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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Bishopsfinger 1:57 Wed Jan 8
Jack Sullivan
Has he had any good impact on the club? He seems very keen. If he was in the party that travelled to try and sign Fernandes then surely he’s gone on a learning exercise?

He’s learning the skills of transfers to take over possibly? The owners son appears to be getting more and more involved. Is this a good thing ?

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dealcanvey 11:16 Mon Jan 13
Re: Jack Sullivan
Said before and it looks to be true.

It is all being kept hush hush but he is our new director of football so we will be seeing much more of him.

That twat exwhu wont spill the beans because he gets all his info from young sulli.

blueeyed.handsomeman 5:24 Mon Jan 13
Re: Jack Sullivan
This club has always had corrupt and corrupting owners
Its quite simple weve gone to the next level with this lot

normannomates 3:45 Mon Jan 13
Re: Jack Sullivan
Stephen. P
Well that went well

normannomates 3:43 Mon Jan 13
Re: Jack Sullivan
Sorry I'm gonna fuck off a lot of bods saying this.. But SIr Trevor BROOKING NEEDS TO HAVE A WORD WITH HIMSELF

normannomates 3:39 Mon Jan 13
Re: Jack Sullivan
These fuckers have made a once proud club a fuckin abortion.
And we have allowed them to get away with it.
No more

normannomates 3:36 Mon Jan 13
Re: Jack Sullivan
D. B Cooper 1.33

Bishopsfinger 12:17 Sat Jan 11
Re: Jack Sullivan
As Gentile said

Steven P 12:11 Sat Jan 11
Re: Jack Sullivan

ATBOG 12:03 Sat Jan 11
Re: Jack Sullivan
Sullivan and his boy are back fully interfering in the football side of things - more than ever. It’s widely being reported that snr is “working on transfers” and jnr had michail Antonio sitting next to him last night. There should be real concern among the supporters as any good that Moyes is doing with the players will get undone if things don’t come off and they continue to input and leave the squad with a “what’s the point of being here” mindset.

Steven P 11:50 Sat Jan 11
Re: Jack Sullivan
Bishopsfinger 5:16 Wed Jan 8
Re: Jack Sullivan

Bishopsfinger 7:08 Thu Jan 9
Re: Jack Sullivan

Well those two posts made you look a bit silly didn’t it??

Some of you are like old women. It clearly states that he is learning the trade and working closely with the agent which is why he ended up going on the trip BUT according to you lot he was out there negotiating the multi million pound deals hahahahaha. Lighten up! I don’t want him doing things like that but do you honestly think he is?

Pagey 11:42 Sat Jan 11
Re: Jack Sullivan
How can there be anything wrong in sending the work experience kid to help negotiate multi-million pound deals?!

Gentile 10:26 Sat Jan 11
Re: Jack Sullivan
He is an embarrassment to the club.

D.B Cooper 1:33 Fri Jan 10
Re: Jack Sullivan
The apple never falls far from the tree. Pathetic to consider any of their credentials. Lying, thieving, cheating, el perverto cunts who have mugged us all off.

Peckham 9:22 Thu Jan 9
Re: Jack Sullivan

Good old humble East London upbringing.

Spoilt cunt is what I felt from the TV series. But then I would spoil my kids. However I am sure a lot of us know or have known people far wealthier than them, where their kids are getting business degrees, getting educated, travelling and getting cultured.

If Football is his path it would be great to see him get the qualifications, he seemed naive to some extent on the Ladies documentary. Like he could do with a life experience where he is independent and learning - maybe a Ladies team abroad, rather than from his old man and Brady learning the cost of all and value of nothing.

Nothing against the kid just doubt his acumen in the footballing world, nothing against nepotism if earned but everything has been on a plate for him, would be good to see him out of his safety bubble of West Ham London.

On The Ball 8:18 Thu Jan 9
Re: Jack Sullivan
Bishopsfinger 7:08 Thu Jan 9

Didn't Fergie bring in his son and brother at Man Utd?

arsene york-hunt 8:11 Thu Jan 9
Re: Jack Sullivan
Maybe it's because he likes travel and has never been to Brazil before.

Sven Roeder 7:56 Thu Jan 9
Re: Jack Sullivan
If Jack Sullivan wants to be in a major corporate position at the club he should go and get a degree and an MBA

Only kidding.
He is a child with no qualifications apart from the ones that came out of his fathers COCK.
It would be like Boris Johnson announcing one of his 12 children is the new Defence Secretary.

factory seconds 7:49 Thu Jan 9
Re: Jack Sullivan
what i'm getting at mate is that unlike the rest of his family jack to me doesn't seem like an utterly loathsome individual, with his worst crimes coming as a result of his entitled position and being a bit thick.

goes without saying that he should have no part in the actual running of the club, but i'd like to think he's witnessed what a balls up his colostamy bag of a father has made of running this club, how hated he is by the WHU diaspora and considers his dictatorial methods a blueprint for failure.

if we're to be sentenced to a sullivan dynasty and he's left with the best part of a billion quid and a football club, there's nothing to stop him finding the best people to run the thing and spending his inheritence rebuilding the club his father did everything he could to dismantle. this is a feverish level of optimism though.

you may well be right though, he might have sucked up everything his dad has told him like a sponge, and fair point about learning how to run a club from a club as dysfunctional as ours seems self defeating. i would just hope that his main lesson is that this is no way to run a football club and takes the exact opposite approach.

southbankbornnbred 7:46 Thu Jan 9
Re: Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan does not 'deserve' any credit whatsoever from West Ham fans. He just happens to be the son of the owner, FFS.


Bishopsfinger 7:08 Thu Jan 9
Re: Jack Sullivan
So we encourage people representing the club that aren’t the sharpest tools in the box? Being in delegations that represent the club and posting on social media club info?

Players and ex players get away with not being the brightest but they have the ability but all the key staff should be professional and qualified.

At the end of the day they own the club so they can do what they want. That doesn’t make it right though does it. Fuck them. Imagine what Alex FERGUSON or Arsenal Wenger would have done. ONLY AT WEST HAM

Takashi Miike 7:05 Thu Jan 9
Re: Jack Sullivan
the club should be employing professionals, not doing on the cheap with his two mini me's

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