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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
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c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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BRANDED 9:03 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
I’ve consistently talked about data throughout this sorry mess and this is what they say

All told, the production, dissemination and use of data in the UK paints a disturbing picture. Over the course of this pandemic, we have observed outright errors, misunderstandings of effects, too much certainty being reported by advisors and interpretation lacking the normal context. So are lockdown decisions being taken on a false premise? Without transparency, how can errors be detected?

Poor quality of death data leaves us unable to say for certain who died because of Covid, who died with Covid as a cofactor – and who died of Covid after contracting the infection in hospital. Deaths outside hospitals are not subject to detailed analysis, despite their importance. The use of the word ‘cases’ implies that all cases are the same. They are not. Those who really matter are the contagious and the gravely ill (with the two categories overlapping). This data is not reported presumably because the numbers are not known and are lost in the testing frenzy.

Rather than be cautious in the use of such data, the government’s approach has been publishing worst-case scenarios. These assumptions so far have largely proven to be unreasonable and, all too often, flatly incorrect. However, we have shown that this realisation has had little effect on the approach. This leaves the public – and policymakers – in a hopeless position when it comes to navigating our way out of this mess.

BRANDED 8:58 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
All the bollocks you’ve heard for 8 months clearly explained by sane reporters in the spectator


BRANDED 5:46 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
NHS England took the unusual step on Sunday of issuing a 12-page rebuttal to allegations in the Sunday Times that patients deemed unlikely to survive were “written off” by being refused intensive care.

Would explain the surge in deaths back then though.

The old c wing 3:32 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

Turns out someone created this on a superpowered c64.

Absolute bastards.

Amputee Actor 3:18 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

*head falls off*

BRANDED 3:08 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Amputee Actor 3:03 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
I caught Covid-19 and my legs fell off.

Ag. You were lucky pros..

Golden Oldie 3:06 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Covid toes are no laughing matter, as amputee demonstrates it may lead to leg loss and nanna getting locked up in isolation till she dies horribly and alone, for her own good.

Amputee Actor 3:03 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
I caught Covid-19 and my legs fell off.

Golden Oldie 2:56 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

You write about these "twitter" links as if I'm reposting some random's personal opinions.

Yet the video in question is a woman who filmed herself as a state propaganda TV actor, explaining how her role is to play at being ill from covid for scares, it's what's known as evidence to support the claims being made i.e. the whole thing is a scam.

Yet you and countless others spend all your time and energy trying to demean and undermine the message or the poster, when all you've ever [EVER] done is loiter around waiting for a post from someone you don't like, insisting nobody reads their comment and explaining how stupid they are.
Funny how those here with evidently sub room temperature IQs always use the "x is stupid, because they don;t mindlessly conform like what I do".
Why is it important that people have to be intelligent to post here, especially when those doing the complaining clearly are retarded themselves/

Just shows how shameless, unconscionable and mindless you are, it says nothing against those who you try to undermine, that's all.

As for your use of "irony", looks like it's not just Alanis Morrisette and coffee who don't understand its meaning.

Go on johnson for bonus points, show us where you've made a valid contribution beyond repeating what the BBC told you to think, ever, anywhere.

No wonder branded swipes left whenever he sees your profile

Johnson 2:36 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
One day GO will work out the irony in him referring to everyone as NPCs whilst dutifully posting stuff from Twitter from people telling him what to think.

To shut him up as him to explain in his own words.

He’ll lie and say he has already yet can’t remember when and can’t even copy and paste it so he’ll just copy and paste more things from other people telling him what to think.

A very strange, intellectually challenged man.

Golden Oldie 1:19 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

Imagine if you will that you disagreed with someone about some matter, yet were unable to formulate a sound argument against, so proceeded to respond to every other post with a mindless personal attack, while trying to maintain some high ground, all in a vain effort to distract from the fact you were wrong, misguided and dare I say it a complete spastic about the event and haven't the intellect to articulate your case, mainly on the grounds you have none, you just don't like it being said.

That's you, that is.

Coffee 1:12 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Tedious old tosspot.

Golden Oldie 1:07 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
CovAIDs hysteria
You have been watching a really bad schlock horror B movie, a Blair Witch Project for NPCs, if you will.


"We're laying here and malinger as you can see, because this is the new corona testing center and prearranged instructions were given to us.
This is mine...
"please inform a staff member that you've trouble breathing at 1:35pm" ... now it's 1:30pm and I've five minutes left.
That's my bed number *points at sheet showing bed no. 63*. We're getting money for this!"

Golden Oldie 12:18 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
1st politician I've heard talk rationally and without trying to manipulate the listener with emotionally manipulative language to con them into believing the impossible, it may well be the last time you'll hear an honest word spoken in Westminster if the CovAIDs scam succeeds in its aim.

MP Desmond Swayne speaking to the house

Golden Oldie 12:13 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Real heroes wear masks

The old c wing 11:06 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
"Rip the fuckers off"

Only real men taking these actions will prompt the revolution.

Three cheers for the Bangor 1.

BRANDED 10:55 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Anyone who thinks the essential items rule is good is a fucking wand or a Marxist.

mashed in maryland 10:44 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Fucking good on him.

Those rules in Wales (and those who enforce them) deserve scorn and ridicule.

Coming up to winter and children's clothes aren't "essential"?

Plod demanding (their words) a "reasonable excuse" for travel?

Fuck off.

The old c wing 9:39 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

This is a true champion of the people. One of the autonomous thinkers, no SHEEP in Bangor

Northern Sold 2:12 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China

jayjones 1:50 Sun Oct 25
Re: This coronavirus in China
Oh dear, this will be co.ometelt safe now won't it!


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