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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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BRANDED 5:51 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
It’s not entirely surprising that happily socialist countries have fared reasonably well as extreme social responsibility seems to be required. That said places like Korea have social responsibility without socialism. So it can be done by social mindsets.

BRANDED 5:48 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
I think I’ve consistently said that each place is different for all kinds of reasons.

My ideal, as I’ve said, is for a liberal state, with freedoms for the individual to chose and the ability to deal with health or any other kind of emergency by being prepared and having the right resources.

The West haven’t had anything like this for a very long time and as a result we’re not properly prepared and the mind sets of the popukations were generally poorly prepared.

It’s not entirely surprising that happily sos is list countries have desired reasonably well as extreme social responsibility seems to be required. That said places like Korea have social responsibility without socialism. So it can be done by social mindsets.

Of course coming from a highly liberal mindset I realise how hard it is to require people to behave in extremely restricted ways when the evidence suggests that it might not make too much difference between enforced restrictions ( lock downs) and socially agreed distancing and cleanliness.

Mike Oxsaw 5:29 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
BRANDED 5:20 Sat Apr 10


Going back to the examples I pressed you for, Florida is more a "go to" rather than a transit destination, so Australia/New Zealand would be better comparisons with that state.

I don't think Sweden fared that well over the duration of the pandemic - quite a few negative messages were coming from their health sector.

To be honest, I'd find it difficult to select a "got it right" country/state across the duration of the pandemic, but in the "fucked it up then took the right steps to resolve the issue", the UK comes close to the top. South Korea & Thailand are often held up as examples of managing the virus, but even they (still) have problems.

Taiwan as top of the tree, maybe?

BRANDED 5:29 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
Sweden had similar problems to locked down nations. Namely hospitals and care homes. In the West we have a lot of susceptible people and when a virus comes along it’s hard to keep it away from them. They took a holistic view that everyone matters and society as a whole is more important than one part of it.

Swiss. 5:24 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
BRANDED 4:44 Sat Apr 10

Good article that. You can see the cases have plateaued since the 2nd wave. Manageable and yet not destroying people's lives.

I see the death rates in the UK are only 9th per head per capita


Great work overtaking N Macedonia and Moldova.

Sweden is 23rd.

BRANDED 5:20 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China

You have two main issues. Health and health care. This situation has generally improved a lot in most places and will continue to improve.

Then there is public opinion formed by the information they are getting. So loads of people will quietly move around the World while the plebs will be hit with costs and restrictions.

Over time people will get used to Covid in general and might become more open mi fed about travel for the masses.

Mike Oxsaw 5:13 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
I suspect that what will happen with international travel is that every country will have it's own "traffic light" system, which will create some interesting outcomes:

England may regard Portugal in it's Amber zone, for instance, but Portugal may regard England as in it's Green zone, so you can travel one way quarantine free, but the other not so.

That may well be far too difficult for the ski-wankers to work out, so the travel industry will thcweam and thcweam and thcweam on their behalf.

ChillTheKeel 5:11 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
I'm sure they're devastated by that news.

Coffee 5:10 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
Lily Hammer 3:35 Sat Apr 10


It sounds bizarre, at least the way MiM puts it. There must be some qualifiers or other stuff that explains it all better and more logically.

A guess, and that's all it is, would be that the overall number of people dying from Covid will reduce dramatically, but as no vaccine is 100% effective, and with new variants popping along regularly, some people will still die. And those are most likely to be older people, and older people are most likely to have been vaccinated. Something like that, or something else.

BRANDED 5:07 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
Oh yeah. Cuba have done well but I can’t back a commie regime.

ChillTheKeel 5:04 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
mashed in maryland 3:11 Sat Apr 10

Out of everyone on here, you have disappointed me the most. You've spent years cunting the Tories off but now they're actually pulling off a move to dictatorship you're on here making excuses for them, even if you must know deep down what they're doing is wrong. I expect that from avowed Tories like Surf and Hermit but not you ffs.


I was cunting off this government way back when they were allowing events like Cheltenham to go ahead. Or when the idiot PM boasted about shaking hands with people with Covid.

But the facts are there's a global pandemic going on and the world is trying to fight it, be its this Tory government (that's the party you've constantly defended on here, before they told you you couldn't visit the gym for a while) or the government in Russia or in Cuba. All who must be in this moronic 'conspiracy' you keep frothing about like a rabid loon.

BRANDED 4:44 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
Here’s a decent article about Sweden in the New Yorker that probably wouldn’t have been published six months ago in this way. As time passes the story unfolds of course.


BRANDED 4:35 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
Sweden and Florida

Side of Ham 4:26 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
You always talk like there is one Branded so name it......I think most want there to be one as well so it can be the benchmark in the future....

Mike Oxsaw 4:22 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
BRANDED 4:08 Sat Apr 10

Doesn't matter how many states/nations there are - which of those would you hold up as the one that got it (most) right?

BRANDED 4:08 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
There are two hundred nations and then hundreds of state’s within them.

I can only talk about what I know

Mike Oxsaw 3:58 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
BRANDED 3:35 Sat Apr 10

I didn't ask for your "ideal position" and all the attached waffle - I asked you to identify a nation/state that could be used as a bellwether to help guide all other nations on the planet in getting out of the pandemic.

mashed in maryland 3:54 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
Think I've worked out where the wires are crossing here.

I thought that a chance of the government saying

"Oh well, you've been vaccinated under the impression you'll be bringing all this to the end, but tough shit, it didn't work and people died again and therefore back under lockdown you go haha better luck next time"

Would be something you'd all be unhappy with. Turns out you'll all be more than happy with it and in fact welcome it.


BRANDED 3:44 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
I think it’s perfectly reasonable there will be a third wave and that people will die.

It’s exactly the same as a flu season.

People will die of something so they’ll likely die of two existing morbidities and then also Covid. As they do with flu. As they have done for the last year.

The big difference is that if you’re a remotely confident person you’ll get on with life just as most of us would have anyway.

On The Ball 3:40 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
I don't get why the Government would forewarn people of these things if they had no need to. Is it some sort of game?

Also, why is just about every Government on the planet in on it? And why are none of their opposition parties calling them out on it?

Lily Hammer 3:35 Sat Apr 10
Re: This coronavirus in China
Coffee, he posted it a couple of pages ago..,,.

mashed in maryland 9:01 Fri Apr 9
Re: This coronavirus in China
From the government's own website


"As with previous SPI-M-O modelling of easing restrictions, all scenarios from the three
groups lead to a distinct third wave; there is significant uncertainty in both the
timing and scale of its peak with results differing between the groups and across
the sensitivity analyses. For the central scenarios modelled (with significant transmission
reduction after Step 4, very high uptake and no waning immunity or escape variant), the
peaks are estimated to be lower than those seen in January 2021 and likely below those
seen in Spring 2020 (Figure 4). The resurgence is a result of some people (mostly children)
being ineligible for vaccination; others choosing not to receive the vaccine; and others
being vaccinated but not perfectly protected (including those who have only received one
dose, rather than two). This means population immunity – which is the reason the waves
modelled here start to shrink – is not achieved from vaccination without further infections.
32. The resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have
received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave
respectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age
groups, such that immunisation failures account for more serious illness than unvaccinated
individuals. This is discussed further in paragraphs 55 and 56."

The government's own study on its own website admitting that there will be a third wave and despite having 2 jabs, people will die.

Told ya.

They told you vaccination was the way out of all this. I said it wasn't. You all said I was chatting shit. Now the govt are saying it themselves.

Jab or no jab, they won't let this bollocks end any time soon.

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