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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

OneAll 8:08 Sat Jan 25
Starting again
the best case scenario when we get relegated is the owners get bored and sell up , then we start a fresh its a old cliché but I think going backwards could be our best way of going forwards . Complete squad overhaul Rice is the only one id miss but he aint going to be here much longer either way , our u23s piss all over our "first team players" so we could bring a shit load of them through I honestly think well be so much better off in the long run if we do get relegated . but it all don't mean shit if them nonses are still our owners

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Pickle Rick 12:40 Wed Sep 16
Re: Starting again
Well according to the Sun they've turned down a £400m offer from an American consortium so highly unlikely they'll sell.

Manuel 4:27 Mon Sep 14
Re: Starting again
Start again in a rented athletics stadium? Too late, we're already fucked.

Golden Oldie 4:22 Mon Sep 14
Re: Starting again
Bring back Gank!
He's infinitely more entertaining reading than 99.9% of the rest of this boards inhabitants, myself included.

cholo 4:18 Mon Sep 14
Re: Starting again
Used to be the case in the old first division days. Not anymore, the financial repercussions of relegation are crippling now.

Jasnik 4:15 Mon Sep 14
Re: Starting again
Also agree with gank.. it is West Ham or nothing .

Jasnik 4:13 Mon Sep 14
Re: Starting again
I'd Rather not do a Leeds.

OneAll 3:57 Mon Sep 14
Re: Starting again
whens afc west ham starting then

zico 3:06 Sun Jan 26
Re: Starting again
gank 11:16 Sat Jan 25

I agree with those sentiments. I've never been local so not been a season ticket holder and due to either playing myself on Saturdays until the hips gave way or other commitments I got up to UP as much as I could. Now I am what you would call an armchair fan but I wouldn't call myself any less a West Ham fan than those who go every week. Always loved the Club, the history, the great players and Managers just as my late dad, grandad and great grandad did but now I suffer as much as anyone else but watching via streams or TV.

A new Club I could understand for those who are local but for me personally it wouldn't be the answer. I don't know what the answer is bar ridding the Club of the Three Stooges and getting some multi billionaire in who will build UP Mark II and employ some ex Hammers with some love and passion for the Club, which won't happen!

The Club has been through troughs, highs, troughs and troughs for years. IMO the Club died in a big way when John Lyall was sacked but there were still plenty of fans that wanted him out. The ground is shit and the board are shit but if the team was decent we at least would have something too cheer!!!

Gary Strodders shank 2:18 Sun Jan 26
Re: Starting again
I had a ticket for today’s match (would of been my 1st of the season) but had a last minute change of heart and went to Wealdstone v Bath instead as it turns out it was a wise decision.
I used to love all things West Ham, the history the characters the humour (gallows) the atmosphere and most of all the build
up to the games, I would look forward to it all week and the night games at Upton Park were always something else.
In recent years and particularly since the move to the LS my enthusiasm and interest has all but disappeared , most of the people I used to go with have given up the ghost or been priced out, the raucous atmosphere and earthy humour has been replaced in most part by a far more sanitised and PC environment.
On the field we seem to sign some good players but once their stock rises they move on only to be replaced with second rate replacements the squad on the whole is mediocre and we also seem to attract the dourest of managers most of whom never seem to get West Ham, and what we are about
with the remit being purely to keep us in the league and thus forsake any chance of a cup run by playing weakened sides.
The stadium is a nightmare and will never be fit for purpose as a football ground with access
a long an arduous trek.
Sad to say I cannot see a positive way forward as we’ve burnt our bridges with the move and the relationship with the owners will only grow more toxic I cannot see us being bought out in our current state and any new investor or owners would have have there work cut out trying to find a solution to the stadium situation.
All in all a very sad state of affairs.

GreenStreetPlayer 1:19 Sun Jan 26
Re: Starting again
Seems what we have been left with is a large group of people supporting a team that plays every now again at the OS called West Ham United/London. That's the only connection with what was at pre OS, Upton Park. There is nothing else.

It's the FANS who ARE THE CLUB. Those same people can go and support a new team called AFC West Ham or Thames Ironworks or whatever. But it's the fans who decide who they want to support as a collective group.

There is no connection at the OS, just some cheap cosmetic ideas to try and make that connection to the past.

People have to decide if West Ham as we knew it has gone now.
Or attempt to resurrect or create something to give that connection from the past.

nychammer 12:49 Sun Jan 26
Re: Starting again
Did Man U ever do it? They were seriously thinking about it too when they had cunt owners.

Stepney.Ammer 11:52 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again
For me if we were to start up a club it would have to be AFC West Ham and a direct attempt to do what AFC Wimbledon have done i.e. reinstate the real one out of the two.

I know we haven't had the name changed (although with the way football is going and our mob running it I can see it happening at some point), nor have we been moved miles away, but if the idenity of the club keeps changing at rate it is then it will only be west ham all but in name.

For me the prospect of a splinter club then becomes a real possibility.

Steven P 11:33 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again
gank 11:16 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again

And that is a totally fair enough viewpoint. Not sure everyone feels the same and it would be born out of a link to West Ham, of course but you are aiming at the people who have become disillusioned with their club and feel that they could be part of something new. They are not prepared to lose their interest in football and this new vehicle brings them back to the game in a capacity that they want.

I’m not saying it would work but I would like to give it a go.

nychammer 11:30 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again
I see, thanks for the insight. If it ever gets off the ground then who knows....

overbyyer 11:17 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again

Supporters Trusts models issue Community Shares to each supporter who joins the Trust and donates - usually £50 a share. The individual Trustees don't have voting rights. But do vote each Trust Director on to the Trust board. There is usually a separate Club board, onto which a number of the Trust board then sit, but the important bit is the Trust uses the money from the Commumity share flotation to purchase and maintain a unanimous or majority shareholding of the Club itself.

gank 11:16 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again
Unless you're local to West Ham, why would you start blindly following a brand new club? It wouldn't be the same. It's a romantic idea but you all already have the option to go to non-league instead of West Ham and don't, so for me I'll always either be a West Ham supporter or a lapsed West Ham supporter.

If West Ham went bust and ceased to exist, I'd go and watch Chatham Town FC now and again but couldn't lend my total support to a brand new club in East London and pretend to love them just because I used to love West Ham.

Steven P 11:08 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again
NYChammer - see I wouldn’t even pretend to lie to you, to say how I would envisage the financials and would need professional advice (again I’m sure someone on here or one of the other message boards would be qualified) but I would sincerely hope it wouldn’t be seen as just a donation. I don’t think that is fair at the end of the day but not one to thrash out tonight, even though I’m doing dry Jan and not had a few beers.

Steven P 11:05 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again
Is it worth seriously thinking about this?? Of course people would take the piss on a chat forum but I bet they would get behind it if it was serious... I would love to be involved.

David L 11:05 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again
Jim - just stop going. Its that easy, it really is.

nychammer 11:04 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again
I am of limited means so can’t go throwing too much money away, but say you have a few k spare, Is the money you put in to these start ups seen as an investment / loan in return for a bond or shares or basically just a donation?

overbyyer 10:53 Sat Jan 25
Re: Starting again
Steven P

The supporters trust model could work - ironically Nick Igoe does a lot of consulting on behalf of Supporters Direct.

The biggest issue with Trusts is maintaining income streams from Trust members after they have raised the initial start-up funding.

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