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chim chim cha boo 3:38 Thu Feb 13
Are you 'Woke'?
'Anti-gay hate crimes recorded by police in 2019:

Saudi Arabia: 0
Pakistan: 0
Yemen: 0
Brunei: 0
Somalia: 0
Afghanistan: 0
USA: 1404

And you’re telling me it’s the Islamic states that are homophobic?'

My God, I love Titania McGrath.

Follow her on Twitter. Funniest satirist for fucking ages.

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chim chim cha boo 6:07 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
Keep dreaming 9:25 Sat Feb 15

Come on mate, you're smarter than that. It's a fucking JOKE.

Hermit Road 9:47 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
In all honesty, Godfrey Elfwick had me hook, line and sinker the first time I saw one of his tweets.

That was before he passed on to another place and his soul drifted into young Mx McGrath.

Kaiser Zoso 9:33 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?

What a dinlo

Keep dreaming 9:25 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?

Do you really believe in these numbers?
What do you think will happen to a person in a Muslim community outside the western world, if he/she came out openly about being gay?
Right, no-one do come out as gay, as that would be their death sentence.

Capitol Man 3:06 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
I blame twitter.

bruuuno 2:16 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
It’s bonkers, fucking insane and the parallels with religion are clear.

Some cunts need a script to follow, be it from the bible the Quran or the guardian

I thought we were more enlightened these days but clearly not

Alfie 1:46 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
Each and every day brings a new and more pathetic manifestation of it.

It has reached its apex - a pseudo intellectual construct and set of khmer rouge style values and doctrines that we are supposed to adhere to - fit around - fear and be hounded for if we dare to call it or transgress the permissible views or Pravda editorials.

It is why Corbyn was destroyed.

I call bollocks on it - you cannot bury or fetter communication and free thought. It will bury those who wish to tame and enslave it under the whip hand of their own perceived superiority.

White Pony 1:46 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?

There’s something seriously wrong with you.

WHU(Exeter) 1:40 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
I was there in the early days of it, an 'influencer' as they call them now. Usually after 10 pints in my local.

lowermarshhammer 1:38 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
I don't give much of a shit about other people's problems.

Chew on that WOKERS.

Alfie 1:32 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
The phenomenomen called ‘woke’ is an interesting one. It is essentially a very virulent but passively articulated form of fascism.

Propogated through the media - popular culture outlets and in the political and news agenda and organs.

A more blatant form of fascist stalinist ‘thought policing’ -cultural history has never seen. And it is across the globe.

That it has become so pervasive and ubiquitous is largely due to a minority sinister intellegentsia who control our media and who have gorged on its false sense of self righteous superiority and their own cultural and class imperialism - convincing them of their right to judge, annexe thought and witchhunt dissenting voices.

The notion that a mass - controlling and intellectually supreme ( as they perceive themselves) group within society who declare pronounce and rule on acceptable norms - discourse and valid socio - political stances in society is pretty much the definition of fascism.

Anything opposed to their credo is ruthlessly and en masse shouted down with unproveable mantras of racism - that their opponents are of a lower class or education. Their recruiting sargeants and most vociferous mouth pieces have infiltrated the media to such an extent that they riddle it - control and shape it to their own agenda and for the ends and political expediency of their own kind. They have so entrenched it that in the media to be anything but left wing is career death - persona non grata. How democratic!

We are living amidst the age of the rise of these passive fascists - masquerading as antifascist saviours - possesors and sayers of a sole immutable source of truth - arbiters of acceptable thought - curators and rewriters of politically acceptable history - maintainers of acceptable standards.

As long as their standards meet their own narrowly fascist vile ideology and oppositional - intolerant and arrogant viewpoint.

It will not stand - just as all the occasions in history when these vile cunts have tried to tell and police people on how to think - dictate what is allowed and what is not. you cannot quash and control human nature - freedom of thought - politics and discourse.

Fucking welcome to try it - but you have been sussed and the worm is on the turn. Right will out, the notion that societies are defined by their media and vocal intelligensia thought police shouting down the dissenting classes to propogate your cause clebre is on the wane.

It has been rumbled and will be smothered by the end of the 20’s. It is dieing in front of our eyes - the ‘ woke’ spring - the great rejection of your desire to decide - judge - control.

WHU(Exeter) 1:26 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
It's easy to knock all this sort of thing but look at all the good they are doing. Only the other day I walked past Greggs and saw a "it's here - the Vegan pie!"...without all these movements that would never have happened and we would all be the worse for it.

gph 1:03 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
Surely screwing is the one thing rabbits aren't timid in doing...

Nurse Ratched 12:51 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
Yyyyyeah, that's just weird.

HairyHammer 12:49 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?

I do have accountability you twat, I have said I was wrong many times and that I was young and did not use my brain. I think I know why you are always coming back to this though Earie , You are obviously a snowflake with a rabid racists tiny dick .
Stop putting women on a pedestal I know you can't fuck because you are scared, don't be, women are stronger than you think Earie don't worry you won't kill her she will tell you to stop and fuck off probably because you have a small penis and screw like a timid rabbit not because you are hurting her in any way.

chim chim cha boo 12:44 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
I think I went from being that bad drunk nobody invites out because it will inevitably lead to a tear-up to one of those soppy drunks who get all cuddly.

Don't really know who I prefer.

riosleftsock 12:37 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
You went a bit.....Branded, Chim. Some of us were worried enough to break out the ylang ylang and tea tree oils.

Nice to see natural order is restored.

chim chim cha boo 12:31 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?

When did I become a big girl's blouse?

I'm old and us olden's get soft and nostalgic. Even for you, you cunts.

riosleftsock 12:13 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?

Glad to see you've lost your mangina.

Welcome back Son. *hugz*

chim chim cha boo 12:00 Sat Feb 15
Re: Are you 'Woke'?

chim chim cha boo 11:58 Fri Feb 14
Re: Are you 'Woke'?
Martin Luther King dreamed of a future in which the population would be strictly segregated according to skin colour.

In order to overcome racism, we need to make that dream a reality.

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