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Hammers1993 3:47 Sun Jan 5
2020 Movies
Another year and another set of movies being released.

As always there are a few surprises throughout the year that come out but the big movies look to be good ones this year:

- The Gentlemen

- Jojo Rabbit

- 1917

- Uncut Gems

- Bombshell

- Bad Boys for Life

- The Lighthouse

- Just Mercy

- A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

- Parasite

- Birds of Prey

- Dolittle

- Sonic the Hedgehog

- Bloodshot

- Portrait of a Lady on Fire

- Dark Waters

- Onward

- A Quiet Place: Part 2

- Mulan

- Bond: No Time to Die

- The New Mutants

- Black Widow

- Scoob!

- Fast and Furious 9

- Wonder Woman 1984

- Ghostbusters: Afterlife

- Minions: The Rise of Gru

- Tenet

- Top Gun: Maverick

- Jungle Cruise

- Morbius

- Bill & Ted Face the Music

- The King's Man

- Halloween Kills

- Eternals

- Gozilla vs. Kong

- Dune

- Coming 2 America

- West Side Story

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Hammers1993 10:21 Mon Mar 30
Re: 2020 Movies
On the theme of sports movies I watched "The Way Back" the other night, starring Ben Affleck about a man with a drink problem that has recently seperated from his wife (mirroring his real life), he used to be a basketball player and has been asked to coach a useless team.

Pretty cliche and nothing really new, but not terrible either.

ted fenton 3:25 Sun Mar 29
Re: 2020 FILMS
Rocket man was mainly filmed at Bray studios ! nice to see a lot of filming going on there especially by Amazon.

DukeofDevo 3:19 Sun Mar 29
Re: 2020 FILMS
The performance by Christian Bale in le man 66 is outstanding you can’t help but like him! Should have got supporting Oscar! Good film too corporate giants in the 60s

Iron Duke 10:55 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 FILMS
I liked Rocketman too. Better than Bohemian Rhapsody in my opinion. More original. And I’m not really a fan of either Queen or Elton John.

I’m watching Le Mans 66 tonight.

happygilmore 10:51 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 FILMS
Enjoyed rocketman

Pagey 10:49 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 FILMS
I watched Rocketman last night and thought it was okay at best. With the material and music available to them, it didn’t really do enough.

Finally saw Zombieland today and thought it was decent. Pretty funny, Emma Stone looked very decent and Bill Murray’s part was brilliant.

happygilmore 10:46 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 FILMS

I might have done the same only for the person who recommended it to me. It's worth sticking with. And ultimately about hope. That we all need.

Not a fan of war films. But watched and enjoyed 1917. The sacrifices they made, makes being asked to stay indoors and watch Netflix in current times not such a big deal.

Swiss. 5:59 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 Movies
Agree with Mad Dog. Invisible Man weren't all that.

Manuel 5:50 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 FILMS
I wouldn't touch that Jo Jo nonsense with a bargepole.

Watched The Gentlemen, thought it was pretty good but it's no Snatch.

Watched Vice, Molly's Game and Darkest Hour from a couple of years back, all ok but no more than that.

DukeofDevo 5:34 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 FILMS
I only got 15 mins in had to turn it off!

ted fenton 5:26 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 FILMS
Jo Jo didn't really do it for me !

Mad Dog 1:59 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 FILMS
Really want to see jo jo rabbit

happygilmore 1:09 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 FILMS
JoJo rabbit is a great little movie

ChillTheKeel 1:03 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched Contagion from 2011 last night. Superb and especially terrifying in the current climate. Don't watch it if you're a fanny.

Soylent Green 10:45 Sat Mar 28
Re: 2020 Movies
Watched “The Platform” last night. Very enjoyable. If you liked “Cube” you will like this.

medwayhammer1 1:39 Thu Mar 26
Re: 2020 FILMS
Dan M 11:13 Tue Mar 17
Re: 2020 FILMS
The Barkley Marathons
Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist

The Pantani doc is superb(as is the book).

A sunday in Hell about the 76 Paris Roubaix is a cracker too.

Mad Dog 9:13 Wed Mar 25
Re: 2020 Movies
I actually found invisible man a little disappointing. Started off brilliantly, last act was a bit shit

Hermit Road 4:40 Wed Mar 25
Re: 2020 Movies
Takashi Miike 7:58 Tue Mar 17
Re: 2020 Movies
try and find 'The Battered Bastards Of Baseball'.

Superb little documentary that is. Well worth a watch and you don’t need any interest in baseball.

Council Scum 2:25 Wed Mar 25
Re: 2020 FILMS
Watched The Invisible Man last night, its ok to get you few a few hours of lock down

ted fenton 2:24 Wed Mar 25
Re: 2020 FILMS
Watched A Hidden Life last night.

The film depicts the life of Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian farmer and devout Catholic who refused to fight for the Nazis in World War II. The film's title was taken from George Eliot's book Middlemarch.

Tragic true story but very slow as films go.

Northern Sold 4:50 Wed Mar 18
Re: 2020 FILMS
Yup Slap Shot is the daddy of sport films...must if seen it 20 times...

Medway..... ag ag ag

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