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Tomshardware 7:48 Mon Jan 13
Been through bad time lately with suffering with this. Dark thoughts as well. I know some posters on here suffer with this. Anyone come through the other side of this shit?

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Irish Hammer 2:01 Sat Jul 4
Re: Anxiety/depression

*looks at floor

Jasnik 8:46 Wed Jul 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
Damn and I missed the 1000 post...

Jasnik 8:44 Wed Jul 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
What's MSM.

Does it involve rope?

twoleftfeet 10:58 Tue Jun 30
Re: Anxiety/depression
I agree on the MSM and social media views on here.

I have been struggling for a few months now not with work or personal issues but simply due to watching the news and reading things on social media, I was getting some dark thoughts.

I took myself off grid for a couple of weeks and I do feel better for it. I think we get bombarded with negativity all the time and it just chips away at you, I know good news doesn’t sell but it would be nice just to see some positivity.

Stay healthy everyone, physically and mentally.

Mike Oxsaw 10:34 Mon Jun 29
Re: Anxiety/depression
Going off MSM is a valid suggestion, but not because any (one) group of people are on some "mind-control" mission (although "they" probably do want to relieve you of all your hard-earned as cheaply as possible).

MSM fucks with people's expectations; it sets a standard, viewed, ostensibly, by millions and that fosters the individual "must have", "must be" or (worst) "must believe" mindset in people.

But, because people don't know the root (internal, personally generated) reason for having that mindset, anxiety creeps in (MSM or anybody who profits from it is likely to start shouting to drown this out any moment now).

Because the fundamental "why" is missing, people follow (trends) blindly out of fear, out of worry about being labelled as, somehow "different" (you can clearly see that at work in the insults and name calling on this site), out of not being seen as "totally hip and with it"; even, would you believe it, out of fear of getting "old".

MSM is not the only cause, but it's a significant one, so ditching it for a few weeks is a good call.

And don't forget that Social Media is playing an increasingly big part in this - mainly because of the mindset created by MSM addiction, it's users can't separate it out from Main Stream Media, once the "information" is presented to them.

gph 1:24 Mon Jun 29
Re: Anxiety/depression
Why would the (((them)))-controlled media wish to destroy society when, as you have so often assured us, the (((them)))-controlled parties are in government, so (((they))) already control us, and shaking things up would threaten (((their))) control?

Golden Oldie 2:57 Wed Jun 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
Not trying to be a cunt, but I can pretty much guarantee that as well as dropping the legal pharmaceuticals which are literally the modern day socially acceptable "drinking yourself senseless and an early grave" alternative method to cope with it all, try turning off your fucking TV sets which will improve your mental wellbeing tenfold.

Warning, prolonged lack of exposure to the malicious weaponised media may cause you to suddenly realise just what the fuck is going on, realise that colds have existed and will continue to exist forever and the media are actively seeking to destroy society and its all been one massive horrific gas-lit mindfuck, so back to the pills and or drink again...

Maybe a few episodes of Ruddy Hell! It's Harry and Paul can be safely consumed in moderation.

Peckham 4:57 Wed Jun 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
West HAM 67 excellent recommendation , my mate told
me to try him, I am on loads of heavy meds for anxiety and acute depression , but still suffer insomnia , tried sleep hypnosis Micheal Seally and past 2 weeks sleeping good , wake up a new man, can´t believe how it has worked for me.


Alfie 1:12 Sat Jun 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
I've had anxiety. And i've had depression.

I got very depressed about it all and found it bought on my anxiety a bit.

I flew a kite yesterday. I let the string play out through me hands - the kite caught the wind and was whipped about like a anxious bit of plastic on the end of a length of string.

Its true

Joe C 12:03 Fri Jun 5
Re: Anxiety/depression
Buster 2:58 Mon May 11

Cheers B-man - this has proven to be briliant advice. Started taking it on Thursday last week (and yes, it does taste grim), and the last couple of nights I've had the soundest sleep I can remember for a long, long time

Jasnik 7:30 Tue Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
The first rule of sap club is nobody is to talk about Anxiety or depression.


Westham67 4:02 Tue Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
The rules are depressed people can be extreme violent when provoked you fat cunt

Vexed 4:32 Sun May 31
Re: Anxiety/depression
Is this sap club? What are the rules?

BRANDED 12:54 Wed May 27
Re: Anxiety/depression
If you can handle some very deep thought this should properly strew you up


Cheezey Bell-End 2:17 Fri May 15
Re: Anxiety/depression
Shut it Joyce.

joyo 2:42 Fri May 15
Re: Anxiety/depression
Your heart skip a beat when you see a chick with dick?

Cheezey Bell-End 7:10 Wed May 13
Re: Anxiety/depression
Magnesium is touted as a super essential nutrient, deficiency of which will cause all kinds of problems. I prefer to take it in pill form as I sometimes get that condition where the heart skips a beat occasionally. Of course I could eat better..
They say a significant percentage of people in the developed world are lacking it because of a preference for processed food.

Block 12:30 Wed May 13
Re: Anxiety/depression
How long did you notice an effect, B son?

Buster 2:58 Mon May 11
Re: Anxiety/depression
Joe C 5:32 Fri May 8


After a week of taking 10ml of this once a day I was sleeping better than ever. It tastes awful but you get used to it, just dilute in a cup of water, I take it in the morning and early evening, 5ml each time.


mashed in maryland 6:04 Sat May 9
Re: Anxiety/depression
Joe C 5:32 Fri May 8

Give zinc/ZMA tablets a try. You can get them for like 30p from most supermarkets. Superior to almost any medication and zero side effects. Also look into intermittent fasting. I sympathise as I used to *really* struggle with sleep but both these things have essentially eliminated the problem.

Manuel 5:05 Sat May 9
Re: Anxiety/depression
Sydney - Yes, if your body really is tired you will drop of at some point. If I can get 6 hours then that's enough, even if I prefer 7. 8 hours? Haha, yea right, I only thought kids slept for 8 hours. I rarely sleep through the night and don't expect to either, usually need to get up for a piss.

I find that thinking about something nice/positive while you lay there also helps you drop off.

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