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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Nick QQQ 7:29 Sat Jan 25
David Moylols
None of us wanted him, what a shit time we have ahead of us. Him and the board deserve each other all desperate second rate cunts.
“I win”

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Mex Martillo 7:15 Thu Jul 2
Re: David Moylols
Yes, David played a great game last night.

Alfs 4:27 Thu Jul 2
Re: David Moylols
We slag him off a lot but let's give him credit where it's due.

He got the team together tonight and sent them out hungry - particularly in the second half. Tactics worked brilliantly and it should have been 4-2.

And the effort that the players put in last night makes me think that they're behind him.

Massive win and one that gives me the confidence that we'll be staying up.

I read that during the lockdown Moyes made himself useful by delivering food packages to the vulnerable. He's a decent man at heart.

Gruesome Dump 2:55 Thu Jul 2
Re: David Moylols
He’s going nowhere.

Will 100% remain.

HairyHammer 2:08 Thu Jul 2
Re: David Moylols
Moyles, I keep on writing Moyes.


I don't think he has much trust in his players and is scared of conceding which with respect has been a big problem this season. The team actually looked quite compact more together, but typical West ham the defending is alwyays squeaky bum stuff .

Psycho4Spuds0 1:58 Thu Jul 2
Re: David Moylols
I agree Hairy, I thought he was dealt a harsh hand although I was happy to see Pelegrini appointed - how wrong was that. His stats arent that good but I think he will keep us up although I think tonight was a planned point at most.

HairyHammer 1:53 Thu Jul 2
Re: David Moylols
I would have been perfectly happy if he stayed the first time round but he got the chop and some of the fans comments were well quite cuntish to be honest.
But My loyalty lies with what the majority of Hammers fans want especially those who go to games, and last time they did not take to him even though he kept us up and sadly for Moyes this time is no different even if he keeps us up I think the fans will feel exactly the same.
Tonight was beautiful that late goal made it even sweeter and I give Moyes credit for it .

pdcwhu 1:40 Thu Jul 2
Re: David Moylols
I'm Having a Scotch at the Moment, Gilwhore....🤪

happygilmore 1:32 Wed Jul 1
Re: David Moylols

Yes. Reckon the pair of them are on the Scotch or the buckfast.

pdcwhu 10:34 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
We Might not have the Player's for the Fight,
But with Moyes and Nolan,We should have the Bottle.

geoffpikey 10:19 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
Zico, I think Fergie's like of Moyes is largely a cultural thing. Straight Scotsmen, socialist tendencies (with small s) etc. Similar fellas, maybe. Just a gulf in ability.

Fergie has since said Moyes wasn't TOP choice, though. Guardiola, Klopp or Mourinho were. But all were then unavailable. And he saw Moyes as "succeeding" as a figurehead with pretty much same backroom. Fergie's said it all went wrong when Moyes got rid of Mike Phelan and installed his own Everton staff. Which was an immediate fuck up.

Maybe Moyes confuses Fergie'as kinship with admiration. When, in reality, Ferguson just likes the bloke.

zico 8:57 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols

Interesting article above about his time at Everton. I read it because I was baffled as to why he did so well there and not anywhere else or that's what you tend to think when you think of Moyes at Everton. The article opens your eyes a bit as in reality he was quite hit and miss, especially when it came to - as the article says - signing strikers and getting the best out of flair players. He certainly had his share of gold signings like Cahill, Coleman and Baines but quite a few didn't come off. Leaves you wondering why Fergie rated him so much.

Pub Bigot 8:33 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
He keeps us up on the back of three worse teams (I know, iolzle!) Post season, midget cunt comes to his senses briefly and sacks him, the media and ex pros all call it a poor decision because Moyes saved us twice, followers up by a Sully brainwave and he appoints Aidy Boothroyd.

Lee Trundle 7:43 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
I posted when he was first appointed (the second time around) that I'd piss myself if he did absolutely terribly and we only stayed up by the skin on my teeth, as it would put Sullivan in a shitty position as he'd have to seriously consider sacking him again making himself look like an idiot.

It's a shame that Moyes is doing worse than that and we're getting relegated.

Sven Roeder 7:12 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
They haven’t
He left Sunderland after relegating them in last place in May 2017 and in the 3 years since has been appointed twice.
By West Ham and West Ham.
Been absolutely no indication that anyone else has considered him.

simon.s 7:11 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
His last meaningful job in football was Everton!

He’s been stealing a living since then.

Stowie.40 7:06 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
I’ll be pretty surprised if this isn’t Moyes’s last meaningful job in football. Can’t see anyone else with an ounce of football knowledge employing this cunt.

goose 6:20 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
its okay Sol Campbell is now free to lead our promotion push next season.

simon.s 6:17 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
So he’s had over six months to turn things around, and said back in December that he’s inherited a better squad this time than he had when he was first here, but that it could all go down to the last game.

Moyes in a nutshell. A serial loser.

13 Brentford Rd 5:23 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
He's had more than half a season and his level of ambition is to keep us up by winning the last game of the season? That's a clear recipe for disaster.

He could have at least tried to solve the striker situation in January but didn't. Massive irony is 2 years ago in the Jan window he signed Hugil who wasn't ever deemed good enough and is now on loan to a Championship club and we still have no fit strikers.
As Swiss says he'll probably be leading the line next year in the Championship.
You couldn't make it up but this is West Ham.

Swiss. 4:48 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
Don't worry he'll bring back his excellent signing Hugill next season.

happygilmore 4:44 Tue Jun 30
Re: David Moylols
today's press conference

"I have a lot of thoughts and ideas about where I want to take the club."

I know the first thought that came into my mind with regard to where he is taking us.

He also said, he always thought the relegation battle could come down to the last game of the season.


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