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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Bishopsfinger 1:54 Wed Jan 8
David Gold
Has anyone met him ? What’s he like ? He seems a chirpy type. Says he’s a fan firstly ! Do you agree??

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blueeyed.handsomeman 5:37 Mon Jan 13
Re: David Gold
he is the one who is preferred to the others.

Texas Iron 4:26 Mon Jan 13
Re: David Gold
Anyone read this Autobiography...???


cartis 6:01 Sun Jan 12
Re: David Gold
Loved the way the old cunt was described on another thread

" A corpse in a suit "

Sums the embarrassing old fucker up perfectly

Peckham 9:45 Thu Jan 9
Re: David Gold
hahahahahaaha I missed your sarcasm before.

He still knows his gardens, koi fish and deer.

What chairmen of working class football clubs open up their gardens and house for a fiver ?????????????????????????????????????????

factory seconds 9:29 Thu Jan 9
Re: David Gold
i'm not sure he knows what a football is anymore.

Peckham 9:26 Thu Jan 9
Re: David Gold
Factory I am not doubting his love of Football, he also has invested loads in trophies and memorabilia, which I doubt a non footballing fan would do. But I doubt he cares as much about West Ham United ( as long as he is making money ) as much as we do, or Hammers United , Bubbles , Bill etc etc.

factory seconds 9:21 Thu Jan 9
Re: David Gold
he's a supporter in the same way that i'm a supporter of whatever club i've just put twenty quid on.

Peckham 9:10 Thu Jan 9
Bishops, You have started 3 posts on what could have been answered or the general consensus by many WHOERS on this thread about all 3 of those cunts.


As for Gold I was deceived in thinking he was the best of the shit bunch but after lots of digging deeper he is up there as the biggest cunt if you really want to know him and get your own opinion pay a fiver for his April mansion open day, pay a fiver extra to sign his autobiography and tell me how humble he is after showing off his limited edition Bentley Blue Train and Helicopter.

Football man or not he is a self indulgent cunt and West Ham London is a self serving vanity project that has gone tits up.

Dandy Lyon 12:15 Thu Jan 9
He plays his role well enough to fool a number of fans, just look at this thread.

He tries to come across as a old man, old fan just trying his best, but the fact is he has lied and lied and lied again causing untold trouble for the club and the real rans.

He is a snide. Keeps his head low on Twitter when he thinks he'll be criticised and chirps away and retweets sycophants whenever something good happens. The thin skin of these scum bags should be used against them and they should be hounded out of the club.

Can't wait for the day his helicopter crashes

ChillTheKeel 9:30 Thu Jan 9
Re: David Gold
As others have said, this toxic cunt is the worst of the three and few will mourn his passing.

WHU(Exeter) 2:19 Thu Jan 9
Re: David Gold
what cartis & Chester rd said
The other two are Cardiff city and Arsenal/detest football fans in general, gold is meant to love the club.


D.B Cooper 12:40 Thu Jan 9
Despicable. Why anyone would want to have a photo taken or acknowledge him in person or on social media is beyond me.

Ritchie9 12:38 Thu Jan 9

Liar, especially around 2 mins in.

Ritchie9 12:34 Thu Jan 9
David gold "we will not move unless the seats are no further from the pitch than they are at Upton park". Like all businessmen, lie through there teeth to get what they want.

Exiled In Surrey 12:09 Thu Jan 9
How many fucking times do we need to keep going over the story and questions?

Its like an ongoing flagellation.

Any Old Iron 12:01 Thu Jan 9
Well he lied through his teeth when I spoke to him at length about the proposed move on Mrs Dales show on LBC nine years ago.
He may be old but he's a lying cunt all the same.

Sven Roeder 11:52 Wed Jan 8
Re: David Gold
That’s an act
The cunning old cunty fox knows exactly what he is doing.

swindon hammer 11:39 Wed Jan 8
Re: David Gold
I don't think he has a clue what's going on at the club most of the time.

Fifth Column 11:10 Wed Jan 8
Re: David Gold
Gold's snide. Plays Mr Nice. One fan tweeted him a civil question on twitter re finances. Another weird twitter account calling itself "Board Lover" then insults the original fan.

Gold then retweets - so basically insulting a fan for asking a reasonable question but not having the guts to do it directly.

cartis 11:02 Wed Jan 8
Re: David Gold
Nice to see a thread about this old cunt.

I have long thought him to be the worst of the three and fuck me that takes some doing.

Detestable, greedy .self serving, hateful old fucker.

After8 9:38 Wed Jan 8
Re: David Gold
The worst of the three by far and responsible for Avram Grant and then responsible for not sacking him

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