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e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

PeterJ 11:06 Thu Feb 13
Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Never thought I would see them helping us out but fair play to them!!


Liverpool fans will fly a West Ham United flag in the Kop when the two sides meet live on Sky Sports on February 24th.

Angry West Ham fans have been protesting against David Sullivan and David Gold as they are deeply unhappy with the way the duo have run the club over the last decade.

Hammers supporters want Sullivan and Gold to sell up for a litany of reasons.

A growing group of disaffected West Ham fans named Hammers United held a protest ahead of the Everton game last month And they will release black balloons at Anfield in another public display of their feelings towards Sullivan and Gold before a further protest ahead of the home game against Southampton.

One of the catchlines of the Hammers United campaign is the slogan ‘GSB OUT’ – aimed at Gold Sullivan and Karren Brady.

Supporters have not been able to take the flags into home games and a fan who wore a GSB OUT t-shirt while he was flag-bearing at the London Stadium has been banned for the season by Sullivan and Gold.

The duo also threatened legal action against Sky’s Sunday Supplement over comments made in a segment that was heavily critical of their West Ham tenure.

That prompted a lengthy apology which has only served to cast the spotlight further on the way Sullivan and Gold run the club (Daily Mail).

Now, in what is a somewhat unprecedented move, Liverpool fans have united with their West Ham counterparts to fly a flag in the Kop, it has been claimed.

In exchange protesting West Ham fans will donate to a local foodbank in Liverpool.

“What a message this will send,” Hammers United posted on Twitter in response to speculation that Liverpool fans will be flying the protest flag.

“Anyone travelling please donate if you can.”

Hammers United
What a message this will send..
Anyone travelling please donate if you can.. #wearemoorethanfans#whunitedforchange#stayclassy#GSBOUT
Join us todayhttp://www.hammersunited.com
⚒⚒ https://twitter.com/gsbout/status/1227559557066608641 …
Anti Board Bored Club
We’re hearing that Liverpool will fly a #GSBOUT flag on the Kop if we donate to the local food bank. #COYI #WHUFC #GSBOUT

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martyboy 4:50 Wed Feb 26
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Not just Liverpool, but scousers in general are utter cunts. Not meet a good one in all my time going to games. NOT to be trusted.
And as for the Everton fan who turned up at Millwall, with a blade, and gets it taken off him, and has half his face opened up!!!
Justice was seen to be done.

Lily Hammer 1:00 Wed Feb 26
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Far Cough 11:08 Wed Feb 26

I saw just about all of that incident, apart from the first few seconds. The lad in question was two or three rows behind me. All he did was go down the front and celebrate with a load of others. No malice or real aggro, just delight at taking teh lead at Anfield, but someone told me that a steward was knocked over during the celebrations, which may have been why he steamed up to grab the lad, with the police at his back, egging him on.

I just PM'd the boys mother. I'll help if I can.

Far Cough 12:15 Wed Feb 26
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Hahaha or Birmingham OB

Mr Kenzo 11:21 Wed Feb 26
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
It won't be Liverpool's fault, they will pin that on the South Yorkshire Police

Far Cough 11:08 Wed Feb 26
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Anybody see this?

Sorry for the long URL:



Grumpster 8:05 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Think you're supporting the wrong club hairy.

If you've been there a hell of a lot and have followed england abroad, you learn exactly what a large number of their fans are about Hairy.

Horrible, thieving cunts (ONLY followed england to steal) who killed a load of Italians and have no remorse about it at all.

Terrible tragedy Hillsborough and most people's point of view is simply that their fans weren't blameless. Poor bastards who died were, but not the pissed up pricks with no tickets who helped cause it.

Fuck em.

Far Cough 7:58 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Turn it in, Hairy, you tit

HairyHammer 7:51 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
WHU (Exeter)

What many on here say about Hilsborough and the way their fans are degraded as if they are all on benefits and they are thieves .
Banter is ok have a laugh at the ground that won't bother them but when so many Hammers fans are posting such thoughts then they deserve to be hated cos they know you ain't joking it is a step further you are actually serious and believe the shit coming out of your mind.

