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Tomsdad 5:58 Fri Jan 24
WHO Fund
Could one of the mods put a link to the WHO Fund on the links page please.

Donations to the fund can be made here-->:WHO Fundraiser

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Swiss. 2:39 Wed Feb 19
Re: WHO Fund

Point taken but show some fucking consistency here.

AKA ERNIE 6:04 Tue Feb 18
Re: WHO Fund
Moncurs putting iron

Spot on

Moncurs Putting Iron 4:20 Tue Feb 18
Re: WHO Fund
Fact and update thread people.

Take disagreements. WHO grudge matches and any points scoring elsewhere.

As you were.

Swiss. 3:53 Tue Feb 18
Re: WHO Fund
Don't give any money to Oxsaw he'll be spending it bumming his Thai ladyboys

Mike Oxsaw 7:45 Tue Feb 18
Re: WHO Fund
ooh, look! It's Manuel Search-a-Mate.

Manuel 5:54 Tue Feb 18
Re: WHO Fund
Oxsaw, please give it a rest, ffs.

Mike Oxsaw 2:30 Sun Feb 16
Re: WHO Fund
charleyfarley 11:13 Sat Feb 15

It is a shame that we couldn't give a final tribute to Amsterhammer.

Can I suggest we make a donation of equivalent value, in his name, to a suitable charity?

charleyfarley 11:13 Sat Feb 15
Re: WHO Fund
Current state of fund as of 15/2/20 is £1,160.55: I will post this new balance on the gofund me page and send receipts for flowers to Ted & defjam who are acting as auditors. A bit of a disappointment I was unable to send flowers for Amsterhammer as i didn't get the funeral arrangements details

Balance (6/1/20)...................... £1,345.81
go fund donations after (6/1/20) + £116.24
new balance.......................... £1,462.05

less funeral flowers for Whitester... -£126.50
less funeral flowers for Eddie b...... -£175.00
balance (15/02/20).................. £1,160.55

Lily Hammer 10:35 Sat Feb 15
Re: WHO Fund
There are some things those leeches will never kill.

Well done, Hammers. Something to be rightfully proud of.

North Bank 9:51 Sat Feb 15
Re: WHO Fund
Well done to all and I'm going to stick this for a while so it doesn't slide off the front page

scott_d 4:04 Fri Feb 14
Re: WHO Fund
might be a sill question but is there a way to make regular contributions to a fund like this? Monthly for instance? Without manually making a payment.

Sarge 3:55 Fri Feb 14
Re: WHO Fund
Lovely - thanks for organising this Charley

charleyfarley 9:34 Fri Feb 14
Re: WHO Fund
Thanks defjam, flowers have been ordered for both eddie (funeral fri 21st) and whitester's funeral today, will update this thread and main gofund me site next week with new balance.

defjam 2:17 Fri Feb 14
Re: WHO Fund
Link added to LINKS as well!

Alfs 1:16 Fri Feb 14
Re: WHO Fund
I have a suggestion for the fund.

If it's true that the Scousers are supporting our GBS protests how about we send a fifty quid Tesco shop to the food bank that's been mentioned?

Tomsdad 1:40 Sat Jan 25
Re: WHO Fund

charleyfarley 12:36 Sat Jan 25
Re: WHO Fund

I think site admin are the only ones who can add links. So will message somebody to sort and also see if we can get obituaries added as a link. defjam has put a link on to the gofundme site or you can always use google and put in Gavros gofundme
which will take you straight there

Queens Fish Bar 2:41 Sat Jan 25
Re: WHO Fund
Getting some good support.

ted fenton 11:07 Fri Jan 24
Re: WHO Fund

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