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a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
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d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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Eerie Descent 2:11 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
I avoid Sainsbury's at all costs these days.

They went woke, so they won't get a penny of my money. Same with Yorkshire tea.

Northern Sold 2:05 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Actually amazingly we do have a local Sainsbury's in Rochford however this is not where the scene happened... too be fair never really enjoyed their security guard/bouncer by the door when getting a loaf of bread... app' got a bit agro over teh past couple of years so decided to do all mys hopping at local Co Op... don't give a fuck what you where or don't wear... and they do a shit hot cheese and chilli loaf baked on site as well...

Sven Roeder 1:57 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Understood Sainsbury's policy was like many in that they 'encourage' people to wear masks but cant force them.
If anyone doesnt want to wear a mask you can of course reply that you are exempt if challenged. Noone can ask you to prove that.

This might all be different in deepest Rochford
Wasnt aware they HAD supermarkets there

BRANDED 1:48 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Half of England's Covid patients mainly treated for other conditions

Northern Sold 1:33 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Sounds like it's kicking off at a local sainsbury's... nice Hitler wannabe at the entrance stopping NON MASKED people entry into their stores.... heated arguments galore so I have been told... soon change their tack when they start losing customers galore to the Co Op and Iceland...

riosleftsock 1:23 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
I'm about 90% sure that the NHS jab mandate will be dropped or punted into the long grass forever.

BRANDED 1:14 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Progressives don't do Spotify or listen to reasoned arguments. The stamp their feet and cry.

Lee Trundle 1:01 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
I wonder if the 80,000ish NHS workers who are decided against getting jabbed could all club together and write a letter to Spotify saying how great Joe Rogan is, to go up against the 270 vets, "teachers", dentists, social workers, and a handful of proper dr's that the MSM gleefully reported about the other day?

Northern Sold 12:54 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China


Asa Granger is a paramedic for South East Coast Ambulance Service who says he has also received an email about the mandatory vaccination deadline.

"They've put unless you're exempt for clinical reasons if you haven't had your first jab by 3 February you'll be redeployed or lose your job."

Mr Granger says there are six to 10 staff at his ambulance station in the same situation. "I cannot treat any one of my patients without their consent, yet they're asking me to get vaccinated against my will," he says.

"Back in 2020 we were all being clapped and come 2022 they're saying we are sacking you, it's an absolute disgrace."

The 35-year-old says: "I'm relatively young, fit and well. There have been lots of adverse effects linked to the vaccine. If I don't take the vaccine I'm 100% safe from the side-effects. I'm pretty happy with those odds."

Has a point....

Lee Trundle 10:54 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
She's just a massive click baiter which is part of the problem with MSM these days.

You look at previous articles she's done.

'Prince Harry regularly puts his life on the line and wants to protect his family '
'Hoorah! It's been a fantastic week for rich, entitled men getting their comeuppance'
'Downing Street dunces are failing our kids with chaotic response to Covid'
'From now on, catching Covid means no Christmas for you amid Omicron confusion'
'Not vaccinating primary school kids is scandalous negligence - parents deserve choice'

A scummy reporter working for a scummy newspaper. A match made in heaven.

BRANDED 10:34 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China

BRANDED 12:18 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
What a piece of low life scum

to be clear. I was referring to the Polly twat

riosleftsock 10:26 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
collyrob 12:22 Thu Jan 27

I always give a bit more leeway to the elderly.

Anyway, COVID is over, its all about the escaped monkeys now.

Hammer and Pickle 10:06 Thu Jan 27
Re: Permanent Brain Damage
Blimey - the bullshit is strong with this one

NPCMeMe 10:02 Thu Jan 27
Permanent Brain Damage

Congratulations to all NPCs who've survived the greatest health pandemic in known history.

Your great leader has decreed you are free to breath without restriction in your own cars while travelling alone from today, while WEF signed up corporate businesses will still require you to restrict your breathing and to continue playing along with the illusion by wearing your self-identifying slave muzzles to purchase baked beans and toilet rolls from their stores.

To the rest of you still unbroken by the ceaseless and relentless propaganda coming at you from all ZOG controlled frequencies, wrap up warm, get regular exercise and eat plenty of veggies to keep your immune systems healthy enough to fend off the common cold.

Till the next time... Marbug virus is the one Bill Gates has been hawking.

collyrob 12:22 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
You having that Rio son?

BRANDED 12:18 Thu Jan 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
What a piece of low life scum

riosleftsock 11:02 Wed Jan 26
Re: This coronavirus in China

This Polly, is she a looker?

Jasnik 10:28 Wed Jan 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
What I liked the most about that article was this line :

Unless you’re a food chemist or a drug dealer, no one knows what’s in anything

So Hey drug dealer whats in my KFC...

mashed in maryland 10:11 Wed Jan 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
Now restrictions are good as dead, the pro-mandate lock em up forever brigade's mask has completely slipped:


"Enough is enough, says Polly Hudson. As Boris Johnson scraps restrictions to save his own skin, we need to convince everyone to get a Covid jab. And that means hitting them where it hurts...

Get jabbed, or else. It sounds harsh – and it is – but the time has come where it’s essential. Because we’re on our own now."

Anyone else reckon she's just pissed off she won't be able to shout at people (or write snarky tweets) for not wearing a mask any more?

Sarge 7:31 Wed Jan 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
Tested positive this morning - Sarge jr yesterday

4 days of bad man flu - negative tests through out.

24 hours later - no man flu - tested positive.

Coughing a fair bit now.

Mike Oxsaw 6:54 Wed Jan 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
Yeah, but the authorities! The AUTHORITIES, man!!!

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