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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Hammers1993 3:47 Sun Jan 5
2020 Movies
Another year and another set of movies being released.

As always there are a few surprises throughout the year that come out but the big movies look to be good ones this year:

- The Gentlemen

- Jojo Rabbit

- 1917

- Uncut Gems

- Bombshell

- Bad Boys for Life

- The Lighthouse

- Just Mercy

- A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

- Parasite

- Birds of Prey

- Dolittle

- Sonic the Hedgehog

- Bloodshot

- Portrait of a Lady on Fire

- Dark Waters

- Onward

- A Quiet Place: Part 2

- Mulan

- Bond: No Time to Die

- The New Mutants

- Black Widow

- Scoob!

- Fast and Furious 9

- Wonder Woman 1984

- Ghostbusters: Afterlife

- Minions: The Rise of Gru

- Tenet

- Top Gun: Maverick

- Jungle Cruise

- Morbius

- Bill & Ted Face the Music

- The King's Man

- Halloween Kills

- Eternals

- Gozilla vs. Kong

- Dune

- Coming 2 America

- West Side Story

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ChillTheKeel 4:48 Tue Sep 15
Re: 2020 Movies
Il traditore AKA The Traitor is an absorbing, albeit slow paced, Eyetie drama about Mafia don/informant Tommaso Buscetta.
Definitely worth a watch.

Manuel 8:36 Tue Sep 15
Re: 2020 Movies
Sightseers is good, fucking warped though.

I think he is hit and miss. Thought High Rise was terrible.

Takashi Miike 8:26 Tue Sep 15
Re: 2020 Movies
yes, love Kill List & A Field In England. the only one I didn't like was Free Fire

Manuel 8:05 Tue Sep 15
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched an old Ben Wheatley flick 'Down Terrace' thought it was excellent, if a bit dark, some good 'characters' in it. Seen a few of his but had missed this one.

Any Wheatley fans in the house? He has a new one 'Rebecca' out soon.

Slow_Joe 11:38 Sat Sep 12
Re: 2020 Movies
I watched Hater on Netflix last night.. a polish thriller, thought it was excellent.
HBO have picked it up for a series..

Iron Duke 11:16 Sat Sep 12
Re: 2020 Movies
I watched I’m Thinking of Ending Things on Netflix. It wasn’t too bad. It’s by the same person who did Being John Malkovich and Eternal Happiness of the Spotless Mind, so that will give you an indication about what type of film it is. It is not as good as those two films, goes on a bit too long, and the actual point of it is questionable. On the plus side, it has some wonderfully wierd moments and some superb acting performances.

Council Scum 12:45 Fri Sep 11
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched The Nightingale

Good film but not as brutal as I was expecting based on the comments on here, very good film though.

ChillTheKeel 5:28 Thu Sep 10
Re: 2020 Movies
Yeah the Babadook was decent, but then I love psychological horrors if they're well made. She definitely knows how to get the best out of her cast, the acting in both flicks is superb, especially the kid playing the annoying brat.

Sniper 4:16 Thu Sep 10
Re: 2020 Movies
She’s a great director isn’t she? That and the Babadook

The girl who plays The nightingale is a great actress, she does a fab psycho/nut job - it’s the girl from the Fall isn’t it?

Northern Sold 3:17 Thu Sep 10
Re: 2020 Movies
Chill... yeah you can see why audiences walked out after the first half hour or so... but spot on I could not take my eyes off the screen...

ChillTheKeel 12:57 Thu Sep 10
Re: 2020 Movies
I can easily recommend The Nightingale - despite it not being easy viewing - grim, brutal and compelling.

RBshorty 8:13 Wed Sep 9
Re: 2020 Movies
First trailer for Dune has dropped. Nice use of Floyd’s Eclipse.

Swiss. 7:37 Wed Sep 9
Re: 2020 Movies
Peckham - The Beast. Great film.

Peckham 6:34 Wed Sep 9
Re: 2020 Movies

Not 2020 but superb war films missed by many.

1988 The Beast - Russian tank crew lost in Afghanistan. Superb tension. Best tank movie I have seen.

2012 The Mountain - DAG - subtitled Turkish special forces in Afghanistan again.

2016 The mountain 2

For comedy just watched and enjoyed for the 2nd time The Death of Stalin.

Council Scum 12:53 Wed Sep 2
Re: 2020 Movies
"What, apart from watching a decent film?"

Depends if you have seen all the decent films that are available doesn't it.

OccupyGreenStreet 6:51 Tue Sep 1
Re: 2020 Movies
BFI? Pah. Can recommend the Raindance courses for anyone that wants to get into indie filmmaking. Not expensive, but top notch. They claim Guy Ritchie and Christopher Nolan started with them.

Swiss. 6:32 Tue Sep 1
Re: 2020 Movies
Mr Anon

Indeed the BFI. I don't watch any reality shit or soaps as I'm asked how I have time with hectic (but far less these days surprisingly) life style.

It's I guess it's my hobby. I written screenplays/treatments as well. Some people play golf....

Mr Anon 6:06 Tue Sep 1
Re: 2020 Movies
Manuel 3:37 Tue Sep 1
Re: 2020 Movies
Shut up Swiss, you're just a little bullshitting mug.

How dare you, he's been to film school you know

OccupyGreenStreet 6:03 Tue Sep 1
Re: 2020 Movies
Caught Dark Waters yesterday. Horrific (true) story and very solid film with Mark Ruffalo good in the lead role. Not the most flashy of films, but the realisation at just how toxic and corrupt DuPont’s business was is shocking.

Manuel 5:55 Tue Sep 1
Re: 2020 Movies
Council Scum 3:44 Tue Sep 1
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched "I can see you" on Netflix the other night, it passes the time, if you have nothing to do for 90 mins''

What, apart from watching a decent film?

Swiss. 4:05 Tue Sep 1
Re: 2020 Movies
The Legacy of The Bones trilogy is good. Must make a trip to the Basque country. Vitoria-Gasteiz where it's mainly set looks beautiful

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