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Queens Fish Bar 11:44 Wed Feb 12
A reply for Johnson
As per Johnson’s request from the locked thread. I've given an example or 2 in support of each point I made.

It was a fair question and deserved an answer.

Just remember I said "starting to see more and more" - and the context of the thread was direction of travel.

- Powerful and continuing nationalism

- Disdain for human rights
Government ambition to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights

- Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
The EU and remainers for example

- Rampant sexism
Just read a number of WHO threads, Daily Mail comments online, Daily Telegraph comments online, Twitter.

- Controlled mass media
Very much work in progress, became aware it started with Mirror getting banned from Tory battle bus in election, announced today thats OFCom are going to regulate the internet, Boris Johnson setting up his own film unit. Johnson not doing media 121’s but does Facebook live q and A’s with Joe Public (who could be plants for all we know)

- Obsession with national security
Taking back control, facial recognition, labelling Extinction Rebellion as terrorists.

- Corporate power protected
Bankers bail out in 2008. Where is the NHS or social care bailout (which cost less). HMRC sweetheart deals

- Workforce power suppressed
Anti-union legislation. Destruction of manufacturing by Thatcher as a means to breaking union power. Many people have been convinced to turn against unions.

- Disdain for intellectuals & experts
Micheal Gove defect deputy PM has said that Britons have had enough of experts.
Immigration policy (coming out of Brexit) has already triggered a loss of foreign uni lecturers and professors and will make cross-border collaboration harder and more expensive.

- Rampant cronyism & corruption
Zac Gldsmith, Nicky Morgan most of the HoL in fact.
MPs expenses. In fact most MPs are stealing a living (multiple jobs, employing family)

- Fraudulent elections/referenda
Loads of claims of electoral fraud especially postal voting hence voter ID schemes
Manifestos are not worth the paper they are written on. Nearly all politicians will say what they think you want to hear to get your vote - I’ve not heard anybody of any political persuation not agree that PM Johnson is a liar.
Both sides broke the law in the Brexit vote.
Appointing non elected (even failed MP) to HoL then giving cabinet jobs to them.

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riosleftsock 1:11 Thu Feb 13
Re: A reply for Johnson
Extinction Rebellion.

Are anarchists terrorists?

I would say yes, by definition but am prepared to hear a convincing argument otherwise.

Hammer and Pickle 12:53 Thu Feb 13
Re: A reply for Johnson
Johnson is not well in the old head.

Why do you support him in his madness?

I really don't get it.

bruuuno 12:47 Thu Feb 13
Re: A reply for Johnson
I hope you die of AIDS you pathetic gimp

gank 12:43 Thu Feb 13
Re: A reply for Johnson
Ban this cunt. You can't continue a locked thread.

only1billybonds 12:14 Thu Feb 13
Re: A reply for Johnson

Do you work for the BBC?

Your post reads like the rantings of a terrified snowflake with a huge chunk of wokeness chucked in.

Well done,you have inadvertanlly invented the term 'Wokeflake'

Queens Fish Bar 12:13 Thu Feb 13
Re: A reply for Johnson

Nationalism is an ideology and movement that promotes the interests of a particular nation especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining the nation's sovereignty over its homeland. Brexit in spades.

You've disputed a number of facts and, in accordance with WHO tradition, chucked in a couple of useless insults. Fair play on those.

As for the rest, I could explain it to you, nut I can't understand it for you.

Johnson 12:03 Thu Feb 13
Re: A reply for Johnson
I asked for FACTS.

It is not a fact that Brexit proves there is Powerful and continuing nationalism.

It is not a fact that the government has an ambition to withdraw from ECHR nor do you know what they will replace it with. It is a fact however that as part of leaving the EU we will disconnect from the ECHR though.

Number 3 can’t be a fact as it’s an opinion. Your example doesn’t work as BJ called out those seeking to thwart democracy not remainers in general.

Number 4 is an opinion. And it’s always existed anyway.

Number 5 is an opinion and is ignorant to what the EU are trying to do with the internet, OFCom is nothing compared to that.

6 - Opinion. And why shouldn’t tech be used to catch criminals?

7 - Opinion. Neither the NHS or the social care system is bankrupt and it get public money every fucking day.

8 - Opinion. Seemingly dredged up from a coal miners tea party.

9 - Opinion. Give some examples of the immigration policy. Which will be fucking hard as it hasn’t been confirmed yet to stand a chance of this being fact.

10 - Opinion. A jealous one at that.

11 - A little bit of fact but cancelled out as your side does it too.

So all in all a really poor whiney effort.

Queens Fish Bar 11:52 Wed Feb 12
Re: A reply for Johnson

I don't care what fantasies about what I'm like.

Your assumption is completely wrong.

You asked for examples to back up my opinions.

I've done that and clearly you have no response to the content.

Thats your choice, its a free(ish) world, at the moment.

Johnson 11:49 Wed Feb 12
Re: A reply for Johnson
I read that in a whiny nasally voice, pausing for occasional sniffles.

Other than the strange stuff about Thatcher and the fact it was more a list of opinions rather than actual facts, that lot can be summed up as:


Might as well lock this one now.

Exiled In Surrey 11:49 Wed Feb 12
Re: A reply for Johnson
Leonard Hatred 11:47 Wed Feb 12


BRANDED 11:48 Wed Feb 12
Re: A reply for Johnson
We don’t want to hear truths

Leonard Hatred 11:47 Wed Feb 12
Re: A reply for Johnson

Queens Fish Bar 11:46 Wed Feb 12
Re: A reply for Johnson
*Gove de facto deputy PM

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