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swindon hammer 7:19 Mon Jan 20
Re: Lanzini

He was entering the last year of his contract but the club had a 2 year option. (He joined on loan in 2015 and then signed permanently in 2016 on a 4 year contract with a further 2 year option so without the option his contract was up this summer)

The club were obviously not going to let him leave for free this summer so they were going to trigger the 2 year extension But he wasn't happy with that as he didn't want to stay for a further 2 years on the same money.

The club had 3 options.

1. Don't trigger the 2 year option and let him leave for free this summer or get a minimal fee for him either last summer or this Month.

2. Trigger the 2 years on the same wages but risk the player being unhappy and probably asking for a transfer.

3. Renegotiate a new 4 year contract with a big pay rise which is what they did and is what most of our fan base wanted them to do.

My main point was that a lot of our fan base bitch that the owners don't spend any money but they spend loads on wages.

Norflundon 6:20 Mon Jan 20
Re: Lanzini
I’m not saying we should of sold him but when he had 3 years of a 5 year deal with an additional a two year option that took up till nearly 30
why would anybody give a player a double your wages contract after a few weeks back from a massive injury like that it’s absolutely laughable that anybody would think that was good business, this is not even taking into account the the morale standing that the cunt earnt about 2 million quid whilst doing fuck after gettin injured playing for somebody else

bill green 11:30 Mon Jan 20
Re: Lanzini
yeah - we lack any pace so its just one more tippy tappy player

Rossal 11:18 Mon Jan 20
Re: Lanzini
What is his game nowadays? I think that is the million $ question

bill green 11:17 Mon Jan 20
Re: Lanzini
He's been played too high up the pitch, its not his game.

Rossal 11:13 Mon Jan 20
Re: Lanzini
Get rid and sell him

He has lost his way massively, and lost his identity as a player. He doesnt score goals, he doesnt get assists. Doesnt deliver a good set piece. Doesnt go past players anymore, doesnt ever run beyond Haller.

What does he do apart from receive the ball far to deep play sideways passes and then get outmuscled.

We need far more quality and fight in a relegation scrap. I'd have Fornals over him every day of the week at the moment.

Sell in the summer and try and get the next Maddison

Razzle 11:04 Mon Jan 20
Re: Lanzini
He is a No.10, not a second striker.

zico 8:40 Mon Jan 20
I suspect when he had his best season the opposition were more worried about Payet so Lanzini got more space to play!! Clearly the injury hit him hard though as hasn't been the same since.

Coffee 6:32 Mon Jan 20
What about an anchor midfielder such as Ludo Miklosko?

blueeyed.handsomeman 6:29 Mon Jan 20
I rate him as a top quality midfielder .
sure his form and confidence has been poor since returning from injury,
With an anchor midfielder such as Sander Berge he will

Manuel 5:56 Mon Jan 20
Re: Lanzini
swindon hammer 11:38 Sun Jan 19

You have missed the point. His main angst is that it's typical of us that his form has fell off a cliff since signing the new deal.

Texas Iron 10:35 Sun Jan 19
Re: Lanzini
Too slow...too lightweight...hardly ever wins a tackle...few successful dribbles...
Never recovered from a string of injuries...
Fuck the Argentina Squad call up...

DukeofDevo 9:26 Sun Jan 19
Re: Lanzini
Another of our big players not having an impact on games! We’ve gone backwards this season, let’s hope we stay up!

After8 5:08 Sun Jan 19
Re: Lanzini
Total waste of space. Used to be my favourite but he doesnt give a fuck

swindon hammer 11:38 Sun Jan 19
Re: Lanzini

I wouldn't completely disagree with that but it's easy to look at it in retrospect.

Even if we had sold him last summer most of our fan base would have kicked off and accused the owners of selling our best players. Now it obvious he is not as good or effective as we expected there are some saying the owners have wasted money on a big contract.

Damned if they do damned if they don't.

Manuel 9:31 Sun Jan 19
Re: Lanzini
Norf - Yea, good post. Thing is many on here were saying 'get it sorted' (his new deal) probably the same posters who say 'pay him what he wants' about potential new players/new contracts who are stalling. I've never been convinced with him.

LeroysBoots 8:29 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Just sell him

He's fucking hopeless

Hammer and Pickle 8:15 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Lots of weird goings on.

Norflundon 8:04 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
This situation sums everything up about the club at the moment. Was a fantastic player who we got to sign a 5 year deal with an option. He gets injured for over 6months playing for his country comes back has 1 or 2 decent games and starts gibbing off about his contract we fold and give him a massive new deal and guess what it turns out he’s completely shot or He just does not give a fuck now he’s got his massive contract and we are stuck with the cunt on 100k a week.
It’s fucking laughable how badly the club is run. Can you imagine a spuds player going into levy’s office and saying ‘I know I’ve hardly played in 6months and I signed a new long term deal so you could pay me 50bags a week while I did fuck all but I think you should double my wages, what do you reckon Daniel me old china’

the exile 7:51 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Sometimes a player needs an arm around the shoulder and a bit of sweet talking to boost their confidence. I reckon what Lanzini needs right now is an absolute bollocking in the manager's office.

Nick QQQ 7:47 Sat Jan 18
Re: Lanzini
Have been saying it for 2 years. Technically gifted but just far too lightweight and passive to play in this league. He hasn’t improved, in fact gone backwards (injury didn’t help) but no pint in persisting with him. Not like he’s going to become a unit over night is it.

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