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twoleftfeet 7:10 Sun Dec 29
VAR. Updated
Totally ruining football.

I'd prefer to be in the Championship.

A hand offside? Farcical


Premier League to be stripped of VAR management

The Premier League will have to follow Fifa guidelines regarding the use of the video assistant referee after the world governing body confirmed it was taking over management of its implementation.

Although Fifa has declared VAR to be “a universal success”, there has been confusion in the Premier League around such issues as use of the pitchside monitors. Mike Riley – general manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited, the referees’ body – limited the use of monitors to avoid slowing the game down.

This went against the general guidance and the anticipation is Fifa will expect this to be used more extensively going forward.

In addition, rules around handball, offside and goalkeepers standing on their lines for penalties will all be dealt with through Fifa.

The Premier League has admitted there was incorrect VAR decisions in each game on Thursday night – including the penalty which set up Manchester United’s victory.

BBC presenter Dan Walker said on Match of the Day that the Premier League’s match centre had confirmed that all three penalty decisions should have been overturned by a VAR check – casting doubt on the way the technology is being used ahead of next season.

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Sven Roeder 1:41 Sun Aug 2
Re: VAR. Updated
They did show it and Pepe was clearly offside.
The game went on and it came back to him and he scored. Didn’t look too surprised to be called offside.

Kaiser Zoso 1:35 Sun Aug 2
Re: VAR. Updated
I've seen it again now, and it was correctly ruled offside. Odd that they didn't show it again at any stage though, as there really weren't that many first half highlights.

Fifth Column 1:04 Sun Aug 2
Re: VAR. Updated
Replay shows Martinez had ball in the air immediately above the line at the edge of the box. If the ball is even 1% still above the line at the edge of the box then it's considered inside the box so that was correct.

The Arsenal goal, if you mean the Pepe goal, was 100% definitely offside in the build up. Their player receiving the ball was half a yard offside, it wasn't even close.

Psycho4Spuds0 10:20 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
And Martinez defo looked out of his area to take that catch. Didnt see any replays of it though

Kaiser Zoso 10:04 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
That gooner goal looked onside to me, they never replayed it even once.

I reckon they dropped yet another bollock and can’t show it

Gaffer58 8:21 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
Just watching cup final, Mount for Chelsea booked because ref thought he’d caught the Arsenal player, replay clearly shows the Arsenal man dived, (never thought I’d say that) and Murphy co commentator also said he never touched him. So a clear and obvious error,but I bet it’s not in the rules to be reviewed.

Chip Shop Charlie 8:12 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
Gaffer58 5:55 Sat Aug 1


Westside 8:02 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
Does anybody actually know when the VAR bods get involved? It seems arbitrary to me at times.

I know the on field ref can look at pitch side monitors when ever he wants to (seems to happen rarely), but outside of that, who decides what is reviewed and on what basis?

The blurb is all about for clear and obvious errors (except offside, that's a line decision in offside position or not, then decide if interfering with play), but how do the VAR mob decide what constitutes that? Some penalty decisions have taken 2 or 3 minutes to resolve. To me that is not clear and obvious, but somebody has decided, that the decision needs reviewing.

A challenge system, one per team per half (retained if successful), would hopefully lead to only perceived howlers, to be reviewed.

arsene york-hunt 7:47 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
Don't want to sound paranoid but why are we the team that gets consistently fucked over by refs in thes tables over the years?

ATBOG 7:05 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
Can FIFA also strip the premier league of its ability to employ shitcunt bent referees too...please?

Iron Duke 6:56 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
Dealcaveney is spot on. We don’t know for sure that the line on the screen is 100% at the correct angle or if the still picture is taken at the exact moment the ball has been kicked. If it is that marginal, go with the original decision. And if the referees and assistant referees always give the benefit of doubt to the attacking team, then decisions will be consistent.

Gaffer58 5:55 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
VAR should only be there to inform the referee that he needs to go look at his monitor and make the decision, no way should some faceless person be making match decisions sat in a bunker “X” number of miles while having a coffee and donut. The referee is in charge so it must always be him who has the final say.

Dan M 4:20 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
Problem isn't that someone's patella is a single centimetre offside when the lines are drawn, it's that the system can't measure when the ball is played forward to the same level of accuracy. As has been said before, there needs to be an "umpire's call" equivalent for the really close ones to acknowledge this failing. Of course this does mean that there will be problems when adjudicating whether something falls into really close territory, but at least it would be an argument about slightly more obvious situations.

dealcanvey 9:46 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated

I don’t agree.

Looking at an offside because of someone’s finger Or the Antonio situation against Chelsea is ridiculous and taking a lot of excitement out of the game.

Personally think var should Only intervene If there is a glaring error or where there is day light between players.

If a player is offside marginally you just have to trust the officials To get it right. they are only human at the end of the day.

Rules such as that and the new handball rule leading up to a goal is just making it all too stringent. You can’t celebrate a goal anymore.

Mex Martillo 9:15 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
Also shows we were the 4th oldest by age team in the Premier. We were an average of about 27 years.
I hope Moyes changes that bring in younger players.
But should be said ManU were the youngest team with an average of 25, which I don’t think is very young

Mex Martillo 8:49 Sat Aug 1
Re: VAR. Updated
BBC puts us at the top of a table of losers because of VAR.
With the highest number of Goals awarded/overturned and Goals conceded not awarded/overturned

Swiss. 4:19 Mon Jul 13
Re: VAR. Updated

"10mm offside is NOT a glaring error". Yeah but it's still offside. That's where VAR is good.

goose 12:44 Mon Jul 13
Re: VAR. Apologies if a thread elsewhere.
they wont scrap it, but something has to change. there are just far too many inconsistencies.

spurs goal vs us gets given but then their goal at sheff utd gets ruled out.
Burnley goal vs us is given but the palace one is ruled out.
Nketiah red card vs the Burnley lad in our game.

there are hundreds of examples but we always seem to be on the wrong end.

Kaiser Zoso 12:37 Mon Jul 13
Re: VAR. Apologies if a thread elsewhere.
Not sure how or why Grealish escaped a yellow card for 'simulation', when VAR overturned his laughable penalty decision.

Crassus 12:26 Mon Jul 13
Re: VAR. Apologies if a thread elsewhere.
English football is neither thick nor more corrupt
It is riddled with self interest mind, and there lay the issue
The relationship and positions of the PL, FA and Football League are a perfect example.
Riley and his misguided mob are an extension of when the game was run by ex and current teachers in their holier than tho, we know better than you so can't ever be wrong attitude
That's where the problems lay

Jarza 12:13 Mon Jul 13
Re: VAR. Apologies if a thread elsewhere.

Just because something doesn't work straight out of the box, doesn't mean that it will never work

The equivalents in other sports (as Northern said), work well and they've seen improvements in reffing decisions, because they get help

Football needs to see what's wrong with VAR and correct that - it's early days

It's not because football is thick ...it may be more corrupt, with diving, trying to get opponents sent off etc

Personally, I'd much rather see a correct decision, even after a VAR delay, than to see injustice

I stick with what I said, VAR is only there to correct glaring errors...10mm offside is NOT a glaring error

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