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Stubbo 2:29 Wed Feb 12
EPL Fixed?
Some interesting accuations throughout this site, and in this article specifically highlighting one of our games as well as some stats in relation to a prominent subset of player agents:


They also reckon Liverpool have been heavily favoured, City are victims, and that Palace because of Hodgson have been the most favoured team for ages in terms of decisions.

Article about Hodgson from 2013:


Tin Foil hats or substance behind it?

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Alex G 10:21 Thu Feb 13
Re: EPL Fixed?
Can anyone confirm my reading that the gist of the article is that rubbish players make more mistakes than not-rubbish players so everything must be fixed?

kylay 9:54 Thu Feb 13
Re: EPL Fixed?
It is not much of stretch to conclude that rampant betting on football leads to match fixing.

that website is one of the weirder ones I have come across though. If you are obsessed with the mafia, global warming, and match-fixing; fill yer boots.

Stubbo 8:11 Thu Feb 13
Re: EPL Fixed?
Given that USM are one of the alledged cartel agents, starts to make our supreme leader's insistence to use them and have a significant proportion of our players be represented by them look a little bit wonky.

Wonder what his motivation might be for that. I mean they don't take a club salary (loan payments aside) afterall and we are known for paying pretty high agent fees which seems very "non-Sullivan" at the principles level, as well as paying very high wages to some mediocre players.

Wonder if there might be some commission percentages in there?

This account has been saying and highlighting the same thing relentlessly since 2006 - seems a lot of time and effort to keep doing the same thing if youre just making it up as a conspiracy theory nut job, given a small following and seemingly no efforts to monetise or heavily publicise.

geoffpikey 8:58 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
"The Arbitrageurs Of The NeoHyperrealities Of Post-Structuralist Football"


Sven Roeder 8:38 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
Ironically (or maybe because of) the season we did well in 2015/16 was marked by a period where 4 or 5 red cards we received were overturned and we conceded penalties at Chelsea and Everton that were for tackles a yard outside the box.
I suspect we would have gone very close to Champions league qualification with reasonable refereeing

Takashi Miike 7:50 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
that cup game at old trafford when randolph was barged in to the goal by the kraut, as bent as you get

Norman 7:26 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
The decisions teams like Palace get compared to us are ridiculous and has been happening for a few seasons now. The year Leicester won the league they got dodgy decision after dodgy decision. I honestly thought it was bent but thank god Tottenham didnt win the league that year

Kane and Ali and Tottenham in general get loads of decisions

The one that proved the PL is bent for me was Bournemouth away the other Boxing day. Madeley has given quite a few dodgy decisions in the last few mins of games that ended in score draws. He soon disappeared from the league.

Corruption goes on in every walk of life including Football

Sven Roeder 7:24 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
You wonder what sort of odds you would get on a team winning a match or keeping a clean sheet when Roberto’s name was on it?

He appeared in 10 games
7 losses , 2 draws & a win over Newport County

Stubbo 7:17 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
If you look at those Spurs goals they were definitely saveable by a competent keeper.

stepney hammer 7:16 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
Not the first time Roberto has been suspected of this: https://metro.co.uk/2014/11/26/olympiakos-goalkeeper-roberto-made-an-error-so-bad-v-atletico-madrid-people-think-hes-match-fixing-4964171/

To be fair it's hard to imagine a keeper being THAT shit.

Alex V 7:11 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
Eric Hitchmoe 3:24 Wed Feb 12

Was Roberto even to blame for those Spurs goals? They created good chances and scored them. Roberto's noticable errors came in other games.

Stubbo 4:51 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
Thanks Exiled - more interested in an elaboration of their claims than in info about specific matches and the like.

Sadly I find it fairly easy to believe that the whole thing is corrupt to the core.

You only have to see the consistent one way traffic in games from the likes of Moss.

Referees earn approx 2K per week, but a betting market can be worth 5 Billion globally on a single game supposedly. It would seem ludicrous that there wasnt outside influence!

Exiled In Surrey 3:33 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
A list of potential resources if you wish to profit from match fixing. DW of course.


Eric Hitchmoe 3:24 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
So according to the link in the original post, Roberto was 'throwing the game' in our match against Spurs...

"When Mourinho took Spurs to that weird grassed area where West Ham United play their home matches, there was considerable early market insider trading against the man in his first game back in the Premier League.

Patsy fools internal to BT laundered previous illicit profits onto the Hammers only to discover that Jose was entirely in control of the event.

Roberto, the West Ham United goalkeeper, is represented by Mariano Aguilar owner of the eponymous M.AG. Mr Aguilar is closely associated with Doyen Sports. Doyen Sports are very closely associated with Gestifute. And Gestifute are Mourinho's pimps - if you wish to trace this chain yourself, this article is a good place to begin Mariano Aguilar & Doyen Sports

Roberto was poorness personified in the match letting in the three goals that killed off the game with his superficial performance deciding the outcome"

Clearly they cannot have seen any of our other matches where Roberto featured, or else they would have realised that his errors were not the result of match-fixing, but that of an incredibly shite goalkeeper.

Takashi Miike 3:16 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
not just football, there's many more sports where results are being fixed. I don't think it's every game but it's very clear when it's happening. Var just gives them license to do it more, rather than what it was intended to do

White Pony 3:16 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
Was it Graham Poll who used to laugh and joke with “Scholesy” during matches?

Exiled In Surrey 3:13 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?

Here is one site.


Sven Roeder 3:13 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
What was that about Bournemouth players?

Can recall in the game at v Man U where Mike Dean sent off our player for ‘fouling’ Phil Jones there was something in the paper about him telling Obiang he’d send him off if he looked at him again.

I often see cunts like Jon Moss joking away with some players. The famous ones. While smaller club players get his usual smacked arse beady eyed cunt of a bonce facing them

RBshorty 3:08 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
Well seeing Refs feel it’s open season to say snarky comments to Bournemouth players about being in a relegation battle. (Allegedly.) Then it seems like there could be smoke with one hell of a fire.?

Dread to think what they saying to our players.!

Stubbo 2:44 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
Assuming TOR browser, where woukd you head to read more Exiled?

Exiled In Surrey 2:41 Wed Feb 12
Re: EPL Fixed?
All on the dark web.

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