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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

JimmyT 6:56 Thu Dec 26
Owners out
Have mugged us off for years.

Time to protest.

Time to go.

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chedylan 2 9:59 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
But we didn't did we? Isnt your reasonable assumption based on form? Ie stuff that's actually happened already, not stuff that could have happened? So why mention this? I brought it up because you seem to have no margin for error btw, and also dont agree with your stupid assumptions.

Are you actually able to see your own contractions at all?

Honest question

goose 9:42 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
Or if we hung on to half of those it’s +7 more points.

You’re a glass half empty kind of guy aren’t you?

chedylan 2 9:35 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
Not much margin for error though is it genius because it sounds like one win turned to a loss (from a team who have dropped 15 points from winning positions so far this season) and we are fucked.

X saved paying him off, 10x lost getting relegated.

You shine so so bright.

Exiled In Surrey 9:25 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
Is Southon doing PR for GSB?


goose 9:12 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
38 points
Stay up
Save £Xm paying him off

I can see the business sense.

chedylan 2 8:48 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
What is their net spend exactly?

Yes sitting in 17th is down to the manager so the reason we are in this mess is because said owners should have fucked pellegrini off at least a month ago but are too stingey to pay the compensation. This mucking about like a reality tv show give him 1 game, now 2 games. Its purely on them now.


They probably do the same maths as you goose and know we will get 38points and stay up.

Manuel 11:25 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
Players in over the last 2 or 3 windows is surely the main catalyst to the utter mess we are in today. Over 100 mil spent on Haller, Anderson, Fornals and Yarmalenko, then the Wilshere disaster, Fredericks is only an athlete not a footballer, Ajeti a fraud, etc. As said earlier, agree that the outs were fine.

Then you have Fabianski's injury, Diop losing form, Lanzini always injured, Noble and Snod getting too old for the PL, and youngsters for whatever reason not breaking through.

We're an embarrassment.

goose 11:14 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
They’ve spent hundreds of millions.
And have probably the best coach in world football at the moment.

The last 4 years have reverted to type, 15/16 was a freak.

The money they’ve spent & the wage bill we have is somewhere between 8th to 10th. Are we underachieving vs that? Absolutely but who’s fault is that? It’s the manager & DoF.

The stadium move was pointless & completely down to them.

Sven Roeder 10:29 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
I’m comparing the last 4 years since then.
The reaction to that season.
They have had a plan and recruited players superbly. We’ve floundered and made every wrong choice possible.
It seems whenever we do have an opening to push on we make an absolute PIGS EAR of it.
I don’t expect us to be at their level on a sustained basis but the last 4 years have been an utter catastrophe

goose 10:22 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
Sven you’re comparing with a season that was a one-off. First win at anfield for how many years?
Are you seriously comparing us with Liverpool?

Sven Roeder 9:34 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
In the 2015/16 season we beat Liverpool 3 times incl Ogbonna’s late cup winner.
The two league games were an aggregate of 5-0.

If we’d played them last Saturday as scheduled we’d probably think getting BEAT 5-0 was getting away lightly.

Thames Ironworks 9:19 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
Cast your minds back to 2015, Allardyce was out and we were looking at Klopp as successor to lead us into the new Stadium. It was deemed the next level. Of course Klopp rejected and the rest is history.

If we had managed to get Klopp and knowing how good he is at Liverpool would we expect the same or close enough? Liverpool were in decline but look at them now. What worked?