Jim79 3:03 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Press coverage the day after has been good and lots of photos of banners and balloons, i seemed to miss most of that on tv as i was putting the kids to bed around kick off as previously mentioned............must make note to be a poorer dad and thus better supporter in the future!!!

I just hope nobody donated food or otherwise to the scouse pauper fund given their lack of ability to live up to their word. To be honest im more comfortable with hating them, had they shown the banner it would have given me a moral dilemma.

Well done to all travelling hammers and roll on Saturday and the Stratford stroll

diehardhammer 1:58 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
HairyHammer 1:16 Tue Feb 25

turn in your rambles you tit

WHU(Exeter) 1:42 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
"It might sound horrible but If I were a Liverpool fan I would not piss on a West ham supporter if they were on fire.
You do not have to think too deeply about why, we do it to ourselves"

What exactly are you on about?

HairyHammer 1:16 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!

Turn what in?
The truth?.
Just look at some of the posts on this thread, are you a fucking imbecile?.

WHU(Exeter) 1:12 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
It's mental isn't it - for donkeys years you read of numerous clubs fighting a relegation battle, with traditionally not too good away support with them clubs doing all they can to encourage numbers to get to the remaining away games, helping to reduce the costs of the tickets, laying on free coaches etcetc

And here we are as a club with excellent away support that could always be relied upon for trying to lift the team in those type of games, with a board actively trying to significantly diminish it.

But yeah, they understand all this type of stuff and heaven forbid we should end up with foreign owners blah, blah, blah....

Johnson 12:49 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Sullivan personally was involved in the club taking the lower allocation and he emailed Hammers United telling them if the fans wanted the full allocation then HU should pony up £36k odd as a bond to cover any unsold tickets.

joey5000 12:44 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
The Hornchurch coach's flag looked good. Some top quality WHOers in the photo with it as well.

WHU(Exeter) 12:33 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Debs, it might not necessarily have been because of the protest, although in likelihood it was part of the thinking.

GSB changed the way the club approached away allocations since the day they came in.

Totally underestimating the away support (for instance requesting only one tier at QPR instead of both), they would not take the higher allocations, if it meant that a few seats remained unsold as that would have cost them a bit of money.

So as an example, GSB would prefer 2,000 West Ham fans supporting the club at an away fixture (with every ticket sold), than they would 4,990 fans in the away end, if that meant that they had to pay for those 10 tickets unsold.

I'm wondering whether the example of 10 unsold tickets is a bit extreme, but tbh I don't think it is, I do genuinely believe that they are THAT tight and penny pinching.

When e-mails were sent to Sullivan complaining about this issue with mentions of how they appeared to be completely underestimating the size of West Ham's traditional away following (because they don'y have a clue about that type of thing), the replies appeared to indicate that Sullivan did not five a flyer about the matter and in fact considered away support a complete irrelevance.

Northern Sold 12:12 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Mike Oxsaw 11:01 Tue Feb 25
Re: Hammers United.-New Years message and ACTION.
An HC flag didn't need to actually appear in their end - in fact, as it didn't and they promised it would simply emphasises how trustworthy the mickeys realty are.

The threat that it could appear was the main weapon here - the battle was won the moment they publicly announced their support.

Yeah all about the threat eh Mike??

Mike Oxsaw 12:07 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
I suspect that more than a few on here had the kleenex ready, hoping to knock one out at the sight of a WH flag in the kop.

Back to your Sullivan jazz mags with you. There'll be something else to moan about coming to a place near you very soon.

OOh! Look! It's here already!!!

diehardhammer 11:17 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
fuck the lying liverpool fans

and turn it in hairy you tit

Darlo Debs 11:16 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
I dont know if anyone else saw this but apparently the club only requested about half the available tickets available for us in last nights game in order to.limit the protest.

Alwaysaniron 11:15 Tue Feb 25
Re: Liverpool fans to fly GSB out flag!!
Vexed 09.40

" I much rather they all get this chinky virus and die to be honest."

FMOB Vexed you have some serious issues!

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