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blueeyed.handsomeman 7:58 Sun Jan 12
WBA are interested

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swindon hammer 11:38 Sun Jan 19
Re: Lanzini

I wouldn't completely disagree with that but it's easy to look at it in retrospect.

Even if we had sold him last summer most of our fan base would have kicked off and accused the owners of selling our best players. Now it obvious he is not as good or effective as we expected there are some saying the owners have wasted money on a big contract.

Damned if they do damned if they don't.

Manuel 9:31 Sun Jan 19
Re: Lanzini
Norf - Yea, good post. Thing is many on here were saying 'get it sorted' (his new deal) probably the same posters who say 'pay him what he wants' about potential new players/new contracts who are stalling. I've never been convinced with him.

LeroysBoots 8:29 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Just sell him

He's fucking hopeless

Hammer and Pickle 8:15 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Lots of weird goings on.

Norflundon 8:04 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
This situation sums everything up about the club at the moment. Was a fantastic player who we got to sign a 5 year deal with an option. He gets injured for over 6months playing for his country comes back has 1 or 2 decent games and starts gibbing off about his contract we fold and give him a massive new deal and guess what it turns out he’s completely shot or He just does not give a fuck now he’s got his massive contract and we are stuck with the cunt on 100k a week.
It’s fucking laughable how badly the club is run. Can you imagine a spuds player going into levy’s office and saying ‘I know I’ve hardly played in 6months and I signed a new long term deal so you could pay me 50bags a week while I did fuck all but I think you should double my wages, what do you reckon Daniel me old china’

the exile 7:51 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Sometimes a player needs an arm around the shoulder and a bit of sweet talking to boost their confidence. I reckon what Lanzini needs right now is an absolute bollocking in the manager's office.

Nick QQQ 7:47 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Have been saying it for 2 years. Technically gifted but just far too lightweight and passive to play in this league. He hasn’t improved, in fact gone backwards (injury didn’t help) but no pint in persisting with him. Not like he’s going to become a unit over night is it.

Manuel 7:37 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
A disgraceful, prideless cunt only here for the money.

Far Cough 7:35 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
One of the worst performances I've seen, bad all over the park except for Ogbonna and Snodgrass, we were just lucky that Everton was just as bad

We're going down

One McAvennieeeeee 7:29 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
I think most fans are busy elsewhere slagging off our club Captain who actually gives a fuck about this club to say anything about this fucking coward cunt of a footballer.

master 7:18 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Atrocious. Ajeti passed more to Haller in 5 mins than this prick did all game. Has an allergic reaction to the penalty box.

Sven Roeder 7:06 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Has lost any pace , acceleration and interest.
Insipid today

the exile 7:00 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Completely anonymous today - just not an acceptable level of performance. Doesn't even deserve to be on the bench on that showing. What has happened to him?

Eerie Descent 12:43 Thu Jan 16
Re: Lanzini
I'm not sure he's played since the 3rd season of Bulleseye, Boots son.

LeroysBoots 12:22 Thu Jan 16
Re: Lanzini
Sell him, show pony when he fancies it

Get Bowen in

grasshopper 11:32 Wed Jan 15
Re: Lanzini
Waste of space

Al Wood 10:29 Wed Jan 15
Re: Lanzini
Over rated. Looks good on the ball but too lightweight and no end product. We have been ‘nurturing’ for years now and still nothing. Flashes of brilliance but doesn’t dictate or control a game.

Russ of the BML 4:32 Wed Jan 15
Helmut Shown 3:54 Wed Jan 15

"needs nurturing along by giving him part games or using as an impact sub"

So you mean exactly what the club have been doing with him since he came back from injury?

Helmut Shown 3:54 Wed Jan 15
He is a quality player and an Argentine international he is just coming back from two serious injuries and needs nurturing along by giving him part games or using as an impact sub before he gets back to full match fitness. God knows I'd rather him come on than Sanchez.

Dandy Lyon 1:53 Wed Jan 15
Couldn't agree more.

I think he is massively overrated. His only standout season was one he played with Payet, who had the ability to improve those around him.

We don't have players like that now

Russ of the BML 1:25 Wed Jan 15
Dandy Lyon 11:22 Wed Jan 15

i would suggest Lanzini stop relying on other players to play well and start taking responsibility for himself. He needs to get a grip of the fucking games and start showing us he is a proper player and not some little luxury who gets a free ride based on a some good form a couple of years ago.

If he doesn't then, I agree, move him on.

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