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goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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BRANDED 12:17 Mon Mar 8
Re: This coronavirus in China
They clearly worry a lot no matter. As so many of these scientists seem to do.

riosleftsock 12:14 Mon Mar 8
Re: This coronavirus in China
Dr Susan Hopkins, Dr Susan Michie.

I assume these are medical or scientific doctors, and not communist, behavioural psychologist types?

BRANDED 11:40 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
The UK must prepare for a "hard winter" because the population immunity to respiratory viruses other than Covid could be lower than usual, one of England's top medics has warned.
Dr Susan Hopkins said the NHS must be "ready" for surges in flu and other similar illnesses.
It comes ahead of England's first step towards easing lockdown, with all pupils returning to school on Monday.
Most pupils have been learning from home since Christmas.
Dr Hopkins, who is in charge of Public Health England's Covid strategy, said the UK needed to be "better prepared" than it was last autumn, when new, faster-spreading variants of the virus emerged.
These drove infection rates up and forced further lockdown measures over the winter.
Dr Hopkins told the BBC's The Andrew Marr Show: "I think we have to prepare for a hard winter, not only with coronavirus, but we've had a year of almost no respiratory viruses of any other type. And that means, potentially the population immunity to that is less.
"So we could see surges in flu. We could see surges in other respiratory viruses and other respiratory pathogens."

mashed in maryland 10:22 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China

No one else was talking about vaccine passports and your post was 6 min after mine, was a safe assumption. I wasn't trying to poke holes in your post, but clarify mine and put a rare positive spin on the situation. Seems we got mixed up, it happens.

Joe C 10:15 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
mashed in maryland 9:59 Sun Mar 7

Where was a I responding directly to you in the first place?

Hammer and Pickle 10:04 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Himmler devoted himself to creating the military political arm of a organisation dedicated to righting perceived wrongs by waging war on the world liberal order.

You are just mimmler.

mashed in maryland 9:59 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Errr... you responded to a point I wasn't making and then got arsey when I clarified I was referring to internal not international.

As for "mimmler". Fucking hell.

Joe C 9:46 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
mashed in maryland 9:01 Sun Mar 7

I didn’t say anything about internal ones - I was quite clearly talking about international travel, you know, with the other countries I mentioned that have started to announce their plans.

But well done on the classic mimler posting that ignores what’s actually being said and using it for your own deluded logic.

4/5 MIM points

Hammer and Pickle 9:09 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
How about you pledge to donate the money you lose to an NGO of your choice, mimmler?

mashed in maryland 9:01 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Joe C 8:58 Sun Mar 7

Internal and international are different matters entirely. Being banned from entering another country on their terms is not desirable but understandable. Being denied basic freedom like going the shops or being able to work based on getting the jab is a different kettle of fish and something even I don't think our government would start fucking about with.

Joe C 8:58 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Vaccine Passports will have to happen, but will be entirely voluntary. Countries are already saying they’ll let vaccinated Brits back in - Cyprus and Portugal being the first - but without offering up any info on how they’ll check this.

VeriFly, or the one IATA (whose name escapes me) are working on, will become necessary - will be passed onto the airlines to check that passengers are eligible.

Side of Ham 8:55 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Mashed, you are turning scouse.....

mashed in maryland 8:52 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Oh and any "vaccine apartheid" stuff talked about, if it comes in, can be voted on whether or not this counts. To be honest internal health passports aren't something I think will happen here (rare bit of optimism from myself)

gph 8:52 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
"Offer of the bet is still open. We will lock down again before 7th March 2022. £100 to you if I'm wrong. I don't even want the money if I'm right. Free money to you with no risk."

I've seen it all now.

Someone so cracked they'll give away £100 in a ploy to "win" an argument on WHO.

Not sure it's ethical to take his money (of course, he may only be risking his user name...)

mashed in maryland 8:47 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Iron Duke 8:32 Sun Mar 7

Sweet. We'll WHOmail each other then there's a record in case this thread gets zapped (happens sometimes with really long threads) and anyone on here feel free to hold me to account. Lockdown defined as any similar restrictions to now or more severe, I'm sure we're both adult enough to know what's what and there won't be any goalpost shifting either end.

Good luck. As I keep saying... I really (REALLY) hope I'm wrong, and you get to spend every penny down the pub.

Iron Duke 8:32 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
I’ll take your bet, mashed.

LeroysBoots 7:56 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Literally every country in the world has spent more than they have to deal with this pandemic yet if you listen to our government we have to suffer for decades because of this, paying back "what we owe"

What utter nonsense

mashed in maryland 7:55 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
I've been saying for months now that this bollocks is here to stay and it'll become a yearly if not year-round/start-stop thing.

You've all said I'm mental and it won't happen.

Now, all of a sudden, when I offer you a free chance to make some money by proving me wrong, you all agree with my predictions.


Nurse Ratched 7:48 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Pickle, please don't be racist.


ChillTheKeel 7:48 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Does the histrionic helmet seriously believe his bet that there will be another lockdown is in anyway controversial?

riosleftsock 7:47 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China

Depends what "irreversible" means. Maybe it was misspoken. I'll circle back to you on that.

We've always been at war with Eastasia, if anybody implements a lockdown for climate change for a week or two, then suggests we do it every year, chuck in a few covid variant lockdowns and nobody will remember why we are locked down, why we can't go on holiday without a tattoo barcode and a social credit score and why our kids have learnt to love the CCP

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