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yogib 7:19 Wed Feb 12
Feel free to call spurs fans Yids

Dictionary includes Spurs fans in Yid definition
1 hour ago
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Fans at White Hart LaneImage copyrightREUTERS
The Oxford English Dictionary has changed its definition of the word Yid to include a "supporter of or player for Tottenham Hotspur".
The word has frequently been used against Jewish people as an offensive term but over the years has been appropriated by Spurs fans.
Spurs have a strong Jewish following and have been targeted with anti-Semitic abuse by opposing fans.
But Jewish groups have condemned the way the word has been used.
The OED, regarded as the leading dictionary of British English, has also added the word "yiddo" to its latest edition, saying its use is "usually derogatory and offensive" but can also mean a Tottenham supporter or player.
The words come from the Yiddish term for Jew but are thought to have been taken up as an insult during the 20th Century, particularly during the time of Oswald Moseley's fascist movement in Britain in the 1930s.
Tottenham asked to act over fan chants
Spurs fans to continue 'yid' chants
PM says Spurs chants not hate speech
Chants of "Yids", "Yid Army" and "yiddos" are frequently heard in the home stands at White Hart Lane, with some Spurs fans saying they have reclaimed the word.
The OED said it takes a historical approach, meaning it records the usage and development of words rather than prescribing how they are used.
"We reflect, rather than dictate, how language is used which means we include words which may be considered sensitive and derogatory. These are always labelled as such," it said, in a statement.
The OED said the reference to Tottenham reflected the evidence that the club was associated with the Jewish community and that the term was used as a "self-designation" by some fans.
It said the entry for "yiddo" was marked as "offensive and derogatory" and it would ensure the context was made clear in both definitions.
Prominent Jewish football fans including David Baddiel and groups such as the Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors anti-Semitic abuse, have called on Spurs to stop using the words in chants.
The CST said the dictionary bore a "special responsibility to ensure that anti-Semitic or otherwise offensive terms are clearly marked as such".

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blueeyed.handsomeman 4:18 Sat Feb 15
Re: Feel free to call spurs fans Yids
i will stay really free by not calling them anyname at all

Chinkey Weasel 7:31 Thu Feb 13
Re: Feel free to call spurs fans Yids
One of the main headlines on ITV London news at 6pm tonight......"Tottenham's fury at dictionary entry"

Ronald_antly 12:21 Thu Feb 13
Re: Feel free to call spurs fans Yids
If one calls someone a 'Yid', then one is alluding to the fact that this person is Jewish.

IF this is regarded as some kind of insult, then the implication is that the people objecting to the use of 'Yid' regard being Jewish is a BAD thing.


WHU(Exeter) 11:55 Wed Feb 12
Re: Feel free to call spurs fans Yids
So I take it that the OED will from now on also be including the quite commonly known nicknames for supporters of a host of other clubs?

Sven Roeder 8:33 Wed Feb 12
Re: Feel free to call spurs fans Yids
It’s a bit like saying the N word is ‘usually derogatory and offensive’ but can also mean a black person

Seems very much a Spurs appeasing entry
Who owns the OED by the way?

simon.s 7:57 Wed Feb 12
Re: Feel free to call spurs fans Yids
We’ll you can try, but you’ll get nicked for it.

Golden Oldie 7:54 Wed Feb 12
Re: Feel free to call spurs fans Yids
Could just call them globalists or Russians

Troy McClure 7:48 Wed Feb 12
Re: Feel free to call spurs fans Yids
Think I’ll stick with cunts thanks all the same

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