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Tomshardware 7:48 Mon Jan 13
Been through bad time lately with suffering with this. Dark thoughts as well. I know some posters on here suffer with this. Anyone come through the other side of this shit?

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Stevethehammer 3:39 Wed Mar 3
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks for the who mail messages, for some reason I'm unable to reply, anyone having the same issue?

wanstead_hammer 9:17 Tue Mar 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
Stevethehammer and Peckham.

Keep the faith the pair of ya (and I’m not a bible basher and don’t mean the george michael album either) and keep posting on here to have some interaction.
It’s not like proper mixing and perhaps some of us could meet up once we’re further down the yellow brick road! I’m sure that’d provide a laugh or three!

Block 6:44 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
Bloody hell, Peckham. Good to know you're on the right track mate!

goose 6:38 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
good to hear from you Peckham.

Peckham 6:31 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
Steve. Whomail me please.

On 25th Feb 3.25am an hour after my dear Mum passed I was on the 20th floor roof somewhere called Falcon or Eagle Heights Battersea/Clapham Junction, ready to jump. Just ended up crying loud and the Police came.
Then as was posting on here and Norman was replying I had a noose and had it tied up to the ceiling light fitting. Obviously would not take my weight. Hence went garden to a tree. Defjam and WHO company kind of saved me.

In 2 days got most probably countries best mental health teams working with me. If NHS I would have been fucked as I was going through with suicide no doubt.

Without sounding Zoltaneering in the mental health stakes, I have the same team of psychologists and psychiatrists and therapists that got Terry Waite back on track back in the day. I am fucking lucky being a Veteran, there is a big misconception that the Army and Gov. does not do enough for ex soldiers, this is bullshit, it is just things are not easily signposted by civilians in job centres or doctors surgeries. Yes the DWP fuck up massively the welfare and care of veterans, but when it comes to Mental health a service called Tils The Veterans Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison (TIL) Service (formally known as the London Veterans Service) is second to none in the world.

I am far from fixed but I am learning to want to live and want you to live aswell.

I am on 8 meds and maybe I can help due to having been in similar shoes as you.

Take care

Block 6:21 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression

Steve, whomail.

Jasnik 6:18 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
except block as he would break the desk.

Jasnik 6:11 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
@Manuel 5:05 Mon Mar 1

Jasnik 6:10 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
One mans hate and vitriol! is another mans Banter..

They do make me laugh when they go off on one. I find all very funny. I imagine steam coming out of their ears and banging their heads on the desk. Then another poster quips and off it goes again.

Stevethehammer 5:34 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
I don't have alot of friends at all. Work colleagues are different to having a support network.
Even in the job I'm doing now, I work with many Romanians, bulgarians etc and I've been to those places so even trying to talk with them about their country etc just reaching out to different people, but nothing I do seems to work.
Coming on here does help and just interacting on the threads reading the joke thread and chatting about how well we are doing recently does help and takes my mind off it.
People always say reach out etc, when I say I try,, seriously I do but having the doors slammed in your face, receiving no reply from people you thought were friends etc just hits me hard.
I'm trying to keep my chins up but it is hard, cannot wait till the day I can swan off to Asia and live like a king for a few weeks.
Thanks for the suggestions and words to keep going etc, it does mean alot, I don't know if another attempt is on the horizon as I can never predict when I'm gonna be like... Fuck this. I'm done with it all.
Up the hammers

Mike Oxsaw 5:18 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
Stevethehammer 2:37 Mon Mar 1

The last but one paragraph - YOU are not the issue, no fault lies with you. You need to believe that.

No matter what others post, hang in there; this is not a "real world" bunch of mates...alright...cunts, but we are real insofar as most of us understand the medium in which we interact and how best to make use of it. Ignore those still trying to shoehorn this into something they understand in the real world.

Hang in there...and report back.

Manuel 5:05 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
Jasnik 3:38 Mon Mar 1

''Chat about anything here. Also the banter will help''

Banter?? Fucking hell, you sure about that, fella?? All I see on here is hate and vitriol! Banter? Hahaha!

Block 3:50 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
Fucking hell Steve, In a sense I'm glad your suicide attempt failed, but at the same time worried by the lack of support you're getting.

I do understand it though, I reached out to many support groups when I was rough(during normal times) and got no response back, I dread to think what it would be like had I been that way during lockdown.

Not sure what else to say, do you have friends or family members you can interact with or at least get company so you aren't alone?

Jasnik 3:38 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
Steve stick here with us . We are all in this together.

Chat about anything here.

Also the banter will help.

charleyfarley 3:35 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
So so sad for you Steve that having survived another suicide attempt that there is none or litlle help out there for you, disgraceful that you cannot get on to some kind of treatment programme that gets you on to a minimum even keel so can start trying to get yourself sorted. Words fail me other than stay strong mate and hang on in there. Am I right in saying that apart from the lift in spirits you might get when the pandemic is over there will be more support for you with the various agencies out there?
If there is anything me personally or WHO can do to help let me know

Stevethehammer 2:37 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
A little update to my own situation.
Another suicide attempt last week, the police literally getting there in time and stopping me from doing it. Absolutely gutted.
Taken to the hospital. Waited 6 hours to speak to a mental health team who said I should refer myself to a therapy service and doctors will be touch.
The doctors called last Thursday to ask about situation, explained everything blah blah blah, responses were usual shit such as refer yourself to this that.
Took the advice and wanted to join a support group with people who have same issues, nothing not a call back, no acknowledgement.
I was feeling alright a few days ago, Lockdown end is on the horizon and back to normality.
I have tried to get in touch with people using match.com etc, not even just to get the old todger out of his cave but to interact with some people and talk about interests such as travelling etc. Again no fucking responses ( being an ugly c u n t probably doesn't help that)
Getting to a point where even reaching out for help and not getting a reponse is beginning to get beyond a joke.
As I said to a doctor.. If you reach out to 10 people and not 1 of those people want to know. Who is the issue. Them or you.
The depression is starting to kick in again and as I said if the help can help where do I bloody turn to now.

lab 10:49 Sat Feb 27
Re: Anxiety/depression
5:49 post . Sound move.

Tomshardware 9:50 Sat Feb 27
Re: Anxiety/depression
Peckham, you've come back from the brink before so try to hang in there. Things can get better for you, one day at a time.

normannomates 5:49 Sat Feb 27
Re: Anxiety/depression
normanomates has been given 6 months off

You have my number..sort me out you cunt

normannomates 5:42 Sat Feb 27
Re: Anxiety/depression

Peckham 5:32 Sat Feb 27
Re: Anxiety/depression
Norman you cunt. I am not gank.

I live bang next to Chelsea Village, Its pukka.
I was never home less you plonker I was in the Veterans Aid Hostal in Limehouse.

There is no granny Peckham. My Mums just died I have black dog and you are being a wanker.

Crack on Big Norman you fucking Nonce.

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