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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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Capitol Man 6:21 Sat Oct 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
You been at the bottle tonight small?

Mike Oxsaw 12:15 Sat Oct 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
Capitol Man 11:41 Fri Oct 15

It'll be a day for rejoicing when you realise that invading other people's land, killing them off and stealing their resources is not a mark of civilisation. Fuck! YEAH!

riosleftsock 11:48 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Hi Karen Man

How's Biden's america looking tonight?

Capitol Man 11:41 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Mike Oxsaw 9:01 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China

It'll be an entertaining day when the men in white coats come to take you away to the special re-education facility they are building small cock.

13 Brentford Rd 10:49 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
What a pain, got a work event in Monday which requires a test. Was told to just pick a free one up from a chemist. Went to one on way home tonight and since Oct 1st you can't without scanning their code which then takes you the NHS site to register to request a code that lets you then pick one up. Then you have to enter the code on the test on their site after the test I think?
By the time I tried to register, it had logged me out and the scan I took had gone, so now I've got to go back just to scan the fucking request code again.
I have the app FFS and have been double Jabbed, what's the point of the app? You can't request a test on the app but can enter a result where it asks for the code, but I still need to register on the NHS site to get a test.

Mike Oxsaw 9:01 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
No health benefits through imposing covid passports on the population given that both vaccinated and unvaccinated can equally transmit the virus.

Keeping the health aspect in the public eye (a bone for the baying press to chase) allows various authorities to get the passport imposed under the radar.

There really needs to be push-back on this. serious push-back.

BRANDED 8:20 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
YouTube has reversed its decision to remove a video of David Davis arguing against Covid passports, following criticism from the ex-minister.
According to Big Brother Watch, the platform said Mr Davis's speech at the Conservative Party conference violated its policy on "medical information".
Mr Davis said his remarks were "wholly accurate" and YouTube's actions were "an outrageous attack on free speech".
YouTube said the video was "immediately reinstated following a review".
A spokeswoman for the company said: "We quickly remove flagged content that violates our community guidelines, including Covid-19 content that explicitly contradicts expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization.

Capitol Man 6:40 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
ag ag ag - look at the triggered gammon cunts.

Four losers in a row with one hook.

Bumble - congrats on being first, you get to suck off thicki and the gimp as a reward.

mashed in maryland 6:12 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
AIDS gollum/skeletor hybrid doom goblin known as Chris Whitty is just laying the foundations for excuses to go forward with "plan B" and/or another lockdown. Dunno how this isn't blatantly obvious by now.

Northern Sold 5:55 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
`This winter is going to be “exceptionally difficult” for the NHS`

Blimey.... first time EVER heard this statement.... no honestly it is.... **

** this statement night be BULLSHIT

BRANDED 5:51 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
This winter is going to be “exceptionally difficult” for the NHS, England’s chief medical officer has warned, as he admitted “there are certainly some quite significant things we got wrong at the beginning of Covid”.

Professor Chris Whitty told delegates at the annual conference of the Royal College of GPs in Liverpool that while some things had gone wrong, it was a mistake to think lessons from one pandemic would automatically apply to the next one.

He warned of tough months ahead for the health service as it battles Covid-19, flu, other viruses and the usual winter problems such as trips and falls.

But he praised GPs – who are currently under fire over face-to-face appointments – for all their “outstanding” hard work and professionalism over the last two years.

He said: “In terms of where Covid will go over the winter, well I think the winter as a whole, I regret to say, is going to be exceptionally difficult for the NHS.

“That is, irrespective of whether we have a relatively low but non trivial amount of Covid, or whether we actually have a further surge in the winter.

“I think if you asked 100 modellers you’re going to get over 100 answers, exactly as to how this is going to go out.

“I think what we’re confident of is the very top end, (what) we would have faced potentially had things gone wrong last winter is not going to happen, barring an extraordinary escape mutant variant, but let’s assume we don’t get something which actually can basically evade our defences completely, I think the top end risks are much lower.

“But we could certainly go up, we’re only two to three doubling times away from a really quite serious pressure on the NHS and it’s already serious, but one that actually will be very difficult to deal with.

“So the margin of error is quite small.”

Prof Whitty said “zero Covid over this winter is a completely impossible dream”, adding the hope was to keep it at “relatively low levels”.

Regarding flu, he said there was a lot of debate over whether there could be low levels as people are still not mixing as much, or whether a lack of natural immunity could lead to “a really serious spike”, with the possibility the flu vaccine is not very well matched to the strain that affects the UK.

The expert said that when other viruses and winter health issues are added into the mix, together with people seeking care that was delayed during the pandemic, the NHS was facing “an extraordinarily tall order”.

He added: “I wish I could claim that the sunlit uplands and it’ll be fantastic by Christmas, but sadly, I’m afraid that is not the case.”

Regarding advice given during the pandemic, Prof Whitty said: “I think that the key thing about being CMO is that it’s just another doctor’s job.”

He added: “We have to stick to what we should be talking about which is medicine, public health, epidemiology and not veer too much into areas where we could use our positional power to try and make political or other points, that’s not our job.

“I think our job is to stick firmly to being a doctor in a particular role within the government.”

