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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

azel senior 2:03 Wed Jan 8
Trevor Sinclair
Got to give this fella a big shout for the way he talks about West Ham and his time with us.
Every time I hear him on Talksport he is always supportive and enthusiastic about the club, and obviously enjoyed his time here. Last night, he actually said that Man City was the only club he would have left us for, and only did because the board had told him they needed to reduce the wage bill at the time.

Also, loved watching him, especially overlapping Schemmel down the right-hand side!!

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Gary Strodders shank 1:28 Fri Jan 10
Re: Trevor Sinclair
He used to live quite near me in Kingsbury in his QPR days, would regularly see him in the Harrow tavern and Preston with his mate Danny Dichio both good lads would mingle and play pool with the locals Dichio also done the odd DJ slot

Good player Sinclair and think he acknowledged the move to West Ham was a step up and made him a better all-round player.

Razzle 12:06 Thu Jan 9
Re: Trevor Sinclair
The goal against spurs i think it was 3 -1, in the end, was very very drunk..

Northern Sold 12:01 Thu Jan 9
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Yeah Kanoute was deffo there... first game was the PDC volley v the Don's... scored and loads of us sung to sign him up

Russ of the BML 11:23 Thu Jan 9
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Grumpster 4:41 Wed Jan 8

Not sure Kanoute was there when he was?? I may be wrong. Although two I did omit from the list are Steve Lomas and, god rest his soul, Marc-Vivien Foe RIP.

my left foot 10:40 Thu Jan 9
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Remember the relegation season he put on loads of weight pre-season. Wasn't so effective, surprisingly.

Hammer Oz 3:34 Thu Jan 9
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Worked over West Ham and met him a number of occasions really nice bloke, would get in the team easily now

J.Riddle 1:48 Thu Jan 9
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Would agree with all of that. Remember when he was at QPR with the dreadlocks thinking wow what a player.

Hello Mrs. Jones 1:38 Thu Jan 9
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Love that video of his goals. Remnded me also how good Eyal Berkovic was.

GSCS 11:46 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair

Couple of years ago he played for a local side,he was the best player on the pitch, his son was also playing in the same team. He lives very close to our current manager.

DukeofDevo 10:21 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
He was great at the 2002 World Cup part of the team that beat the Argies, very talented player! Linked well with PDC

Tomshardware 9:54 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
One of those players who had the ability to be playing for a much bigger club. He was at his best for us, terrific player.

Lato 8:24 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Great player and clearly still loves West Ham. Involved in two of the best goals ever at Upton Park.

Grumpster 4:41 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Probably add Freddie Kanoute to that list Russ.

Seems fucking mental that they all left the club 17/18 years ago!!!

Agree that football (and so with it life) was the bollocks back then.

Russ of the BML 4:24 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
I love him. He was always one of my favourites during his time at West Ham. We had such a great team during his time. Great memories for me. Upton Park, season ticket holder, single bloke. Football at West Ham was everything for me. I just fucking loved it.

Some of the players Sinclair played during his time hold fond memories for me and I know many others. We had some really good sides and played lovely football. Especially at home.

Hartson, Di Canio, Berkovic, I Pearce, Ferdinand, Lampard, Cole, Lazaridas, Potts, Breaker, Moncur, Aboooooooooou!!!

This will cheer you up. All Trev's goals. And some bloody lovely football to watch:


Northern Sold 4:00 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
cholo 3:08 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair

To be fair he was quite rightly pissed off and demotivated by being 0-6 down and having to play with utter cunts like Breen. I'd have had the 'ump n all.

Seem to remember Joe Cole giving his absolute everything in that game.. even last minute was hassling and running down everything... he never quit... Sincs did that day... was hauled off IIRC and giving a proper send off...

gank 3:54 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Doesn't he hate the master race? If so, fuck him.

SDKFZ 222 3:38 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Probably one of my favourite eras supporting the club, behind the Brooking and Devonshire years.

stewie griffin 3:21 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
when you say the first one, jibbers, starting when?

Lee Trundle 3:19 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Waht happened to him being a massive RACIST?

Eerie Descent 3:15 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
I know someone who was at the club at the time we got relegated, and according to him Sinclair was the first one in trying to negotiate his way out of the club, couldn't wait to get away. Given how shit he was that season, bit if a liberty taking cunt not wanting to help us get back up.

azel senior 3:12 Wed Jan 8
Re: Trevor Sinclair
Sure I remember him not being in the team one weekend over christmas and a rumour doing the rounds that he spent a night in the clink after a team party, and him and Razor getting into bother.

Might have dreamt that though!

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