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Tomsdad 5:58 Fri Jan 24
WHO Fund
Could one of the mods put a link to the WHO Fund on the links page please.

Donations to the fund can be made here-->:WHO Fundraiser

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Moncurs Putting Iron 1:03 Mon May 18
Re: WHO Fund
Thanks charley,

What it is there for, will top up end of the month.

charleyfarley 2:41 Thu May 14
Re: WHO Fund
sent mate..sent your receipt on WHO mail

Crassus 9:10 Thu May 14
Re: WHO Fund
Thank you mate, done through the fund too

one iron 9:06 Thu May 14
Re: WHO Fund
Thanks to all who have chipped in for dennis,and thanks to the who fund.bg

charleyfarley 10:47 Tue May 12
Re: WHO Fund
cheers Tom

Tomsdad 10:45 Tue May 12
Re: WHO Fund
Good work Charles.

Adding a tenner to the pot.

charleyfarley 6:31 Tue May 12
Re: WHO Fund
For those of you who haven't seen the thread on Dennis Lepine who is battling cancer, Bill (one iron) has set up a fund for Dennis, out of the fund I have sent £100 on your behalf, I also sent his wife Jackie (who posts on here as Gurty) some flowers from all of us.

charleyfarley 6:28 Tue May 12
Re: WHO Fund
Hi Syd only just spotted this sorry for the delay, it's an old co-op future account i had for my son i think i got 0.7% based on money i previously held in there over the year. Ironically it has, like a lot of banks just reduced to 0.25%

Syd Puddefoot 11:29 Tue Apr 28
Re: WHO Fund
charleyfarley 2:45 Thu Apr 16

Charley that is a half decent interest rate in this day and age, what type of account is that please? I am belatedly doing a lockdown inspired finance review and my cash ISA (yes i know) is now even more rubbish than it was last year.

Alfs 4:35 Tue Apr 21
Re: WHO Fund
Just a thought but why not enable the fund to receive direct debits. I'd happily put in a fiver a month. And even consider getting charity status so we get the tax too.

Or would that be too much work?

charleyfarley 2:45 Thu Apr 16
Re: WHO Fund
Well i checked the statement earlier in the week with over 400 million in which disappeared very quicky, rang the bank and they said a Mr Jam had rang up said he needed a new camera..so the current sate of the account is:-

balance as of 3/3/20......£1,198.89
interest on account........£7.01
new balance 16/4/20.....£1,205.90

Nurse Ratched 1:54 Thu Apr 16
Re: WHO Fund
Arf! Good work, Swiss and defjam.

defjam 2:52 Thu Apr 16
Re: WHO Fund
*Logs off*

Swiss. 6:22 Wed Apr 15
Re: WHO Fund
What happened to the 400m the US put in last year?

defjam 5:25 Tue Mar 17
Re: WHO Fund
Moncurs Putting Iron 11:55 Well he could hardly give away his winnings from Pointless as that would be...erm....

Love ya really PW nice touch x

joyo 3:35 Tue Mar 17
Re: WHO Fund
Can you claim if you have COVID-19 and self isolate?

Moncurs Putting Iron 11:55 Mon Mar 16
Re: WHO Fund
Pee Wee - Classy as Fuck.

Peckham 12:00 Mon Mar 16
Re: WHO Fund
Lengthy post hoping for closure , for Norman and those in doubt about the fund.

Like him or loathe him, Gavros started a selfless good idea and legacy for WHO.


Alfs 11:07 Sun Mar 15
Re: WHO Fund
*Applauds Pee Wee*.

charleyfarley 8:47 Sun Mar 15
Re: WHO Fund
Thanks Pee Wee nice gesture
Well said Crassus and CHL

Crassus 2:28 Sun Mar 15
Re: WHO Fund
COOL HAND LUKE 1:57 Sat Mar 14
Yep, well said sir, this is not about accountancy and contractual obligation, it's a conduit to our past when West Ham looked after West Ham, no questions asked nor answers needed
The right way, the West Ham way - the end

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