Prof Whitty said doctors wanted the best for the public, particularly in a pandemic, adding that “actually, most political leaders, that’s what they also want, they want the best for the public.”

As CMO, he said his role was to offer a view,” however unpalatable, however, unpleasant”, and to “never shy away from giving clear professional advice”.

Asked what the politicians meant when they said they were following the science, Prof Whitty said: “Well in a nice theoretical world, there’s a scientific step where you go through and you kind of neutrally and magisterially lay out the truth, and then you hand it over to policymakers who turn that into beautiful policy which then enacts that in some realistic way.

“Of course it’s a bit messier than that. But I think it’s important that I don’t whack my professional colleagues in the political and policy spheres on this.

“I think they genuinely, in all political parties – but the Prime Minister and ministers in power obviously have the responsibility – did try to understand the scientific advice, and then they tried to work out how you could turn that into a policy that worked more generally.

“I know we can all agree or disagree with individual decisions that were taken, but I think there was a genuine attempt, and this wasn’t as I say just in the government, this was also true of the opposition…to try and understand.

“To begin with, I think there were a lot of competing voices in the public domain and I think a lot of political leaders found it quite difficult to work out which were the ones to listen to.

“But I think over time what they realised was the aim should be to try and find a central body of opinion.”

He said science moves on, leading to new learning, adding he said early on that “I will make comments now and give opinions now which will prove to be wrong, because the science moves on and our understanding moves on”.

He added: “I’m sure I’m still giving advice now, which in a year I’ll look back on and say that was technically wrong, because we’ve learned things that we didn’t know.”

Prof Whitty argued it was “easy to take cheap shots” but political parties and the media, by and large, “have tried really hard…to understand what was being said”.

Asked when the next pandemic is coming, he quipped “I hope long after I retire.”

But on the issue of lessons learned, Prof Whitty said the last big pandemic was HIV and “if you try to manage HIV like you manage Covid, clearly it will be disastrous and the other way around.

“So I think what we should never do is assume that just because we’ve learnt a lot of lessons from one pandemic, they will necessarily translate into the next one.

“And the last big outbreak I dealt with was Ebola, that was primarily a touch disease, again a completely different set of ways you deal with it.”

He continued: “There are certainly some quite significant things we got wrong at the beginning of Covid, based on assumption it would be like some previous infections, and it turned out not to be, and that’s inevitable.”

Earlier this week a report from MPs on the Science and Technology Committee and the Health and Social Care Committee, said the UK’s preparation for a pandemic was far too focused on flu, while ministers waited too long to push through lockdown measures in early 2020.

At the beginning of the pandemic, when Covid-19 emerged in China, MPs said the UK policy was to mistakenly take a “gradual and incremental approach” to interventions such as social distancing, isolation and lockdowns.

Nutsin 5:43 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China

It’s that gullible mental midget who still believes in the Russian collusion hoax!

mashed in maryland 4:55 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Daniel Andrews, the Aussie MP in charge of Victoria, has made similar pledges to "lock out" the unjabbed from healthcare

People have already been denied organ transplants because one or more parties is unjabbed.

This Vickery fellow's desires are very close to being echoed by public policy in some places, and there are plenty of opinion pieces across the media suggesting the same. That's why his wording (and the wording of others) is worth paying attention to, especially since its meant to be about health.

I don't expect you to understand this though because you're 2 dimensional drone with absolutely fuck all comprehension of second and third order thinking. That's why you're such a fat unhealthy lump of shit who's probably gonna die well before your time, jab or no jab.

Takashi Miike 4:54 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
LOOK EVERYONE - it's that fat American spastic

Lee Trundle 4:48 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China

Capitol Man 4:46 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
LOOK EVERYONE - Some random bloke of TWATTER said something and it's the perfect example of this massive conspiracy of the governments of the world to CONTROL you!

Capitol Man 4:42 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
As significant as some wanker on WHO twitching behind curtains of denial for the last 18 months eh Mary?

Never crossed your mind when this entered your drivel feed this morning that some random person on Twitter who once did some work on other subjects may not be the best person to hold up as an example of, well, anything?

DO never stop and think about how you are being played like a Fiddle?

mashed in maryland 4:37 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Meanwhile on TWATTER, some thoroughly pleasant and well rounded "verified" chap called Chris Vickery (a cybersecurity expert who's worked with NYT and other big newspapers) has said quite brazenly that the unjabbed "are not fit for continued life on Earth" and should be denied hospital treatment after a given date.

Seriously, in these days and times of police visits for transphobic poems, proxy-offence-taking and imagined racism everywhere, how the fuck is that NOT hate speech, if not actual incitement?

Also it's counterproductive. I'd bet that the more cunts like that talk like that, the more stubbornly the unjabbed are gonna tell them to shove it.

And again, you never see these people (or anyone) make similar suggestions about the obese or alcoholics. There's a good reason for that.

Block 2:12 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Bruuno has clearly had a lunch time pint, as he's feeling a bit brave.

bruuuno 1:30 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Bolty you are always moaning that you’re ill if you spent more time looking after yourself and less time chatting absolute shit on here then maybe that will improve

Mike Oxsaw 1:12 Fri Oct 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Natural immunity doesn't move the world's wealth in the right direction.

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