Our owners cannot pretend or pass the buck. We have had good managers, if we got Klopp then we would've had what we now know is the best PL manager. The reason we fail is purely down to the owners. If Klopp chose to come here we would be no different than we are now. Football is not a game that Gold and Sullivan can compete in. They may indeed enjoy the game and playing football manager in real life, but at our clubs expense. Our poor transfer business, our untapped academy and our poor results rest firmly with them.

mr so & so 2:57 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
the 3 of them fucking ruined Birmingham FC, never to be seen again, same is happening to us.
my blue nose mate was so happy when they fucked off and said to me it won't be long before you'll hate them and want them gone too!
I can see this shit getting a whole lot worse for us, I couldn't have imagined it going the way it is! bad times coming I fear

D.B Cooper 2:22 Fri Dec 27
Re: Owners out
Start smashing up the seats and lobbing them on the pitch/claret cover (if you can throw that far) as soon as Leicester go 0-1 up. No need for saps to organise protests, marches etc and wet their knickers. Just smash up the ground and get a few thousand on the pitch to get the game abandoned. Who cares if we are fined and have points deducted, we’re fucked anyway.

goose 10:38 Thu Dec 26
Re: Owners out
I’m confused Chester.
You’d rather we paid the full amount upfront? It’s a good deal for West Ham, I don’t see why that’s bad.

ChesterRd 10:29 Thu Dec 26
Re: Owners out
For the benefit of the board arse lickers

Yet it was West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan who took a £22m gamble on the advice of agent Mark McKay, including a favourable and creative payment deal over the four years of his contract.

McKay was the same agent who tipped off the club about Dimitri Payet.

'Plenty of clubs were talking about Issa, but they were all waiting for each other to make a move,' said McKay.

'It was clear he was a top talent. He's quick, good in the air, good on the ball and his legs are telescopic. Credit to David Sullivan, he spoke to Mario Husillos and pushed the hardest. In a market where clubs are demanding £75m for a centre back, they've got themselves a great prospect.'

Thames Ironworks 10:13 Thu Dec 26
Re: Owners out
The fans scared the shit out of them after the atrocious Burnley game. That caused some well overdue investment but after this we are back to being ripped off by these two flea market traders.

The problem is they both think this club is theirs and it's their right to own it. They want to leave some legacy, which will never happen. Sulli will hand his ownership to that pathetic son of his and we'll never be free.

Sad sad time. To be fair they have promised so much and delivered so little ruining any further support they could ever muster.

HairyHammer 10:09 Thu Dec 26
Re: Owners out
Moving to stratford is the worst thing to happen to the club but especially for the owners because they have nowhere to hide.
They promised big and have delivered very little and seem to bring in one dud player after another, as for Pelegrini if you don't have the players to play a certain way which we obviously don't, it is shit creek all the way.

goose 9:24 Thu Dec 26
Re: Owners out
How exactly was Diop bought on the ‘never never’?

swindon hammer 9:24 Thu Dec 26
Re: Owners out

First off thanks for the nice balanced response.

Although you are right on many things regarding infrastructure, training facilities etc let's not pretend all clubs have 50 million pound training complexes. Bournemouth, Sheff Utd, Burnley, Newcastle haven't got amazing training facilities. Arsenal have fantastic training facilities but have been constantly getting injuries for years.

At the end of the day it comes down to having a good manager.

Nearly every club aside from the top 4 or 5 spend more money on certain positions than others. The secret is to be clever in identifying the players that are bought for bargain prices while making sure the 40 million we do spend are on players that will come in and make a big difference to the team.

The manager has got it wrong on both accounts.

We can talk about the training facilities and the owners as much as we want but a good manager with the 130 million that Pellegrini spent on Anderson, Haller, Yarmolenko, Fornals & Ajeti could quite easily have identified 5 different players that could have improved the team massively for that money.

Regardless of net spend that is how much Pellegrini spent on 5 players and none of them have proven to be a success thus far.

That's our biggest problem.

ChesterRd 9:18 Thu Dec 26
Re: Owners out
Selling Hernandez after the window shut and after Antonio was injured tells you everything you need to know about the owners.

Forget the board arselickers claiming he wanted to go, the player didn't decide he wanted to go after the window shut. He would have wanted to go long before so he could have been sold and an appropriate replacement bought.

Classic Sullivan asset strip, people always need to keep a close eye on the outs when praising for the board for the players brought in, often on the never never like Diop was.

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