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Tomsdad 5:58 Fri Jan 24
WHO Fund
Could one of the mods put a link to the WHO Fund on the links page please.

Donations to the fund can be made here-->:WHO Fundraiser

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defjam 5:25 Tue Mar 17
Re: WHO Fund
Moncurs Putting Iron 11:55 Well he could hardly give away his winnings from Pointless as that would be...erm....

Love ya really PW nice touch x

joyo 3:35 Tue Mar 17
Re: WHO Fund
Can you claim if you have COVID-19 and self isolate?

Moncurs Putting Iron 11:55 Mon Mar 16
Re: WHO Fund
Pee Wee - Classy as Fuck.

Peckham 12:00 Mon Mar 16
Re: WHO Fund
Lengthy post hoping for closure , for Norman and those in doubt about the fund.

Like him or loathe him, Gavros started a selfless good idea and legacy for WHO.


Alfs 11:07 Sun Mar 15
Re: WHO Fund
*Applauds Pee Wee*.

charleyfarley 8:47 Sun Mar 15
Re: WHO Fund
Thanks Pee Wee nice gesture
Well said Crassus and CHL

Crassus 2:28 Sun Mar 15
Re: WHO Fund
COOL HAND LUKE 1:57 Sat Mar 14
Yep, well said sir, this is not about accountancy and contractual obligation, it's a conduit to our past when West Ham looked after West Ham, no questions asked nor answers needed
The right way, the West Ham way - the end

Grumpster 6:59 Sat Mar 14
Re: WHO Fund
Wedge just lobbed in there is courtesy of Pee Wee who donated his NAPS winnings.

COOL HAND LUKE 1:57 Sat Mar 14
Re: WHO Fund
This is ridiculous. Peckham shouldn't have to put himself through the wringer explaining the ins and outs of a ducks arse on here. If you've given to the fund, you have to trust someone to run it on your behalf, surely? If for some bizarre reason you are unable / unwilling to do that, then don't contribute in the first place. Simples.

defjam 11:15 Fri Mar 13
Re: WHO Fund
normannomates 5:32 Thu Mar 12
Re: WHO Fund
Has he repaid his due yet?

Theres no due to be repayed?
We had a collection, I liaised with Gavros (RiP) and we booked a ticket for Peckham.
I picked Peckham up from Gatwick so It wouldn't cost any more then dropped him of at his mums.
Met his mum who was very poorly.
End of story.

Peckham 9:52 Fri Mar 13
Re: WHO Fund

Peckham 9:48 Fri Mar 13
Re: WHO Fund
On the Ball exactly. Now the new crew is his best mate.

I was in contact with Gavros 4 weeks before he passed. Continually updating of my movements and payments.
Norman has to realise he said I was not a squaddie 1. Ask FlyingV or Defjam or maybe Penners may help. Gavros I even sent Army details. 2. I only asked wanted wished for airmiles because I thought there were quite a few flyers and know of West Ham Generosity, and airmiles is not money a frequent flyer could handle losing a Spain to UK flight.
3. THANK YOU EVERYONE. MY mother now has dementia, the grant,fund,loan paid for our last trip together as Mother and Son - Hever Castle.

It changed my view on life and realised family is all, and like Army Brothers, due to here I have had tickets for a few games and realise there are gooduns in the West Ham family , with a bond similar to soldiers and gallows humour a plenty. Therefore sabbatical from Madrid. Family first.

4. When asking for Airmiles I did say I was a cunt of a son with years of guilt.

5. My old dear over come cancer but in chemo 6 years ago, Her only trip out of the house apart from ST Barts was a pub between Gidea Park and Ardleigh Green. Due to hair loss she wore claret west ham beenie but still looked classy. West Ham won pub was on fire 3-1 beer everywhere all over my Mum, all fellas profusely apologising like gents after, all being kind seeing she was poorly,Proper pissed up but still looking after their own.
We have never been to a pub together before and she doesn't drink now. She hates football ( it was my Nan a fanatic ).

