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goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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stewie griffin 10:18 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
And fwiw, agree re. Amazon etc. Was huge business. Now huge and essential.

Think you mentioned previously about a move to a cashless society. Feels like that was always coming but this will accelerate it hugely. That piece is terrifying on many levels

stewie griffin 10:11 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Cheers, oldie. Always an interesting read, even if I don't see it that way.

I think what prompts my question is 'what if trump loses?'
If the worlds governments are positioned in this lockdown for a great reset, what happens if one changes? Feels like all those players would be far too interchangeable for something that big, for me anyway.

Now, if you were talking about big pharma companies releasing a virus that only they could cure... then I might even start to get on board. To a degree. Just don't see it being possible to coordinate the worlds governments with the amount of volatility and polarisation in their make up

stewie griffin 10:06 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
I mean ffs. Its an hour and five minutes after writing a witless diatribe with no other purpose than attacking me for being laid back about life. Still, at least he's found someone to buy into his narrative that he's under attack for his superior intellect

Although the memory expires after an hour

Golden Oldie 10:02 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
That is an interesting point, politicians have been less and less relevant since the Ad Man Tony Blair came along, Boris presents himself as a hardline Conservative yet is more neoliberal than Wolfie Smith and the establishment destroyed Corbyn because he wasn't into the corporate brand of their communism i.e a traditional socialist, Starmer is more of the same they are al;l interchangeable, some like to call it a position of being centrist, which is just another word for globalist lackey.
BoJo/Blair/Cameron/Starmer nothing they did or will do would be easily discerned when looking back in history, could all have been the same guy, with a pretty pair of shoes appearing in between when Theresa May popped in for a cuppa.

It's been said for some time that these leaders are merely puppets and why not do away with them when they hardly have any influence on what they are forced to do once standing in office and we now have the perfect storm for that.

I recall reading/hearing something the other day about how we're being moved into the new kleptocracy with Amazon's Bezos, Facebooks Zimmerman, WHO, MicroSoft's Gates and the rest of those who control the big tech corps wielding more power and influence than any other governing body has, just look at this US election and how Google/Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc have used their influence to minimise Trump's coverage(unless its negative) while amplifying Sleepy Joe campaign rhetoric.

The response to CoAIDs has prepared the world for such a move, in that all small businesses are going to die they will not recover from this, and luckily Amazon and big corp can deliver on what middle class private businesses won't be around to do any longer, most small businesses couldn't afford to lose one weeks income over a year let alone how ever many months it has been.

I agree politicians are inconsequential in a Globalist corporate controlled world, we just needed a pivotal moment to switch and hand over the corporate globalist reigns openly to them, otherwise even stupid people would wonder why Bill Gates is telling our hospitals what they need to do to manage their affairs or Zimmerman deciding what can or can't be spoken about in public discourse.

Side of Ham 9:59 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
THICK is why......

stewie griffin 9:49 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Your lack of self awareness is astonishing. It shouldn't be after all this time. But you still manage it.

BRANDED wrote...

Re: This coronavirus in China
Problem is Stepney, they always they and ridicule the poster and have no valued opinions themselves

BRANDED 8:42 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China

You openly say frequently you know fuck all about anything on here and why not just let it roll?

If people just let things roll they’d never build cathedrals or corporations or bridges or improve the average age of people’s health or indeed would achieve any great album or work of art or anything.

That’s the problem with you. You simple have no ambition ( you told me that) and certainly no idea do why even bother ? Why?

stewie griffin 9:47 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
I'm not entirely sure what you'd hope to find in St Albans, brand0?

Been there once. Slept with a bird who lived there. Looked like a horse. Very gummy. Lovely girl though.

BRANDED 9:47 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Problem is Stepney, they always they and ridicule the poster and have no valued opinions themselves

BRANDED 9:45 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
ohnson 9:14 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
What a strange claim to make, Branded

What claim you PONCE?

