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goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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WHU(Exeter) 9:05 Wed Sep 30
Re: This coronavirus in China
My moneys on a little longer - drive for it from the Brainwashing Corp beginning next week, (to be repeated ad nauseam for 2 or 3 weeks), announcement by Boris in 3 to 4 weeks.

Johnson 8:58 Wed Sep 30
Re: This coronavirus in China
Boris is doing a briefing with the Brothers Grim today Ex so we may well find out this afternoon.

WHU(Exeter) 8:45 Wed Sep 30
Re: This coronavirus in China
How long before the amount of confusion surrounding all the slight differences in local lockdowns produces the arguments and drive for another general lockdown?

Probably something the British Brainwashing Corporation can put their full weight behind next week?

mashed in maryland 7:45 Wed Sep 30
Re: This coronavirus in China
Tobias Ellwood MP: "A vaccine is potentially six months away. Planning must start immediately. I have suggested the PM gets the Armed Forces involved to take on this enormous task. Vaccination certificates will have to be given to allow international travel."

Remember when this was just a wacky conspiracy theory? I do, cos I scoffed at it too.

Needing "vaccination certificates" to leave the country while Dover allows anyone with a boat into the country. This wouldn't have happened under the most extreme predictions of a Corbyn/Abbott govt.

Site Tories? Surf, Hermit and 8? What the fuck is your party playing at?

BRANDED 10:12 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
Ban MPs from shops, restaurants. Pubs and whorehouses

Vexed 7:27 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
Block 6:07 Tue Sep 29

They dont need a 'SUPER COMPUTER' it's called THE CLOUD now.

This place is so backward. Up in arms about wearing a mask, but track my every fucking movement on my phone - YES PLEASE SIR!


BRANDED 7:21 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
All sounds about right.

Mike Oxsaw 7:06 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
My youngest tested positive for Covid today.

The advice she was given (and she's a nurse in a nursing home) was that she MIGHT have to self-isolate from NEXT MONDAY, depending on her symptoms this week.

Being "in the health profession" she decided to dig a bit deeper, but that was all the advice she could get.

Her husband works in a brewery, so, out of respect to drinkers everywhere, has decided to self-isolate.

BRANDED 6:45 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
I guess the app either CONFIRMS people’s conspiracy theories or enables them to get a nice PINT down one of their FAVOURITE hostelleries with some MATES.

Block 6:07 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
Vexed, Although they'd need a lot of people to review the information of what people are and what they're doing.

Unless they have some sort of SUPER COMPUTER

Mike Oxsaw 6:06 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
Vexed 5:32 Tue Sep 29

As you've clearly studied the code at greater depth that I, I'll await your presentation of the offending lines up here.

As for commercial establishments making a decision to use it - that's for them - not you. - to decide. They have no requirement to explain it to you - they have already calculated that they don't need YOUR custom.

They probably also have a requirement that you don't attempt to enter those places with your willy hanging out. Why not whinge about that instead? Seems much more of a personal restriction against your lifestyle to me.

Lee Trundle 5:50 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
Me? I'm just sat here SNIGGERING at you.

BRANDED 5:35 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China

Yes. I downloaded it. Had a look at it. Used it in a pub, even though no one actually checked it.

Now, not only have I investigated the code behind the app but actually looked at it on my own phone.

So. I have made my own judgements about it.


Vexed 5:32 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
Mike Oxsaw 5:25 Tue Sep 29

They can do what they like, you will have granted them permission to when you installed. There definitely would be data going back to a central gov place. They'd be silly not to and actually the app would be even more pointless if it didn't.

Lee Trundle 5:31 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
Hold on a minute. I have avoided this thread recently.

What's this about you downloading the NHS app, BRANDED?

BRANDED 5:27 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:26 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
Branded - OK I'll bite.

Why would you need the app in an up-market shop as opposed to Poundland?

Northern Sold 5:26 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
... even on the football fields... I had to stick one on the goal post before our game on Sunday... said it was personal choice whether they scanned or not... grand total of 3 did... the rest ... naaaaah... te same three done it in the pub the rest of us did not (one scan per table)... load of our blokes self employed... so no chance they would take up on it

BRANDED 5:26 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
London faces emergency two-week lockdown as UK hospital deaths hit highest since July


Even though its the "south east asians" causing the up tics.

Mike Oxsaw 5:25 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
It's almost nailed on that people already have far more intrusive apps on their phones than this one - all/any of which the authorities can use to find out stuff about you.

From what I've seen "they" know that you've downloaded it as Apple/Google keep cloud records of what apps you have installed on which devices.

This app - from first scan of the code - exchanges data directly via Bluetooth, phone-to-phone (which is why it drains the battery so quickly).

Bluetooth is constantly "pinging", looking for other phones with the app.

If it finds one and that has a setting "isolate" - or whatever term they choose to confuse people with this week - it lets you know. Bluetooth's range is limited to between 50 & 100 ft, depending on whatever is in the local environment.

From what I've seen so far, it does NOT sent this exchange of data back to the NHS/government, but does start a countdown clock that can only be reset/stopped from a central point. Whether it can be modified to send such information in the future by a patch/upgrade would, at the moment, be speculation.

If you've got any "real cool" apps (default social media being the moronic obvious) on your phone, I seriously doubt that adding this one makes you "more traceable".

Vexed 5:22 Tue Sep 29
Re: This coronavirus in China
A number of places that arent pubs, restaurants etc are insisting that you check in with the app now. It's a fucking liberty.

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