So I am not happy but at least others observe Normans rage at the Fund given to me, and can see I hope now at least it was genuine and needed and life changing to some extent.

Why not Army mates, or Family, or my work - I had a mental breakdown as reported in Press abroad, and how forigners there do not get benefits or sick pay , well it is adjusted to amount of years you worked, but everyone in the English teaching works black money no taxes etc. Went to hang myself. Felt lonely even in a crowd.

Too ashamed embarrassed to tell all. Just wanted my Mum.
Call me a pussy but I left home at 15, then Army , then Marriage and Nightlife. Then abroad loads. Cunt selfish Son.

First beautiful thing I have done for her after beating cancer , 3 strokes, Now dementia, me homeless, yet Hever Castle , spending money I did not expect, a WHO lift from airport, I was told by all to accept and a day out with my niece with Downs Syndrome I pray our photos stays in my Mums memory despite her deterioration.

If alot of us was not so self centred and looking for a row. If things like the anxiety threads run, health fitness threads, horror stories re booze, if we were not so worried about picking up on others faults or opinions then some of us might have prevented an Eddie,Piggy ( such a character ), Gavros.

So anyone who has donated Thank you. Those who trusted me and circumstances, thank you.

For those pessimistic about the Fund, do not underestimate how it is run and the help and life boost it can give a fellow hammer.

Also the wreaths that I am sure give some sense of consideration and comfort, our little WHO fund does more for passed away Hammers than those cunty billionaire owners. GSB. What is a weekly cost of an extra page for obituaries or acknowledgement, I think they do it all at the end of season I think.


Thanks for all that helped me when needed.

It has taken a year of treatment see anxiety thread for boring details. One minute knocking about with Modric Benzema etc La Finca, next suicidal mentally unwell.

One year of the Veterans TILS transition and liaison service for mental health , one of a kind, NHS with huge separate boost from Government. I am talking the best mental health care ever , should you know anyone of any age with any problem serving or not.

Well I am ready to work and now teach English to Spanish in London, my dream gig and get to look after my Old dear at weekends. Also 3 nights a week something else.

So Norman and all doubters , or those potentially who need help in the future , I will be a giver and not an embarrassed taker. Thanks to a bunch of generous cunts I have never met, and new mates I have met from here.


Mace66 3:10 Fri Mar 13
Re: WHO Fund
OTB - yep, my irony-meter has actually exploded

On The Ball 11:19 Thu Mar 12
Re: WHO Fund
I seem to remember that norm was one of the 'you must trust everything that RWHFAG say, they're proper West Ham' people that went strangely silent after everything fell apart before.

COOL HAND LUKE 1:42 Thu Mar 12
Re: WHO Fund
What charleyfarley said.

This fund is managed by honest, trustworthy people.

I think norm is getting this confused with what happened to the RWHAG funds... maybe...

charleyfarley 11:21 Thu Mar 12
Re: WHO Fund
As far as i recall Peckham had got this sorted with the late Gavros. Your feelings towards Peckham are well known norm, but would appreciate it if you could sort your personal vendetta with Peckham somewhere else rather than a thread that is very positive for WHO. I don't know if you have personally contributed to this fund, if you haven't i wouldn't have thought you would have a problem. Thanks

normannomates 5:32 Thu Mar 12
Re: WHO Fund
Has he repaid his due yet?

For a skint bod he sure has plenty goin on

charleyfarley 12:45 Mon Mar 9
Re: WHO Fund
Update on fund details:

Balance 6/1/20 £1,345.81
go fund donations after 6/1/20 +£154.58
balance £1,500.39
less funeral flowers for Whitester -£126.50
less funeral flowers for Eddie b -£175.00
balance as of 3/3/20 £1,198.89

gank 12:36 Sun Mar 8
Re: WHO Fund
Why is MPI issuing orders?

Swiss. 2:39 Wed Feb 19
Re: WHO Fund

Point taken but show some fucking consistency here.

AKA ERNIE 6:04 Tue Feb 18
Re: WHO Fund
Moncurs putting iron

Spot on

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