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d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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BRANDED 11:18 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Its merely another stat. Chose which you like to wet your knickers over.

Johnson 11:14 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Just so I’m clear Branded, you seriously think that when considering their own individual reaction to Covid folk should look at birth rates and take a view of “it doesn’t matter if this thing kills me as look at all the other other people being born”.

A yes or no will suffice.

BRANDED 8:36 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

I’m merely saying that the ballance of the message has been prescribed by central governments. If you want facts deaths from covid are not the only facts available. You could look at births if you wish. Which are super healthy and massively far outweigh deaths. You would have thought that was a positive?


Hammer and Pickle 7:47 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
You seem strangely focused on vaccine promotion as a fear campaign, mimmler.

What about the fear campaign about migrants from Africa and the Middle East? Or the anti-NATO and EU fear campaign? What about the one pushing fossil fuels and denigrating renewables? Or, above all the LGBT and general emancipatory movement counter
-Woke fear campaign. When those arguing that losing EU membership was not necessarily such a good idea it was PROJECT FEAR. Yet all you do is promote fear of women, foreigners and anyone who doesn't talk bullshit for the bullshit market.

mashed in maryland 7:36 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
BRANDED 7:10 Mon Oct 25

There's been an deliberate agenda from the media and politicians to frighten the public. This is not some fringe conspiracy theory, this is fact, and they admit it themselves.

I'm not anti-vaxx. Get it if you want, its no one's business but yours (all I ask is the same courtesy), and i ain't a covid denier either (I've had it)....

But the question has got to be asked.... would as many people have taken it, if it wasn't for the fear campaign?

Mike Oxsaw 7:25 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
BRANDED 7:01 Mon Oct 25

That you believe you can think is probably your biggest issue in dealing with reality here.

I was in Oman when this all broke, but none of us look down on Arabs as inferior to the English, do we? The authorities there were decisive and dynamic, keeping all who chose to listen informed.

Hammer and Pickle 7:24 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

If you are interested in testing your theses about how it's all about hyping the vaccines, you can look at places like Romania or Brazil and check their death rates per million population; you really ought to be interested in the countries that have bucked what is, according to you, the general vaccine-hype trend.

gph 7:13 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Almost all the conspiracy theorists call non-believers sheep.

Since no-one believes ALL the conspiracy theories (apart from Golden Oldie), this must* mean we're ALL sheep (apart from Golden Olide).

*There must be some shit so outlandish that Ronald_antly, say, doesn't believe it. Adherents of this nonsense reckon dear old Ron is a sheep.

BRANDED 7:13 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

Prior to covid the worldometers was a good source to all sorted of macro information. One good thing is we’ve had >120 million new humans in the pandemic period. Tgey dont add this to the Covid stats as it undermines the core narrative. Its in their main page if you like though.

BRANDED 7:10 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
When the vast weight of marketing, promotion and propaganda has been in favour of vaccines and most mainstream comment has been censored from being against the government line you’d have to be pretty thick skinned or highly sceptical of governments and their ability to apply emergency war like regulations to believe in anything but the government narrative in these times.

Hammer and Pickle 7:07 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
One can use this site to run a whole range of analytical tests to gain insights into the relative efficiency of country's health services and governments in general.


If one is interested, that is.

joyo 7:03 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Know one tells me what to do,but I'm called a sheep because l made the choice to have the vaccine, my choice and I'm happy with it.
You anti vaxxers make your choice and good luck,but please stop the pandemic denial scaremongering crap and the crackpot conspiracy theories...its like you're been groomed

BRANDED 7:01 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
I thought you were hiding in some hell hole during the dark days Ox?

Mike Oxsaw 6:56 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
People just love (LOVE) being told what to do.

From that they can convince themselves that, if they have no clue what is going on, somebody else does because they (THEY) have made a decision over it (and are then imparting the wisdom of that decision onto the rest of us).

It's almost as if people are regressing back to childhood and want a "parent" to make all the important choices in life for them: when to get up, when to go to bed, what and when to eat, how often to brush your teeth, whether or not to get vaccinated...

I was very wary of the vaccine due to what I believed was an underlying health condition I had, but I fucked everybody else off and did my own research - after all it IS my life we're talking about here: if it was yours, I wouldn't really give a fuck and just tell you to get on with it, whatever "it" is. When I had enough information - for ME -, I made my choice,

What is it that is stopping people from doing their own research on this and coming to a conclusion that is best FOR THEM??? Do they/you need permission from "somebody in authority" before taking such action?

Do you truly believe that your role in life is to not ask questions but just take all you are presented with at face value?

No wonder woke is winning if you do,

joyo 6:47 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
All anti vax conspiracy theorists are nutjobs....Happy now

oioi 6:41 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
I'm 69 & therefore seen as vulnerable. I've had 3 Covid jabs and my annual flu jab.

I come on here to have a football supporter say that I'm still too thick to question it.

Priceless. What do you boys do for a living? City Boys? Cabbies?

I'll stick with Chris Witty's advice thank you.

Block 6:28 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
* waits for Joyo to turn up and call everyone anti vaxx conspiracy theorist nutjobs *

thecockneyboy 6:25 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

It's not just this country, media all over the world are being manipulated with the same agenda, why? Who is pulling the strings? Big pharma running governments? What's their agenda? It's no longer about a virus or health, but people are still too thick to question it, they will follow anything they're told, it's truly frightening tbh.

riosleftsock 6:09 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

The media have been bought and brought to heel by ofcom.

The government has so far spent over 320m on media advertising - with strings attached.

thecockneyboy 6:04 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Why is nobody looking at what's happening in other countries? Why are the media refusing to report on it? Mass protests in France, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Australia, everywhere, 10% of the NHS walking out because they won't be forced into taking the jab, people being told if they refuse to take the booster will be classed as unvaccinated even though they're double jabbed, kids being jabbed against JCVI recommendation, this is no longer about health ffs.

riosleftsock 5:54 Mon Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
nychammer 4:44 Mon Oct 25

It's worth bearing in mind that what has been described here are typical flu symptoms, which most of us get several times in our life.

His entire immune system has learnt how to fight covid in its entirety. He is now in a much better position than a person who has been double or triple jabbed with an MRNA vaccine.

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