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claret on my shirt 7:02 Tue Jan 14
Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News

They've spent £200m apparently!

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WHU(Exeter) 12:05 Thu Jan 16
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
After8 - 12.24

I think you are spot on with that comment.

Some boards do listen to the clubs supporters, this lot don't, they are more than happy to piss off loyal supporters of decades to the point of them not going, and splitting the supporter base seems to be a fucking aim of theirs rather than a disappointing development.

They did exactly the same at Birmingham City.

Some boards also don't give a shit about the media, anything in it will be water off a ducks back to them.

This lot really DO though, they are all over the media at any given opportunity and agree with you that criticism of them in the media hits them hard. It's their egos...

ATHammer 11:54 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
Can't beat a bit of Business Bullshit Bingo:
1. We have spent £200m. Probably near true, Gross. Net? nowhere fucking near.
2. Feminist. True as long as it is in her interest. When it come to true parity, pay and reward, where is the evidence?. Promoting womens equality by action rather than word. No chance. Opportunist is a more appropriate word.
3. Affordable family football. True. But at what cost? The "next level" is a rung down based on stewardship (not football management). The families she refers to are not the same families who have generations of West Ham in their blood. They can fuck off in Brady world.
4. The move to Coe corner allows the club to compete in the premiership. True. The increased capacity and revenue plus the megabucks from Sky enable the likes of Sulllivan and Brady to manipulate figures so superficially they appear to have spent money where in reality they don't. But income is up so who benefits?
The truth:
When they bought the club we were a yoyo club.
Under their stewardship we are still a yoyo club.
When they bought the club we were in a stadium heading towards unfit for purpose due to neglect.
We have moved to a bigger stadium that is unfit for purpose. And it is no longer owned by the club so valueless.
When they bought the club it was suffering from years lacking investment.
There is still no real investment. Ground and training facilities are laughable.
When they bought the club it was rudderless and lacking a strategic vision.
The club is currently rudderless and lacking a strategic vision.
Clubs like Tottenham will be envious of our ground.
Dear Lady Brady, do fuck off. At best disingenuous at worst a pack of fucking lies.
What is worse is that there is a whole stinking mound more of Sullivan; Gold; Brady Bullshit heaped on us.

Ridikzappa 11:03 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News

Perfectly put

smartypants 11:01 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
A feminist working for them pair tells you all you need to know about her, proper self serving fraud

Gentile 10:49 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
She is a disgraceful liar.

Firstly, she talks about being a feminist and spouts bullshit all day long in newspaper columns and articles about equal pay.

Go onto her Twitter and ask her when West Ham ladies will get their pay rises to bring them in line with men's team. Whoever runs her Twitter will block you.

Her interviews about the progress of our club are lies. We are no better off that when they took over the club. In fact, we are now homeless and have to play football in an athletics stadium miles away from the pitch. The fat breasted dogs dinner spun lie after lie about the ground we would get. Retractable seating? For fucks sake it's taken her a few seasons to colour in the fucking running track.

I can't believe 50 plus thousand fans are still turning up to sit in that dogs dinner of an athletics stadium to watch a team we once used to recognise.

There should be protests every home game like the ones we witnessed Vs Burnley until those three charlatans are driven from the club.

Don't fucking get me started on the badge or I'll be ranting all night.


Northern Sold 11:54 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
WHUDeano 9:41 Tue Jan 14

Top post fella.... yup whilst people are shelling out for 50k ST's then as far as the 3 stooges are concerned it's job done...

Dandy Lyon 11:03 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
Since she blocked me on Twitter about a year ago I haven't heard a thing from her.

This is a nice reminder that I should be grateful she blocked me.

Horrible woman. The club will be in a much better position when she moves on... ideally from her mortal coil, but i'd accept just West Ham

smartypants 10:37 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
After8 - my cousin has dealings with David Moyes and some months back when he was still holding out for a prem job they were chatting about West Ham etc. He was saying that you can’t get near Sullivan, he’s got about 7 mobiles on his desk and it’s frustratingly hard to get his attention. Re agents they have their favourites and tend to only use the ones who will donate a percentage of their huge fees to the West Ham ladies team, as they don’t want to fund it themselves but still see the potential. I’m surprised he’s gone back, but apparently he’d only been getting calls from championship clubs

Johnson 10:08 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
So about 1k of 54k tickets then.

Buster 9:59 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
Johnson 9:55 Tue Jan 14

I think they've kept band 5 at £99 just so they can spin it. Mine went up to £149 this season.

penners28 9:55 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
Blocked me on twitter after she wrote some article stating if a woman and a man did the same job they should be paid the same, so I asked her if the west ham ladies full time players would be getting a massive payrise....

She’s a fucking idiot that doesnt give a fuck about supporters

ChillTheKeel 9:41 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
I'd happily kick her STD ridden cunt in.

Chinkey Weasel 9:40 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
....and still you are all turning up week in, week out. Nothing will change whilst you line their pockets.

The 3 cunts are laughing at you all

Why don't you all understand this?

After8 9:02 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
What gets me is them using the same agents all the time when so many deals collapse. Unless they like the deals collapsing?

Sven Roeder 8:46 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
So she is saying that they have spent money, presumably more than many competitors, and are performing worse.
In BUSINESS that would mean management getting the sack
A 'customer' based business would also produce results of polls on customer satisfaction. I am assuming these would be VERY low.
At levels that in BUSINESS would also see management getting the sack

zico 8:36 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
They might or might not have invested 200 million, but they constantly fail to admit how it's been invested "badly". If you use the Tesco's analogy the bananas they have purchased haven't run around enough and aren't as technically proficient as hoped. They should have invested in the great British apple more!!!!

chim chim cha boo 2:28 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
Alfs 2:00 Wed Jan 15

The problem with your analogy (and our shitcunt owners see it exactly as you do) is that while some see it as a business, most of US see it like a church.

Maybe our owners should be seen as one of those American church pastors with their 'I'm not sayin' God doesn't want your money - God DOES want your money', promising miracles and producing absolutely fuck all and thinking that the congregation are too thick to understand that they're being fleeced?

Takashi Miike 2:10 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
*take your custom elsewhere in regard to tescos*

Takashi Miike 2:09 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
fuck off with the stupid business analogy, you can take your custom elsewhere if treated like shit, but you can't change your football team and many can't or won't stop going

Alfs 2:00 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
I'm stunned that any of you are surprised by this. West Ham is a business and we are its customers. Their job is to extract as much money from their customers as they possibly can whilst maximising profits.

We're no different to Tescos or Asda nowadays. Just a brand trying to screw its customers whilst smiling at you.

Sir Alf 1:44 Wed Jan 15
Re: Karen (the bitch) Brady on Sky News
Thats the problem with the media.

She quotes a 200 million number like they spent that this season. She does not give any context, how many years this was spent, how it was spent, the fact that our net spend is made worse than most clubs because of the non-existent strategy and use of agents who bring "bling" signings to Diddy Dave on high salaries and no resale value.

Reckon they must be looking to soften up media outlets ahead of the sh*t storm. I can hear Jim White and the great "uninformed" of TalkShite, Sky, C&H lining up to quote the big money they have invested. As I have said before, their messaging / "PR" would make Joseph Goebals blush it is so outrageous, fabricated and slanted.

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