of young women - bet you'd be happy if it was your mother, sister or daughter.


Mart O 9:36 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
Exactly. I'd still fuck her. Just not for rent.

Bungo 9:30 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
Unless the top of her head is really gross, who cares?

Dumbleweed 9:25 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
Have you seen his sister?

Mart O 9:23 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
Ag ! Yours or mine ?

Bungo 9:08 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
Mart O 8:59 Sat Dec 14

I'd be fine with his sister sucking cock for a roof over her head.

Mart O 8:59 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
*How would you feel

Mart O 8:58 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
What's wrong with it is it's fucking revolting. How you feel about your sister sucking cock for a room over her head ? Idiot.

Sydney_Iron 6:29 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
As long as its 2 consenting adults im not sure there is a problem with this? Each party gets what they want, cheap accommodation or a regular shag.

What exactly is wrong, illegal or exploiting another with such an arrangement?

Alfs 1:41 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
Lily - are you a Mormon?

Alfs 1:38 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
This has gone on for hundreds of years. In Victorian melodramas, the villain was nearly always the landlord of an impoverished young woman.

jooliandix 1:06 Sat Dec 14
Re: Sex for rent
I live in Canterbury,there was an article in our local paper about landlords letting students from the Uni live rent free in return for shagging them.

Too Much Too Young 9:36 Fri Dec 13
Re: Sex for rent
chuck in a bit of naked hoovering, dusting, washing up, laundry, car washing and mowing the lawn in the summer, I'm in.

*lists spare single and double rooms (will accept fit 23 year old twins in the double) on Craigslist*

Lily Hammer 9:07 Fri Dec 13
Re: Sex for rent
Can't defend this.


Just like the old pervert in this story wanting a young stripper sent to randy perv's care home and getting it, paid for too.

Sick and degrading.


Leonard Hatred 8:44 Fri Dec 13
Re: Sex for rent
Don't see owt wrong with this tbh.

Nobody's being forced into anything, innit.

Bit grubby, mind.

arsegrapes 12:49 Fri Dec 13
Re: Sex for rent
Better off escorting for the lucky prettier ones perhaps, but even the ugly ones need loving. Besides a girls gotta make a living.

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