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Tomshardware 7:48 Mon Jan 13
Been through bad time lately with suffering with this. Dark thoughts as well. I know some posters on here suffer with this. Anyone come through the other side of this shit?

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Takashi Miike 12:06 Fri Oct 30
Re: Anxiety/depression
grasshopper - whomail

Westham67 12:11 Thu Oct 29
Re: Anxiety/depression
This dark start to winter did not do me any favours last year but I am more getting accustomed to it now 2nd full winter since 2002/3

Darlo Debs 11:39 Tue Oct 27
Re: Anxiety/depression
Grasshopper sorry you are feeling that way.

I am.sure the steps mentioned will.help but also.yrge you tomtry talking therapy .

We have this service here;

But am sure if you visit your gp you'll be signposted tona similar service near you.

Come On You Irons 2:53 Tue Oct 27
Re: Anxiety/depression
Dicko75 5:22 Sat Oct 24
Re: Anxiety/depression

Good post. I have been walking much more lately and really pushing myself. I feel great after a brisk walk workout in the morning.

I have also started to eat more healthily and have switched to things like fresh soup for lunch and more rice for dinner. It really does make an impact.

one iron 12:17 Sun Oct 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
Dicko75,walking is massive, and the main thing talk dont bottle it up inside.people who keep quiet suffer more.dont worry what other people think,its your life

normannomates 6:53 Sun Oct 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
Cock stretch classes incoming.. Sundays.. 05.00

Manuel 3:26 Sun Oct 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
Dicko - And sex too, don't forget to give that up too, to complete the set.

Dicko75 5:22 Sat Oct 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
No, but I think how you choose to live your life has an enormous impact on mental health. Too many people I see who struggle don’t take enough control of the simple things they can do to influence how they feel.

Get fresh air and daily exercise...even if you’ve not worked out in years, start with a walk and increase gradually. Exercise is a crucial factor in good mental health in my opinion.

Get rid of mobile phones, particularly smart phones.

Cut down on alcohol or preferably out altogether.

Eat clean.

Make time each day to do something you enjoy (which isn’t drinking, eating shit or scrolling on your iPhone!).

Live in the moment and really focus thoughts on what you are doing at that moment in time rather than dwelling on the shit things that everyone - and I mean everyone - goes through at certain points in time.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself when you have a bad day. Even the most optimistic of people have bad days.

Good luck.

grasshopper 2:21 Sat Oct 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
Any of you lot ever had a nervous breakdown?

Looking for tips to establish some perspective at the moment.

Largely feeling negative about most things.

normannomates 5:26 Fri Oct 23
Re: Anxiety/depression
arsegrapes 10.18

All makes sense and very sensible.. But I'd rather barbecue my own 🐓

normannomates 3:53 Fri Oct 23
Re: Anxiety/depression
If you are alone in this life..
Speak up..

lab 9:42 Wed Oct 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thankyou for the replies everyone .

Westham67 11:35 Mon Oct 19
Re: Anxiety/depression
lab. I stopped drinking over 3 years ago and people who know me on here know I used to drink to see how much I could drink and soak it up. Go day by day and you will realise you don't need it to enjoy yourself or feel better it's quite the opposite you feel better and fresher when you do not drink

arsegrapes 10:18 Mon Oct 19
Re: Anxiety/depression
lab 8:33 Sat Oct 17

Simon S has it.

You could try buying only 0% Alcohol beer/lager indoors or drinking whilst out. It's not the same of course, but nearest in taste. It's the alcohol that's addictive like nicotine for smokers so a substitute may help.

I'm guessing most who drink 5 pints a day the older they are would probably be overweight or dare I say out of shape so if you cut out the booze and eat healthy, start jogging (which won't cost much) you will gradually get fitter, when you get fitter and see the results it motivates you to keep off the booze.

1 pint beer = 200 calories, 5 pints = 1000 calories
That's a saving of £175 per week @ £5 a pint.
£9,100 per year, make sure you stick the money in an account and reward yourself each year with a holiday or something.

Takes a disciplined mind, YOU have to want to change and take personal responsibility, no one else can help you, not easy but worth it.

Best wishes

BubblesCyprus 4:04 Mon Oct 19
Re: Anxiety/depression
Had a brief scan of this thread most of which is familiar territory nobody has mentioned compulsive eating whilst depressed.Apparently according to the kids I was regularly getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning cooking and eating a full English Breakfast and using a trip to the Kiosk to buy my B&H buying ridicullous amounts of Mars Bars or similar saying I had 2 kids but had eaten them before I got home.

simon.s 10:21 Sat Oct 17
Re: Anxiety/depression
Lab - replace the booze with exercise, if poss.

Booze is a depressant. Need to break the cycle of drinking.

Tomshardware 10:15 Sat Oct 17
Re: Anxiety/depression
Lab, any reason you are drinking? Do you feel you need it to get through the day?

lab 8:33 Sat Oct 17
Re: Anxiety/depression
I’m struggling with drink , averaging five pints a day , not sure what to do.

normannomates 3:21 Sat Oct 17
Re: Anxiety/depression
Hope everyone is doing okay.


zebthecat 5:57 Fri Oct 9
Re: Anxiety/depression
Willtell 3:47 Wed Oct 7

Bloody hell that is awful.
Had a similar one - my partner's daughter died and it is horrible as it lurks in the background waiting to get you.
My CBT is going well so far, never realised how many thought traps I fell into.
The allergic reaction was full on anaphylaxis - A&E bad. Have had it before with other antibiotics so knew what it was as soon my throat started constricting - Luckily I had antihistemines and a salbutamol inhaler on hand. Still scary mind.

Mike Oxsaw 6:26 Thu Oct 8
Re: Anxiety/depression
Taking back control of your life is, I believe, a big step towards being better placed to manage this condition.

It's why I bang on about stepping away from your mobile phone (do you own it, or does it own you?) and working from home - or at least in an environment into which you've had some considerable input.

Not everybody has the option of working from home, even in the Covid age, but your phone? For 12, maybe 24 hours? Won't cause Brexit to be cancelled or re-elect Trump. Give it a try.

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