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e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

twoleftfeet 11:13 Sun Feb 9
Dawn Butler.
She says that if John Bercow doesn't get a peerage then the Conservatives are guilty of bullying.

What does this mess of a woman contribute to society?

Bercow deserves nothing but the exorbitant pension that I'm sure he walked away with.

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Mike Oxsaw 6:11 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Apparently, our grand-parents & great-grandparents committed naughty racist acts before our parents we conceived.

That makes it all our fault and we need to be punished.

chim chim cha boo 5:43 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Grumpster 2:33 Sun Feb 9

Re: Dawn Butler.

Literally couldnt give a shit.

twoleftfeet 5:28 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Apparently a black person wouldn't have made the error of mixing up 2 black female MPs.

Now let's imagine that Andrea Leadsom had said the same thing but used the word white instead of black? There would have been uproar amongst the black MPs but as we know black people can't be racist.

Fivetide 3:05 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Very weird.

Grumpster 2:33 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Literally couldnt give a shit...

Grumpster 2:33 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Literally couldnt give a shit, but Bercow was a biased disgrace and a right cunt in that role, so will hardly be a shocker if he gets nothing.

terry-h 2:11 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
The misidentified MP has a dodgy squint in her left eye. Perhaps Butler objected to being compared with her. I don't think a day goes by without her accusing someone(usually Boris) of being an out and out racist.

Sven Roeder 1:58 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
What article was that ?

Understood the bbc Parliament channel captions MP’s when they stand up and they misidentified her. And then corrected it

David L 1:53 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Basically the BBC ran an article on the lovely fragrant Dawn and used photos of another Labour heiffer.

She was not happy.

David L 1:52 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 12:25 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
It’s an odd move for labour

Shami got her peerage for writing a report claiming that anti semitism wasn’t an issue in the Labour Party

Labour now pushing for Bercow to get a peerage whilst he is being investigated for bullying

And all the while they claim to fight the establishment and want to distribute wealth and disagree with cronyism

I call bullshit on what that claim as do the majority of working class people in the UK now.

Mike Oxsaw 12:20 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Being a remainer means that you can do no wrong - in the eyes of other remainers.


PwoperNaughtyButNot 12:16 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Hammer - all of the accusations from his former team about his bullying perhaps?

ChillTheKeel 12:08 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
She's almost as thick as our traitorous Home Secretory who believes the UK should be fighting counter-terrorism.
Women in politics have a lot to answer for nowadays.

Hammer and Pickle 12:01 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Can anyone explain, in any normal logical terms, how Bercow is a bully that needs to be punished?

terry-h 11:52 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Let's hope Butler becomes deputy leader.
The more the British public sees this woman the more likely Labour will disintegrate into oblivion. Thick as two short planks and a black racist to boot.

Mike Oxsaw 11:51 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
The politics of jealousy.

See also "Your flat screen TV is bigger than mine", "Your iPhone is newer than mine", "Your job pays more than mine", & "Your car can go faster than mine."

Johnson 11:51 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
So punishing someone for bullying is bullying is it? Thick cunt.

The left, woke, or righteous which is what they truly believe they are really are so moronic it’s laughable.

Hammer and Pickle 11:49 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.

Side of Ham 11:46 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
*to the rich

Side of Ham 11:46 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
You always have to go backwards to put up an argument with party politics this is why the country rarely moves on.

It’s never moved on from the poor being given representation by Labour and hating anyone that’s rich to be rich hating the fact the poor have a say which are the tories.

Grow up and use your so called intellect think of ways to make all these cunts to work together to make the country work as one using both viewpoints to find solutions.

Hammer and Pickle 11:38 Sun Feb 9
Re: Dawn Butler.
Bercow has admitted to being influenced by Enoch Powell’s racism in his youth. He joined the Monday Club and quickly realised it was cesspit of antisemitism brimful of wankers. No wonder those same chinless wonders are now blocking him in the honours’ list.

Never mind - noble integrity cannot be bestowed like a peerage, and he has it in spade when they never will.

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