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Coffee 8:47 Sat Feb 15
Weekend football

The Saints’ rather dismal home form belies an astonishing recent ascent of the table. Both sides are luxuriating in mid-table bliss, but will know that a win today will do much to separate them further from the drop zone and from each other. Danny Ings is on fire and will look to add to his tally against his former employers this afternoon. Home win.

Bottom meets top with a whopping 55 points between them. Only a fool or a brightly coloured, mustard-loving finch would expect anything but an away win.


Jose renews his acquaintance with John Terry and, for once, we could do with les cocks sportif putting a bucket load past their hosts. They have the top five to aspire to. Villa have the drop to avoid. Let’s hope they don’t. Away win.

Arguably the pick of the weekend’s games, although both teams occupy mid-table with 31 points. Under Arteta, Arsenal are an interesting proposition, although it’s hard to say exactly why. The Geordies have shown guts of late, but aren’t particularly fond of the capital. Home win.

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Sydney_Iron 5:34 Tue Feb 18
Re: Weekend football
Just a shame We wont be in the chase for the PL places, 2 up for grabs IMO, Leicester maybe 9 points ahead of the pack, but not looking the side they were a few months ago, can see them being realed in.

We are shocking when it comes to a good opportunity, missed, last seasons FA Cup still makes me angry, had we got past the mighty Wimbledon it was then a juicy fixture against Millwall and a very decent run to the final as many of the big sides went out early.

Next Level, dogs etc......

Manuel 3:59 Tue Feb 18
Re: Weekend football
Going to be the best season in living memory ref the chase for CL places.

This Williams kid at manu, he seems pretty shit?

Keep dreaming 12:15 Tue Feb 18
Re: Weekend football
Very entertaining
High intensity and fast passing (unlike whu)
Ridiculous var
Should have been 2-2
Couldn't care less

Sven Roeder 12:06 Tue Feb 18
Re: Weekend football
Good aim to kick out at an angle given the player was nowhere near ‘falling on him’.
Was a bit of a stretch to make contact

Solsjkaer playing the same bullshit line

Northern Sold 12:02 Tue Feb 18
Re: Weekend football
To be fair that's one of the best kick in the Albert's you will see all season... middle stump... half way up... plum

Sven Roeder 11:59 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
My natural reaction was to straighten my leg to stop him falling on me

Classic bollocks from Harry McGuire

Mike the Hammer 11:52 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football

It was a 'Mane push'. As an attacker if you're on the receiving end in the penalty area and go down, it's a penalty. If you score from doing one it's a goal...

Texas Iron 11:52 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
Done 3 times by VAR...
Red for McGuire...not given....SaMe ref as Son Red...
2 Goals not given by VAR...


Northern Sold 11:43 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
MUFC player shoved CFC into MUFC... plain as anything... no prob with Giroud goal...

Sven Roeder 11:40 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
Both goals rightly disallowed
The McGuire decision was shit. Though of course if there was no VAR he’d still have been on the pitch.

Lampard will hide behind the technology though.
Which will require a WIDESCREEN TV in his case

Northern Sold 11:33 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
Not that I give a rat's arse about CFC ....but fuck me have they been screwed over by technology tonight... football is getting more farcical by the game

Sven Roeder 11:32 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
He has to be a better option than Batshuyai but I guess looking to leave in January is being held against him.
Not sure Roman will be keen on his £70m keeper being left out either.

happygilmore 11:29 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
Hard to understand why Giroud barely gets a look in

twoleftfeet 11:28 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
I fucking hate VAR

Sarge 11:23 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
Would those three be england players if they were at our place?

Bernie 11:22 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
Astonishing Man Utd bias by VAR tonight.

Sven Roeder 11:20 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
Will say again , Lampard is getting an outrageous free hit here.
They replaced Hazard with £60m Pulisic, £40m Kovacevic and three England players (Abraham , Mount & Tomori) and commentators say what a great job he is doing with a team that won the Europa league and qualified for the Champions league.

They have been shit at home (again) against an average Man U team.

twoleftfeet 11:20 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
FLJ love story with Chelsea might have an unhappy ending.

Sven Roeder 11:16 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
And of course the bloke with the enormous head who should be off scores.

happygilmore 11:16 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
Maguire who should have been sent off makes it 2 nil

Browno22 11:12 Mon Feb 17
Re: Weekend football
Worst VAR decision so far. Azpilicueta is pushed into Williams and the ref disallows the goal. Shambles

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