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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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pdcwhu 11:04 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
We're Doomed I tell Ye

BRANDED 11:00 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
The government has admitted a series of failings in the years leading up to the Grenfell Tower disaster and apologised to victims of the fire.
Its barrister told the Grenfell Tower public inquiry it was "deeply sorry for its past failures" in overseeing building safety.
Jason Beer QC said local inspectors were responsible for the safety of individual buildings but the government "deeply regrets past failures".

Trust go ernment tho innit

BRANDED 9:23 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Researchers have discovered that higher levels of neural activity cause shorter lifespans, with evidence drawn from studies on roundworms, mice, and humans. A protein called REST appears to be a key player; REST regulates the expression of several genes, many of which affect neural activity. The findings offer new targets for further studies on longevity and may even lead to the development of a longevity drug.

Everyone on WHO absolutely fine.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:06 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Has he finished painting his 'Russian spoken here' signs and embroidering, 'Welcome in, Ivan' on all of his wife's knickers

Nurse Ratched 8:53 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
I'm relieved Pickle's not dead. But only a little bit.

New Jersey 8:09 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
I wonder if the private health care providers in the USA demand you get jabbed as a condition of your cover?

Stubbo 8:03 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
I actually would have less of an issue with there being healthcare related gateways than other social restrictions for those choosing not to get the full vaccine (like myself).

At least that is contextual...choice not to take the preventative Vs choice to risk healthcare support if subsequently required. Not saying it should be denied...but maybe some kind of cost or premium attached given a choice to take that greater risk for that specific condition. I could at least understand that as a coercive measure and plays into the risk assessment.

Banning the unvaccinated from leisure and other activities as some countries are doing is an outrage, that lacks context to the issue they're trying to drive or resolve, and with no real merit to it other than to create a 2 tier society.

fraser 8:02 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
NJ - Well that sounds shut, and hopefully you're now fully recovered.

I've heard so many conflicting things, some say more vaccinated others say less.

I've never denied you can get seriously ill from it, but until it's a proven success especially against new varients and it carries other risks it isn't like a proven vaccine.

New Jersey 7:46 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
TBH Fraser my remarks about being denied access where were a bit flippant and people have made good counter arguments and no ICU ward is going to turn down someone gasping for breath, jab or no jab just as they won't turn down someone whose obese and had a heart attack or got lung cancer and still smokes. The main point of my argument is that the majority of people who have covid on the ICU's are unvaccinated and it is a source of frustration for the people who work on these wards. Maybe my views are influenced by the fact I got it really bad in the first wave and it wasn't fun gasping for breath going up the stairs or barely being able to walk 20meters without feeling totally fucked!

Mike Oxsaw 7:29 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
OK, however, I do feel that anyone calling for others to be denied certain aspects of the society they live in, simply because they made a choice, should themselves be immediately denied those self same things in order that they can speak from personal, not anecdotal, experience.

They then may gain some proper understanding of what they are demanding (although I seriously doubt it).

fraser 7:25 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
NJ - he does, but where do you stand on the single vaccinated.

Should he be denied health care?

New Jersey 7:22 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
No Mike, it was a reply to Miike, who can't have a sensible debate without calling someone a thick cunt or something like that, so I was just replying in kind. In my opinion you argue your point well without resorting to childish name calling!

Mike Oxsaw 7:08 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
New Jersey 6:48 Tue Dec 7

Was that aimed at me?

I have no need to go anywhere or talk with anyone: I blew out my 2nd jab as is my legal and moral right. It was 100% my own decision.

Lily Hammer 7:07 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China

You can’t compare these new experimental jabs with the Measles and Mumps vaccines. They are completely different kinds of mechanisms.

Saying that, if you are adult and want to take one of these new ones, I think you should be allowed to. It gives invaluable data towards the scientific research. That choice may well help in developing the mRNA jabs to be safer and more effective.

Bearing that in mind, I can’t see what people’s problems could be with any adult saying “No thank you. I prefer to wait a decade or two, so I can satisfy myself on long term effects, trusting my immune system in the meantime.” This choice helps the scientific research by providing a control group.

Both of those paths are helpful to science and should be allowed in a free society.

fraser 7:05 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Stubbo - there's no point, you know how it works. Anyone that questions it either got it from social media.. If they didn't as I believe you didn't and I know for a fact I didn't you'll get accused of making it up

Why should anyone have a vaccine they don't want to and there are multiple reasons.

I have no problem with anyone's decision, I've had it myself but according to some on here the fact that I think people should have the choice makes me anti vax

fraser 7:00 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Joyo - a simple question which you seem incapable of answering.

Do you think the majority of vaccinated people think the unvaccinated should lose all rights.. That is what was being discussed. I said the majority don't think that.

Stubbo 6:58 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Toe Knee...

Talking personally, the problem with getting the vaccine (and indeed getting repeat vaccine shots) is the association to heart issues. More and more evidence is building up to this effect, and instead of there being an open public dialogue about it that acknowledges it is a notable side effect that should be investigated properly, it's largely ignored.

But the private GP I spoke to said it's definitely a thing, and at any sign of chest discomfort following the vaccine should get in for an ECG and heart assessment.

I've had a single jab to hedge my bets (as the scientists have said, most of the protection is received from the first jab), but I'm not willing to have a second or third jab until much further down the line when more is known about the reasons for these heart complaints.

I also insisted on my first jab being aspirated, the lack of which is also associated with the higher prevalence of heart issues (based on accidental IV injection).

As for masks, I agree. I wear one when going to a supermarket, as well as using a protective nasal spray (Boots Dual Defence) which is shown to have some efficacy, as well as taking a vitamin/supplement regimen associated with improved immune system condition.

But the fact is the vaccine programme has thrown up questions and side effects not associated with those very long running jabs we have been having for years and years, and as such, I'm hesitant to go ahead with being injected over and over.

joyo 6:58 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
3 sensible posters on the trot,fraser is going to have a meltdown as he thinks he's the majority on here

fraser 6:55 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Surface - when did I say they weren't, I'm well aware the majority of people are vaccinated, myself included

Lee Trundle 6:54 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Are those who have only been double vaccinated in the UK, counted as unvaccinated yet?

Toe knee cot Tea 6:50 Tue Dec 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Unless you believe that Bill Gates is listening to every word you say when you've had the vaccine.
Where is the problem in being vaccinated?

Just like facemarks- maybe they haven't been proven protection against the spread but where is the problem in wearing one in a supermarket?

Both of the above are for the protection of others as much as they are for yourself. So use these protections for the benefit of others even if you don't believe in the direct benefits to yourself.

Most on here probably got meals and mumps etc vaccinations when they were young (when medical science was way, way more unreliable than it is now) Yet they can still walk and talk and make coherent sentences - although I can think of a few exceptions on this site. Being vaccinated then wasn't a problem was it, why should it be now?

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