Stepney.Ammer 9:45 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Said it before but loving the work of Branded and Golden Oldie on this thread.

Amusing to see both being called thick when it's clear both are pretty smart blokes. Continually getting hounded all because they dare to have a different opinion.

Reeks of being cliquey at times.

BRANDED 9:44 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China

BRANDED 9:43 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
I’m not a fighter Stewie. I general build as opposed to break. I also don’t care much for the full suburbs. But I might have come to St Albans if you wished it.

stewie griffin 9:28 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
another question, Oldie, if i may?

do you think the architects of covaids and subsequent vaccines would bother involving governments in their plan? They're rather inconsequential by comparison

Golden Oldie 9:25 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China

This recent development looks to be the jockeying for power of the big pharmaceutical from the former major player being the Military industrial complex.

Probably will be more successful in killing off the peons and transferring the peoples wealth and land into their hands than the Military Industrial complex ever could manage to date(and they've been pretty good at this game).

I'd normally guess it was big pharma seeing this Corona bullshit as a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity, only the records that are available on request seem to suggest this plan of Lockstep/Lockdown/Great Reset/Build Back better et al, was in planning more than a decade or so ago.

Maybe the BBC will have a documentary on this explaining how anyone who doesn't agree with the world's governments acting in Lockstep with each other over this flu outbreak is mad and should be locked up in isolation with the threat of a few needles to inject some common sense into them.

I've never stopped for a moment to so much as ponder...Why?

Johnson 9:14 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
What a strange claim to make, Branded.

stewie griffin 9:14 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Another fallacy. Your mail actually said "I'm not really much of a fighter" or words to that effect. As if I was offering you out.

Again. Its a fucking football forum you minge.

BRANDED 9:11 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Ok Griff . I offered to meet you a couple of years ago. I saw that as an opportunity for an intellectual meeting of minds. You thought I was going to bash your head in.


BRANDED 9:10 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Way I see it GO is we are a nation that relies on massive healthcare corporations, banks and armaments to earn a crust. This is an opportunity for our corporate foundations surely?

stewie griffin 9:09 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Because, brand0, and here's the thing, if I did I wouldn't be posting on a fucking West Ham forum about it.

And yet, I still have access to better information than you. Even on this. Why? How? Because someone in my immediate family meets with the government on a weekly basis.
So I know precisely what the thought process is. Which is why I'll continue to happily to pull you up when you are continuously incorrect in your characterisation of various positions.
And no, that doesn't make them, or me, a government stooge, they also meet frequently with the opposition. Less so now that CORBS is gone. Of course, if you were anything like as successful as they are, or you repeatedly claim to be, you'd have access to the same info. But you aren't, so you don't.

Additionally, let's review :

3 x general elections
1 x brexit vote
The economics of the Olympic stadium
The design of the Olympic stadium
The outcome of the move to the Olympic stadium

7 events. One of us was correct about all 7. One of us was completely wrong. About all 7. You'd think you might learn something.

You're an intellectual pygmy in every sense, about every subject.

You, and all the other pseudo intellectuals on here for that matter, aren't fooling anyone. You're thick as pigshit, which is why you have to try to feel superior on a football forum.

If I could be arsed, I'd humiliate you on an hourly basis. But that's the benefit of actually being intelligent instead of playing at it - I don't need to. Just sit back and watch fucking idiots play a game of see who can sound smartest on a football forum. You probably don't even realise how retarded that is in and of itself.

And if you doubt any of the above to be true, hop on back to your nhs pathways post. Took me all of 3 seconds to dismantle it. Because i decided I could be arsed. You then posted repeatedly about other things so it would drop off the front page. Just remember that if I could be arsed, I'd do it every time. Fucking idiot.

Golden Oldie 9:07 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Yeah Buzzfeed is right up my street!

BRANDED 9:05 Tue Oct 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
I think the Belgian news is curious. Can a doctor save more lives by being a doctor or kill more by being Covidified?

If that helps gammon?

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