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Nick QQQ 7:29 Sat Jan 25
David Moylols
None of us wanted him, what a shit time we have ahead of us. Him and the board deserve each other all desperate second rate cunts.
“I win”

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Thames Ironworks 11:42 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
The dirty old flea market traders couldn't get anything better than Moyes. Live with him until they are gone.

Shit ownership brings shit results....simples

factory seconds 11:19 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
with soucek back, it'll be interesting to see if he cunts fornals back to the bench so he can play three holding mids.

gph 11:11 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
If we ARE playing the way Pellegrini wanted us to, we're doing it without Anderson being on the pitch much.

Maybe that's where Pellegrini went wrong...

Takashi Miike 10:53 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
the last two games he's done himself a lot of favours, both times trying to win the game, but his cautious approach and delay in making changes cost us yesterday. I still think we have a good chance escaping now we have bowen, but moyes mentality against the so called bigger teams will still be there next season. maybe he'll stick with this new adventurous approach?

HairyHammer 10:51 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
But the buck stops with Moyes.....

HairyHammer 10:49 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
One more time I believe that our players are more to do with our lowly position rather than Moyes.
Some of you are talking about Management as if it is some modernised thing that needs a special person to do it, that is bollocks our players are not doing what has to be done well enough it is that simple.

HairyHammer 10:39 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
I would have got rid of him by now even though I believe the players are probably the true instigators for the lack of points. They make stupid mistakes and do not take their chances but there is definitely improvement in fitness and movement, but points make prizes and Moyes is not delivering. He should at least be getting draws from teams that are not firing on all cylanders Liverpool and Arsenal at the worst are 2 points lost.

Full Claret Jacket 10:34 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
He's perfect for the club. The football is now as soul destroying as the stadium and utter incompetence of the board.
The problem is Moyes thinks he is a good manager. He isn't in the modern era. Way out of touch with the players, systems and what it takes to motivate multi-millionaires. He would make a better manager in Championship or League 1 maybe. There is a reason nobody wanted him. The same reason Allardyce is still out of work. If he keeps us up, he still isn't the man to take us forward in my opinion.

Takashi Miike 10:11 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
absolute bollocks from the moyes fan club chairman.....

Pellegrini W5 D4 L10 (Pts per game 1)
Moyes W2 D2 L6 (Pts per game 0.8)

rochesterjohn 10:01 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
We will stay up with Moyes ... we were 100% going down with the scarecrow.

Nick QQQ 9:58 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
What amazes me is some people seem to be won over by running around a bit more and some effort. Unfortunately we are still getting beaten and in real danger of going down. Moyse has had plenty of time now. Look at Watford they were fucked, Pearson has somehow given them a chance to survive. Even Bruce, at Newcastle with a squad worse than ours is giving them breathing space. We are stuck with this prick.

Jaan Kenbrovin 4:10 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
LeroysBoots 1:02 Sun Mar 8

Rubbish. We are where we are because of Moyes. Our points per game has dropped since this prick took over.

The only slow change Moyes has made is ditching his own pathetic failed tactics of 5 at the back, to actually adopt Pellegrini’s 442 tactics as mentioned by Fornals during the week.

You’re right about the owners though, they are 100% responsible for ditching Pellegrini for someone worse.

daveyg 4:09 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
Every manager inherits the previous managers crap...
Moyes had Months working out what he could. He knew he'll be getting the job. He couldn't even get any backroom staff.GSB took so long to get rid of Pellegrini he probably thought they were going to stick with him.

geoffpikey 3:14 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols

I really WANT him to do well, as I love West Ham. But what you are saying makes no sense.

If we are "getting together more confidence-building performances" it is still resulting in defeats. Not sure, really, much confidence comes from whatever we're doing better?

"It may be too late to swerve relegation". It may be now, as we're worse off than when he was appointed.

"He may not be the best manager but he has to be given a chance to build results..." Could say the same about Pellegrini.

Moyes has taken 8 points. We have no consistency whatsoever. Win, and we lose the next game. Draw, and we lose the next game. He's had a decent amount of time already, and achieved the square root of fuck all.

It's getting boring, now. If we survive, it will be DESPITE Moyes not because of him.

Chigwell 2:50 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
The team is progressively getting together more confidence-building performances. It may be too late to swerve relegation, but that will not be Moyles's fault. Bringing in the unmotivated Pellegrini, spending big money on hapless Haller and dead-end Wilsher, were mistakes that Moyles was landed with. The owners should never have junked him the first time. He may not be the best manager but he has to be given a chance to build results..

Bernie 2:12 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
He's the worst manager in the league, by a distance.

It's astonishing that David Sullivan and David Gold thought that he was the best we could get.

Complete and utter incompetence.

ChillTheKeel 1:20 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
Have the clowns seriously offered the gargoyle a million pound bonus if he sends us down?

Irons10 1:04 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
The stats don't lie Slow_Joe

David Moyes is currently the worst West Ham manager of all time

Yes much worse than both Roeder and Grant in terms of points per game

Let that sink in...

LeroysBoots 1:02 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
Personally I dont get the crap he gets from some

He inherited, TWICE, a team bereft of confidence, appetite for playing and just a morose attitude

People expect miracles immediately, he is slowly changing our approach

Fault is 100% with the owners for their pathetic fingers in the ear attitude, its all going to get better soon, under Pell

We will stay up, and he will deserve longer in situ to make our future better by implementing a structure that is clearly lacking under these cunts

Slow_Joe 12:54 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
Much better outfit than under that clown pellegrini...

Nick QQQ 12:51 Sun Mar 8
Re: David Moylols
“I win”
“I’ve inherited a better team than when I came in last time”

Worse win record of all time now isn’t it?

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