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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Exiled In Surrey 11:51 Mon Dec 23


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Hammer and Pickle 10:35 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
dm 9:18 Tue Dec 24

Ordered it for the boys amid some fanfare a few years back.

Now gathering dust under some cupboard upstairs. That’s the internet for ya.

Westham67 10:22 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Soldo same as 1978 Holland World cup team

Tomshardware 10:14 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Was quite difficult to judge the power of flick needed for passing.

dm 9:26 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
I can still remember some of the team numbers:
West Ham - 209
Norwich - 28
Liverpool - 41
Bolton - 154
Nottingham Forest - 1
Arsenal - 232
Mansfield - 47
Darlington - 81
Ipswich - 219
Bristol Rovers - 12

Someone made a cock up at the factory, as my Ipswich team had a Leicester City player in it.

It was supposed to be table top but no-one had a big enough table. Myself and one of my mates managed to get our pitches nailed down onto chipboard.

dm 9:18 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Hammer and Pickle
when I was about 10/11 a friend of mine had that ice hockey game. I loved it.
Ive got an idea its still in production. I saw it in a shop in Perth a few years ago.

Bungo 6:27 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
zico 5:02 Tue Dec 24

I think Super Striker had the diving goalies wheras the ones in Striker sort of swiveled and threw the ball into their own net if you got it wrong.

zico 5:02 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
I always played Super Striker although not sure what the difference was from striker?! Had the Subbuteo Rugby though which I remember as interesting!!

Hammer and Pickle 4:55 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
I had that ice hockey game where the players were moved up and down grooves with handles you'd twist to strike the puck.

You could get some serious action with that.

violator 4:44 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Not as good as his MATES

Bungo 4:32 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Northern Sold 12:19 Tue Dec 24

"Super Striker was 5 a side caveman stuff… fuck all skill involved… BOSH"

So you mean you weren't very good at it?

violator 4:19 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away kit

ted fenton 3:45 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Used to play for the FA cup from 3rd round and got the right hump if I didn't draw West Ham.

D.B Cooper 3:38 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Didn’t realise Hitler invented it.
Great game, only spoiled when some fat cunt put an elbow or knee on one of your players and you had to glue the cunt back together again..
Still have my 80’s Hammers teams home and away, got rid of the rest of it.
Blow football with the straws was a bit of a corker game as well, spit and dribble everywhere in the end, like my cock after a filthy wench has milked it

WHU(Exeter) 2:42 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Gary, no, had one or two others, the only other one I can remember is Hibs.

Still have the West Ham players stashed away somewhere....we used to put the little numbers you could get on their backs so the league also had top scorer records. Ray Stewart was always near the top ....lots of penalties in Subbuteo.

David L 2:36 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Also, spare a thought for the army of workers painting the teams, especially the ones in stripes. What a job.

David L 2:34 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
The huge ball bigger than the players ruined it for me.

Yes I know you could get the smaller white ones

the coming of gary 1:59 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo

didnt you have an Exeter team too ?

Northern Sold 1:46 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
My main team was the Dutch team... 1978'ish... total football... plenty of Arie Haan 50 yard specials from the half way line

WHU(Exeter) 1:42 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
We had leagues as a kid - home and away.

The basic keepers were better than the ones with their arms extended . none of the add ons like the corner kickers or throw in takers.

Had West Ham, the basic blue and red ones that you got with the set, England, Peru and Argentina

Loved the little booklets you got that showed all the teams you could buy - one place in Exeter used to keep the whole lot, the teams were kept in catalogue number order in drawers.

bruuuno 1:36 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Table football much better

bruuuno 1:36 Tue Dec 24
Re: Subbuteo
Always thought it was absolute shit - the only good thing was that you could buy the West Ham team. Did anyone actually play the game? So shit

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