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Hammers1993 3:47 Sun Jan 5
2020 Movies
Another year and another set of movies being released.

As always there are a few surprises throughout the year that come out but the big movies look to be good ones this year:

- The Gentlemen

- Jojo Rabbit

- 1917

- Uncut Gems

- Bombshell

- Bad Boys for Life

- The Lighthouse

- Just Mercy

- A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

- Parasite

- Birds of Prey

- Dolittle

- Sonic the Hedgehog

- Bloodshot

- Portrait of a Lady on Fire

- Dark Waters

- Onward

- A Quiet Place: Part 2

- Mulan

- Bond: No Time to Die

- The New Mutants

- Black Widow

- Scoob!

- Fast and Furious 9

- Wonder Woman 1984

- Ghostbusters: Afterlife

- Minions: The Rise of Gru

- Tenet

- Top Gun: Maverick

- Jungle Cruise

- Morbius

- Bill & Ted Face the Music

- The King's Man

- Halloween Kills

- Eternals

- Gozilla vs. Kong

- Dune

- Coming 2 America

- West Side Story

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NewtonsPartyBag 11:49 Sun Jan 19
Re: 2020 Movies

crystal falace 4:33 Sun Jan 19

Norton is brilliant. Played a good in The Score if you havent seen that.

crystal falace 4:33 Sun Jan 19
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched a film called motherless brooklyn today, ed norton playing a private detective with tourettes, pretty badic film but enjoyable enough with a few big actors in it, Norton does a very good job though, ive met a few people with the condition and he makes the ticks and convulsions look very real.

Think he directed it too

crystal falace 4:31 Sun Jan 19
Re: 2020 Movies
I watched 1917, was good but war movies always seem to get a lot more recognition than they maybe should some times.

I did enjoy it but after a certain part that i did not see coming (if you've seen it you'll know which part) the rest of the film seemed very drawn out, just constantly running from being shot at.

Ended very abruptly too

Takashi Miike 12:18 Sun Jan 19
Re: 2020 Movies
watched 1917. thought it was good, especially the shot when the german fighter pilot crashes. i hope mendes does a commentary for the film as id love him to go over how some of it was filmed

Son of Sam 9:46 Sat Jan 18
Re: 2020 Movies
Another vote for Jojo Rabbit, not what I was expecting very unique but am curious if Scarlet Johansen can get an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress how can Jojo not get one? The kid is brilliant . Is there age limitations on nominations?

1917 appears to be the dogs, cant wait to see it

Northern Sold 1:20 Sat Jan 18
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched 1917 in IMAX tonight... quite oustanding film... goes a bit Indiana Jones at times but you can forgive that ... the cinematography is up there with the best there has ever been... 9/10

Too Much Too Young 11:46 Thu Jan 16
Re: 2020 Movies
Went to see 1917 tonight.

Fucking great film

factory seconds 9:12 Thu Jan 16
Re: 2020 Movies
1917 is an astonishing bit of craft and probably deakins' best work.

seems to be doing the business at the box office, which between this and dunkirk bodes well for more brit centric war films that don't have the standard hollywood gloss on them.

ted fenton 7:55 Thu Jan 16
Re: 2020 Movies
Just watched The Gentleman on a Kodi addon was obviously a far eastern copy but very watchable !!

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

crystal falace 10:36 Wed Jan 15
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched Midway last night, was pretty good if not a little dragged out.

Also the main character is called Dick best which made me chuckle alot because im a child

Pagey 9:20 Tue Jan 14
Re: 2020 Movies
Just watched 1917 and thought it was exceptional. What a film and so brilliantly well made.

I thought I was starting to miss the point with films after thinking that The Joker, The Irishman and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood were all vastly overrated and pretty shit but watching 1917 has made up for having to sit through them all. Really captivating.

Manip 3:39 Tue Jan 14
Re: 2020 Movies
1917 is SUPERB.

Once I realised King Tommen from Game of Thrones was one of the brothers that helped me enjoy it more.

Rob Stark was the other brother .

joey5000 12:40 Tue Jan 14
Re: 2020 Movies
I watched You Were Never Really Here last night. Not a 2020 film but reasonably recent. I enjoyed aspects of it and I think I 'got' it, but I didn't love it as a film.

Joaquin Phoenix was amazing as per usual though.

Manuel 11:52 Tue Jan 14
Re: 2020 Movies
Yes, same guy and the missus too, aint gonna win any awards but a good yarn.

Northern Sold 11:44 Tue Jan 14
Re: 2020 Movies
Rowntree in it manuel son??

Manuel 11:43 Tue Jan 14
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched the remake of Shaft, it was good fun, as they say in the US.

Northern Sold 11:42 Tue Jan 14
Re: 2020 Movies
Only joking... gonna see it in IMAX sometime this week

Northern Sold 11:41 Tue Jan 14
Re: 2020 Movies
No carrier pigeons then Dan??

Or Messenger Dogs??

Dan M 11:17 Tue Jan 14
Re: 2020 Movies
1917 is stunning for its immersity (my phone is telling me that's not a real word), relentless narrative and acting performances. Despite how horrific the outlook may be it always feels perversely beautiful. It also treads a path (as the soldiers themselves must have done) between letting the nightmare wash over you and staring at it with disgust. As a reviewer said elsewhere it does get a little Indiana Jones in places but it holds you like no other film. The single tracking shot nature of it is something you forget about after five minutes but it constantly let's you see what the characters see as they see it (without feeling like an over the shoulder video game).

It's an amazing event of a film that will have you gasping, jumping and basically living alongside the characters.

Manuel 5:34 Tue Jan 14
Re: 2020 Movies
Eric Hitchmoe 11:13 Mon Jan 6

I was really looking forward to the last 'Halloween' film as it was disregarding all the shitty sequels that followed the original. Turns out it was just as cliched and just as crap as said sequels''

Well I thought it was superb. way way better than the previous sequels.

Bernie 6:36 Mon Jan 13
Re: 2020 Movies
The Gentleman, brilliant Guy Ritchie gangster mash up, brilliant dialogue and notable performance from Hugh Grant. Go and see it you fucking MUG

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